polka dot co-ordIsn’t this polka dot co-ord lovely? I think it is very feminine and so does husband Ron. He saw it on me when Kitty took photos of me in the shop of kpa.haarlem. It was the post with my multi-coloured knitted cardigan. Ron was so taken with it, that he paid for the blouse and skirt. Bless him. I liked it very much on Karlijn (the shop owner) and on me as well. I was just very concerned it would be too short and too young for me. Kitty, Ron and Karlijn all said I was nuts and I chose to believe them.

Below: As tried on in the shop of kpa.haarlem. I would have preferred to buy those boots as well because they are suede which I find a bit more elegant. Plus the heel is lower. Only they were sold in my size the next day after I tried them.

polka dot co-ord

Below: We started the shoot outside a parking garage where Kitty spotted this scooter. I had said I wanted a red background for this black and white ensemble (co-ord is short for co-ordinate, a matching set of separates). A red scooter would do the trick. No idea who the owner is, but we ‘borrowed’ it for the photo. I am wearing a blazer with the blouse and skirt as it was cold. The only two hours that week when it was cold. Just our luck.

polka dot co-ord

Below: We headed over to the ‘Waag’ (weigh house) as this historic building has red doors on the side of the Spaarne canal. My red leather bag is ancient; about 25 years old I think. I always kept it as I think it is cute. It was at the back of a closet and as we are ‘Marie Kondōing’ in Covid times, I found it again.

polka dot co-ord

Below: A black and white outfit is tricky for me, so I chose my red and pink earrings from Lara Design to add some colour near my face. My black leather belt is ancient as well; thirty years old. I could do with a replacement but cannot find a similar belt.

Red and pink earrings Lara Design.nl

Below: Walking on to the next red door. The co-ord from the side.
My hair was behaving reasonably well, considering it hadn’t been cut in 11 weeks.

polka dot co-ord

Below: And a view of the back (well…nearly). The skirt is lined but the blouse is transparent. I am wearing a silk-like camisole from Bellamy Gallery underneath it. The camisole is such good quality, it wears like a dream and they come in 10 colours. So I ordered it in lime as well.

polka dot co-ord

Below: The camisole by Bellamy Gallery.

Black camisole by Bellamy Gallery

Below: Oh goodie, goodie…steps where I can sit on. Making sure nothing indecent was exposed haha. Normally I wear hold-ups but with this short, playful skirt I opted for tights. Much safer.

polka dot co-ord

Below: To give you some more lovely backgrounds, we walked on to the Gravestenenbrug.

Gravestenenbrug Haarlem

Below: We are talking about this bridge, with those lovely houses on the other side of the canal. The two houses on the left are newly built and they were designed to resemble a sailing ship. Good architecture.

Gravestenenbrug Haarlem

Below: Of course I had to be photographed on the bridge. I had put my blazer on again to stay warm(ish). The boots are about 15 years old. I think.

polka dot co-ord

Below: But the jacket had to come off…so cold. Great shot by Kitty.

polka dot co-ord

Below: I think this is my favourite pose and favourite photo of this shoot. Or the one above.

polka dot co-ord

Well, a lot of photos and all of 1 outfit. Hope you didn’t get bored. There were many cyclists and pedestrians on the bridge. So it took some time before Kitty had photos of me without other people in it. And all this time I was standing there in my transparent blouse.

What happened in my life this week

Not much. Just walking with husband Ron and dog Watson. During the weekend it was nice and warm, we walked along the beach a lot. A nice perk of living at the coast. I still needed my winter coat, but at the end of the walk, as we went for cappuccino take-away, it was lovely and warm and I took my coat off. We did have French fries as well, which was reflected in my weight.

I did my utmost to lose the extra kilo which had secretly found a place on my body. Lots of water and saying no to alcohol, sweets, cake and cookies. Very hard but as it is only a kilo, I don’t have to do this for very long.

Tuesday was a nice day with my friend Marjolein visiting me. As the shops and restaurants were still closed, we just walked through town for a couple of hours, drinking take-away coffee.

Below: Marjolein was wearing that gorgeous coat she bought with me, last time she came to visit. She is very happy that we found a particular cookie she was after. That shop was open. I stayed outside and said no to all the cakes and chocolates.


Resisting all sweet helped as I lost that darned extra kilo by Wednesday. That day I got all dolled up as Ron and I went to a shop in another town to get him some nice clothes. The shops were open for visits by appointment. It was such a break. High heels, pencil skirt, the works and it felt great. He found some good items.

Then on the subject of jewellery cabinets (because my mind goes from one thing to another in nano seconds) …my friend Sylvia of 40+Style wanted to get rid of this jewellery cabinet. And it was exactly what I had been looking for. I thought it would be too big to fit into my tiny room, but it did fit. The other cabinet (with the shelves I put in), is still in use but divided over two cabinets, everything is so well-arranged now, so accessible. Each drawer of cabinet 2 is different in height, in layout and in size of compartments. Ideal for the smaller stuff.

Below: This is my little room with my desk and the tall jewellery cabinet on the right.

my little room

Below: Photo taken from the doorway.

my little room

Below: To complete the impression of my room, here is the other side of it, with my 4 closets (I have more closets in the bedroom). The room is only 2 metres wide and 3 metres long but it suffices.

wardrobe closets

Below: Part of the drawers of the jewellery cabinet (number 2). Eight drawers with compartments and two deep drawers at the bottom.

jewellery cabinet number 2

Thursday was a day of running errands, blogging and reading. And admiring the new shoes my neighbour bought for her wedding. I immediately wanted to buy them myself (I won’t do that) as they were beautiful. She will be borrowing a pair of earrings from me. We now have something new, something borrowed and something blue. We are a bit stuck with the ‘something old’.

I managed to create two new outfits with items in my wardrobe. Just one item in each outfit is new. I am getting better.

One of the BVA girls (my group of friends) got married a couple of weeks ago, so the rest of us (5) were very busy in a WhatsApp group to decide on the wedding gift. We succeeded and it is on its way to the bride and groom.

Friday, the day of the hairdresser. YAY. This is what I look like now; it still has to ‘settle’ as it is always a bit ‘done-up’ when it is fresh out of the hairdresser’s chair.

new haircut

My friend Helga came for a visit and a chat which is always nice. Forgot to take a photo of her.


No Fear of Fashion

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