Wide black trousers with a soft yellow jumperIt is very hard to photograph these wide black trousers because of the volume. In my opinion the soft yellow jumper by Joseph goes well with these trousers, but I bet a lot of people would prefer the combination of a tight top paired with voluminous trousers. I will admit that I like that too. Only with an aging body, tight things are tricky. Nevertheless, you will see these trousers again with a similar styling, I promise. The trousers are by Mads Nørgard and bought at kpa.haarlem.

There is quite an amusing story to tell about purchasing these trousers. One day I popped by the shop of kpa.haarlem and had a chat with Karlijn, the owner. She told me that the brand had sent her different trousers than she had ordered. This was because the ones she ordered weren’t taken into production and “they didn’t want to leave her without black trousers”. Karlijn wasn’t too sure about the shape and wanted to send them back. As she was holding my size in her hands, she asked me to try it on to see what it looked like. And they fitted like a glove and are made of beautiful, heavy fabric. I said to her: “You can send the lot back but without this one, as I want to buy it”. She laughed and tried one on in her size. As she is much smaller and shorter than I am, we thought it would not suit her if it suited me. We were pleasantly surprised as it looked fantastic on her too. So she kept the lot. It is very comfortable.

Below: The wind was blowing fiercely and my hair was blown away from my forehead (hate that). Anyway…more about the soft yellow jumper. It is by Joseph and I bought it at my other favourite shop: LAB women’s clothing. It wasn’t cheap, but I fell hard for it. I love the shape and the colour.

Wide black trousers with a soft yellow jumper

Below: Loes was my photographer (in the righthand corner). We chose the red-light district of Haarlem as the background. I thought you might like that haha. What you see below is part of a church.

Historic building

Below: Next to the building above to the left is a taller part of the church. (See my bag next to that little post?)

Church in Haarlem

Below: I decided to sit on that post, but the wind puffed up my trousers, making them look ridiculous.

Wide black trousers with a soft yellow jumper

Below: For entertainment reasons…sitting on the post with the church in my back, if I looked to my left, I saw this building and that is a full-blown house of prostitution, red lights and all. Amsterdam isn’t the only town with a red-light district. And it is right in the centre of town.

Red Light district Haarlem

Below: This pretty street holds a few “windows” with red lights as well.

Red light district

Going back to the outfit and the normal houses, which are there as well of course.

Below: Pretty little house. This photo shows why it is so difficult to photograph these trousers. When there is no distinction of legs, it looks like a big heap of black. Oh and the pendant of my lovely French Kande necklace kept turning the wrong way. I have asked Marcella to come up with a way to prevent this.

Wide black trousers with a soft yellow jumper

Below: Yep, sitting down. You will see the boots in full glory next week. Ever so comfortable. The pale slate bag is well-known by now, right? I thought it was in the same colour palette as the jumper with the necklaces.

Wide black trousers with a soft yellow jumper

Below: Close-up of the necklaces and the earrings.

French Kande jewellery

Below: I had another sitting down opportunity, behind the above-mentioned church.

Wide black trousers with a soft yellow jumper

Below: The glass behind me are the doors of the Philharmonie theater in Haarlem. The white etchings are graphic notations (notes) of a Haarlem composition. Neat, right?

Black coat Salvatore Ferragamo

Below: Last photo of the outfit. You can see the shape of the trousers better here.

Wide black trousers with a soft yellow jumper

As we were in the centre of town, I called my seamstress and asked whether my trousers were ready. She was just finishing them so Loes and I paid her a visit.

Below: Loes in the walled garden. She had her hair cut and all of a sudden it started to curl.


What happened in my life this week

A lot happened.

On Saturday we had a BVA girls gathering at Marianne’s place. Unfortunately Claudia caught Covid and couldn’t come. Luckily she wasn’t feeling too ill as she is vaccinated.

Below: Marianne, lovely as always.


Below: Marijke. She could wear a canvas bag and still look gorgeous.


Below: Jilske. She just started to create and sell earrings made from polymer clay. Her Instagram account is: Toettie_earrings. (I hope you don’t mind me giving a little shout-out to my friend’s business.)


Below: This is the earring Jilske is wearing.

Earring Jilske

Below: And here are three other earrings Jilske made and which Marianne bought. Marianne is modelling.

Black and white earrings

Black earrings

Green earrings

Below: I was wearing this shirt with jeans that day. Link to original post.

Me in red and cream shirt

We had a lovely lunch and dinner together, did some shopping (I bought nothing).

Below: Jilske was leaning backwards so not to be in the photo. Alas haha. French cheese with the drinks and Dutch tulips for Marianne.

French cheese and Dutch tulips

Sunday I went to mum and forgot to take my phone with me. So no photo of her. We looked through old photos.

Monday was quiet, which was good as I sneezed all day. I took a test, but it was negative. The next day it was totally gone. Strange. I also had to make a list of how much ml I was drinking and peeing that day and at what time. Which sometimes turned into a circus act. Anyway I got the list for the pelvic floor therapist and she was pleased with it. Got some new exercises and I bet that the problem will be solved in a month, or perhaps two months. Feeling good about it.

Tuesday Loes and I did this photo shoot and in the evening I Skyped with Melanie of Bag and a beret, whom I met in Vancouver years ago during a blogger meet-up. She is such a kind and cheerful person.

Wednesday the gardener came round with a plan for the garden which we totally agreed upon. He will be executing it at the end of March. My bonus daughter and her husband came for dinner and Nicky also wanted to borrow a jacket for a big presentation at work. She was in luck as I had a complete corporate suit of excellent quality for her to keep. It had become a bit too tight for me. Shame as it was a lovely jacket. The trousers never got much wear.

Thursday I visited the pelvic floor therapist who was content (so was I). And I had a chat with Karlijn of kpa.haarlem. Spring clothes are already arriving but I am pretty broke.

Friday was a very strange day. On the downside, Ron had to arrange a lot of things for his daughter’s new house in a couple of hours. Some people neglected things or did things wrong. Murphy’s law. It was very stressy. In the end he got everything fixed but we all had a knot in our stomach.
On the upside, I visited Marcella of Lara Design in her atelier. Oh my, there were so many beautiful earrings to see. I was so tempted. Just as we were about to create another video, Ron phoned to ask me to come home and help him (see sentence above). Rest of the day I spent running errands and finishing this blog post. In the evening we had dinner with our next-door neighbours. Lovely people who can cook so deliciously.

Below: The outfit I wore Friday. It is nearly the same as the original. Difference is that I am wearing orange earrings instead of an orange brooch and I carry another bag.

outfit Friday

Below: These earrings had just been created by Marcella and she gave them to me as a gift. So sweet. I think they will be super in summer with a white top or dress. You can see that I didn’t edit my face.

Summer earrings Lara Design

And here is another video, this time about the pronunciation of Van Gogh (as requested). Next time I will put the camera higher and pull less faces.


No Fear of Fashion


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