Cream jumper on wide green trousersYou have seen this jumper before, worn with boyfriend jeans. For this post I decided to wear the cream jumper with a pair of wide green trousers. The latter has also been published before, worn with a purple jumper.

The idea for this outfit came when I bought the tan ankle boots and the tan bag from kpa.haarlem. As so often advised, I immediately tried to style them with as many outfits I could come up with.

It was a cold and windy day when Kitty and I headed to the beach for the shoot. Not to photograph at the beach itself, because that looked like this (see below).

Beach in IJmuiden in winter

Where in summer people sunbathe, have drinks and eat lunch, it was now bare, empty and wind-swept.

However, the owner of the beach bar (Beach Inn in IJmuiden), Peter de Bie, had agreed for us to take photos in his newly built pavilion (the building on the right in the photo above). He had everything finished to start hosting events in the summer of 2020, which of course didn’t happen. So sad. We frequent this beach and the beach bar in winter and in summer as they allow dogs all year round. (Don’t worry, we do not let Watson suffer in the hot sun.)

The pavilion Beach Inn

Below: A few photos of the inside of the new pavilion Beach Inn in IJmuiden. You have to imagine what it would look like with the chairs around the tables, food on the table and laughing people around it.

Paviljoen Beach Inn IJmuiden

Paviljoen Beach Inn IJmuiden

Paviljoen Beach Inn IJmuiden

Kitty and I loved the place. Despite the big windows, we feared we’d have an issue with the light as it was still indoors, but I think the photos turned out great.
Grab a cup of coffee or tea as you are about to see many photos. (And there were so many more.)

The shoot

Below: Even though it was indoors, there was no heating (which made sense as the space wasn’t being used). So we were quite cold. I saw afterwards that I should have arranged the jumper a bit better to create the right proportions. I had tucked it in at the WC and there was only a small mirror. The length of the trousers is just right as I hemmed the legs to fit the boots.

Cream jumper on wide green trousers

Below: So many backgrounds to play with.

Cream jumper on wide green trousers

Below: Or play with things in the background haha. I really wanted to make a loud bang with my sticks but didn’t. After all, we were guests and guests behave (if they want to be invited again).

Below: My hair looks so good when there is no wind. Even though I could really do with a haircut.

Cream jumper on wide green trousers

Below: Kitty loved the lamps over the tables.


Below: She gave the lamp a shove which made me burst out laughing as a swinging lamp like this one, was the clue to a very dirty joke I once heard. I only remembered the last sentence which was the punch line, but I couldn’t remember the joke itself. It was the cause of my big smile in the photo below.
(Don’t you just adore this sofa?)

Cream jumper on wide green trousers

Below: Behind me is a bar.

Cream jumper on wide green trousers

Below: A barrel serving as table, nice.
I hadn’t planned on wearing these earrings with the outfit as I wanted to use a shorter pair. I mislaid those and grabbed the wrong ones. Oh well. These are OK too but I have a similar pair without the square bit in the middle. I think that would be better as the buttons on the sleeves demand attention as well.

Cream jumper on wide green trousers

Below: I thought that the wall behind me was made of copper but apparently it is just painted this way. Clever.

Cream jumper on wide green trousers


Below: A selfie of Kitty on a cold and deserted beach.


Below: A ‘usie‘ to show you we kept distance and were cold.

Kitty and me on the beach in winter

Below: Now for some reality…this is how I arrived and how I left.

Me in reality

Kitty and I were really pleased with the result of this shoot. And we are very grateful to Beach Inn for letting us use the pavilion.

What happened in my life this week

Last weekend was quiet and we didn’t do much for Valentine’s Day. We’re not that much into it.

Below: Outfit Saturday.

OOTD Orange jumper on blue leggings

Below: Outfit Sunday. I wanted to use the orange jumper once again before (hand) washing it. I always wear a top underneath, so it doesn’t get dirty. The pink ankle boots are by EIJK Amsterdam.

Orange jumper on olive leggings with side stripe

Monday however was a busy day. We had Ina, our neighbour from across the road, over for coffee which were a nice couple of hours. In the afternoon somebody came to discuss the installation of air-conditioning in the bedroom. After the hot summer of last year, husband Ron wants air-conditioning. So be it.

The plumber dropped by to fasten one of our radiators which fell down from the wall. Luckily no damage, no water spilling. And in the evening I had a Zoom conversation with Sheila of the blog Ephemera. She lives in Vancouver Island and we met in Vancouver in 2014. (Have a look at the fun post of our meet-up with 20 bloggers.) So the Zoom meeting was really fun. Sheila has a style of her own, is very creative and speaks her mind. I love all of it.

Then on Tuesday I had a dental appointment. Not the nicest thing to do, but necessary. I have a check-up plus dental cleaning every 6 months.

My friend Nicoline lives three streets from my dentist and we had agreed to meet. We talked for hours. Nicoline and I have been friends from when I was about 28 and moved to Amsterdam. I included her in this blogpost as well.


That was jolly nice. I wore my houndstooth blazer that day. (With no cuffs on the jeans.)

OOTD Green and cream houndstooth blazer on jeans

A less nice thing to happen is that I lost 4 drops of blood again from my vagina. Remember I had check-ups before and they were fine (apart from some myomas which weren’t worrisome)? Well, as I agreed with my doctor, I would call her if it happened again, so I did. She said I now have to see a gynaecologist. Damn. I will keep you posted.

Below: Outfit of Wednesday. The temperatures are rising and I love this silk blouse. It was just the right temperature for it. Link to original post.

OODT yellow and green silk blouse

Below: I also finished the work on my ‘jewellery cabinet’ that day.

Jewellery cabinet

On Thursday I went out for a walk and met up (by accident) with friend and neighbour Froukje. It is always nicer to walk with a friend than on your own. An unexpected pleasure. Coincidence would have it that I was wearing the trousers she gave me last year.

Below: Outfit of Thursday. Link to original post.

Red floral trousers

Most of the windows in town are now displaying a QR-code to their website. And as far as spring fashion is considered…according to the shop Vanilia…it is lounge wear all the way. Horror.

Below: Shop window of Vanilia.

Shop window of Vanilia

Which leaves us with Friday. Marcella of Lara Design paid me a visit, just for fun. We had cappuccino and a great chat.

The frame for our big painting in the corridor arrived and we fixed that. The old frame had fallen on the floor and the glass was, of course, broken. It took us more than a year to fix this.

In the afternoon one of my neighbours visited me and the chat turned into a real conversation for a couple of hours. It was a good conversation for the both of us. I wore this that day (link to original post):

red and pink pleated skirt

Which brings me to something you are not going to like. Starting next week, I will not be posting any outfits anymore apart from the main feature of the post. It is too restricting for me to post my daily outfits. 1) because I hesitate to put on something new (‘it deserves its own post first’) and 2) as I have less money now that I am retired, I need to come up with new combinations from my existing wardrobe. Showing items I already have (posted) might take away the surprise of a new combination.

I will continue with the section What happened in my life this week and I will feature photos in it but not my daily outfits anymore. I only started that because I was afraid I wouldn’t have anything to say in Covid times. Turns out I can babble pages after pages.


No Fear of Fashion

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