Python boots with an oversized jumperWhat do you think of these python print boots with an oversized jumper? I saw in 2020 that it was trendy again to wear your knee-high boots over trousers. Why not use the python ones then? OK, it is 2021 so I am late to the party, but I always am. I am no trend setter I am afraid.

I had the boots and the trousers but not a jumper long enough to wear with them. I looked online for my favourite jumper brand (American Vintage, as they hardly itch) and found this cream one in the sale. It is a very snuggly jumper (or sweater as the Americans say). The collar does itch a bit though. I solved that by wrapping a silk scarf around my neck.

Below: When it was freezing and snowing, I wore it with suede leggings and big socks, curled up on the sofa. I did wear the French Kande necklaces and bracelet to add more interest. Even on the sofa I want to be stylish.

Oversized jumper on grey suede legging

This past week it has been glorious weather in the Netherlands, very contrary to the previous two months. I had these photos still in stock, so no sunny springlike photos yet. On the upside, Kitty took the photos in a posh neighbourhood, which means great houses to see.

Below: Houses in an area in Haarlem we call Bosch en Vaartkwartier. We could have bought a big house in this area back in 1994 but we figured it would cost us too much to renovate and (also very important) to maintain. My dad always said: “Keep your recurring costs low. You never know what you are up against in the future.” I thought that was a sound advice.



Below: We started with my coat. It is the coat Marianne gave me and which I returned. Done up it didn’t look good on me, but it did when I wore it open. Do you ever wear your coat open in winter? I don’t. In this photo my hair is still behaving reasonably, which didn’t last very long in the damp and cold weather.

Python boots with an oversized jumper

I took a closer look at the photos taken recently, and I noticed I am using too much blusher. I will have to be more modest with that brush.

Below: Anyway, new pose. The pewter bag is from Midlifechic.

Python boots with an oversized jumper

Below: Silly face with heart on the wall.

Python boots with an oversized jumper

Below: A very sharp photo, just the way I like it. Ron has pointed out to me that a sharp photo will emphasize my wrinkles. Never mind, it is what it is. I deserve these wrinkles from all the laughter. The green earrings are by Lara Design. Have you already grown tired of me mentioning this?

Green modern earrings Lara

Below: Sidestep…. this is how mothers in the Netherlands, transport their children.

Below: There was this gorgeous tree in the neighbourhood. Just imagine how it will look in summer. I will return and take another photo in 4 months.

Python boots with an oversized jumper

Below: Doing a “Princess Irene number”. The aunt of our present king is very fond of trees and tree hugging. She is quite sane and quite beautiful.

Python boots with an oversized jumper

Below: Another pose (pity about the double chin).

Python boots with an oversized jumper

Below: Two more beautiful houses.



Below: I love this corner house. So unique.

Python boots with an oversized jumper

Below: An image of a VW-van on a garage door. Fun.

VW van on garage door

Below: A week later, on my cycling route, I found the real thing, just around the corner from the image.

VW van

Below: A jeep in green is perfect with my green coat and the green in my boots. (I had ‘fluffed up’ my hair.)

Python boots with an oversized jumper

What do you think of the boots over the trousers? Something you like (on me)?

What happened in my life this week

Drove my mum for her second vaccination. Hurray. Less worry about her.

On Sunday Kitty and I did a photo shoot. The weather was fine and I like to take advantage of that.

Then Sylvia asked me whether I could help her with a little job in her Haarlem house, which of course I did. We had a couple of hours sorting things out through Facetime. That was fun and it is always nice when you can help a friend.

The week was rather uneventful. Things like walking the dog at the beach and picking up a stack of planks for Ron’s allotment garden aren’t exactly things you can call exciting. But it is what we did on our anniversary haha.

The weather had totally changed in the Netherlands and we have had a lovely week with nice temperatures, some sunshine and spring crocuses everywhere. I am not complaining.

Below: The few crocuses we put in our garden. Next post I will try and provide you with fields of crocuses. Not in our garden but I have already seen places.


I was supposed to meet a friend on Wednesday but she cancelled as she forgot it is spring holiday for the children. We rescheduled.
My walk this Sunday was also cancelled by another friend as she broke her toe. The fifth time she broke a toe, all different toes. What are the chances of that happening? Instead of meeting we had a telephone chat of an hour and a half.

Below: As I want you to kick off slowly, herewith my Tuesday outfit. I am not going to style this top in any other way as it is perfect like this, so no spoiler alert. Link to the original post on King’s Day.

The intake at the gynaecologist went well and we will make another appointment for her to ‘take a look inside’. Never something to look forward to, but what needs to be done, needs to be done.

Kitty and I went for a second photo shoot as she had time and I thought it would be warm on Thursday. It wasn’t. I was actually colder than during the shoot in the snow. As my hair has given up completely I am dreading to see the photos. They will have to do. On the bright side: hairdressers will reopen next week and I have an appointment on the 5th of March. Oh heaven.

Marcella of Lara Design popped by again at the end of the week for a chat and a lunch. These little visits make lock-down so much easier.

I helped my next-door neighbour choosing a dress for her wedding (which is in a fortnight). The poor dear didn’t know what she unleashed. She is a no-nonsense and practical woman. I am all about clothes and adorning. I had to really talk to myself and hold back. After all it isn’t my wedding. It was still fun though.

Until next week.


No Fear of Fashion

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