Orange leather skirt with pink jumperThose of you who love Dutch buildings are in for a treat as there are many of them in this post. Naturally, the orange leather skirt is the main feature, combined with a bright pink jumper and toned down with black accents. I got the inspiration from Marc Cain (see below).

Marc Cain inspiration

I looked at the advertisement and thought: “orange skirt, check, pink jumper, check, black boots, check”. All these items are in my wardrobe; easy peasy to recreate it. After featuring so many pairs of trousers, it is time to show you a skirt again.

My friend Marjolein was my photographer as we wandered through the beautiful city of The Hague. She took so many good photos that it was very hard to choose. Which is why you are about to see MANY photos. I am not good at “killing your darlings”.

Below: Marjolein in Hotel Des Indes where we started the day. A very posh and old hotel. The cappuccino was expensive, perfect and came with two luxurious cookies for each of us. (We Dutch have a reputation of being tight. We want our money’s worth haha.)


Below: A couple of interior photos of Hotel Des Indes, part of the ‘Leading Hotels of the World‘. If you want to read a little bit about the history of the hotel, click this link. I especially liked the story of the white or red feather signals in the doorknobs.

Hotel Des Indes

Hotel Des Indes

Below: I had to be photographed on these stairs. The warm light didn’t create as good a photo, but it shows that I was wearing sneakers until we arrived at our destinated spot. Black sneakers are definitely an option.

Orange leather skirt with pink jumper

Below: On our way we passed little picturesque streets around the Denneweg. If you are ever in The Hague, do visit this area. This link shows you what to expect there. (I am like a tourist guide LOL.)

Orange coat

Below: Marjolein popped into a shop and bought a T-shirt. (Not this one, but the same in teal.)


Below: Before we continued I asked her to take a photo of the Lara Design earrings I was wearing. You have seen them before. I let the pendant hang low, so it would peek out beneath my hair.

Long black earrings Lara Design

Below: This photo (and the first photo above) is taken at the Hofvijver (Pond of the Court), in front of the Government buildings.
I used a bit more black than Marc Cain did. They only had black boots. I added the belt, earrings, bag and hold-ups (thigh highs). The boots are new and bought to replace my high heeled ones, which I still hold on to as well. These new ones are more comfortable of course.

Orange leather skirt with pink jumper

Below: These boots are by Officine Creative. Their price was rather out of my league, but they fit like a glove and I bet they will last a life time. They have a low heel but still look elegant. Totally suited for my new way of living.

Black boots Officine Creative

Below: As I said, I couldn’t kill all my darlings. It is the third photo in the same spot but I love that tree and the building in the background. Such a pretty picture.

Orange leather skirt with a pink jumper

We passed Mauritshuis which is lovely but had scaffolding in front of the building. They are decorating the building with flowers, which is the theme of their 200-year anniversary. We were just a day too early. The famous painting of Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring, is on display in Mauritshuis. If you look at the first photo at the top of this post, you’ll see the back of Mauritshuis, the yellow building to the left.

Below: This is a see-through on the left of Mauritshuis, with view of the Hofvijver which you saw above.

Binnenhof and Hofvijver The Hague

Below: Entrance to the government buildings’ courtyard.

orange leather skirt with a pink jumper

Below: A ‘rear view’. The jumper is bright pink at the front and pale pink at the back. Link to original post of the jumper (sweater) in combination with cream trousers. And this is the link to the original post of the orange leather skirt and the link to the post about this skirt with a black jumper at the docks.
The skirt has a zip at the back.

Orange leather skirt with pink jumper

Below: Time for lunch in Restaurant Luden. Definitely ‘Instagrammable‘ as they say these days.

Restaurant Luden The Hague

Below: Marjolein had bread with ‘kroket‘, which is a deep-fried ragout filled ‘snack‘ coated with breadcrumbs. Very Dutch. This time there was shrimp in the krokets.


Below: Me likey as well LOL, but I chose white bread.

pink jumper

And we continued.

Below: Statue of King Willem II.

Statue of King Willem II

Below: The Hofvijver and the Government buildings viewed from the bridge. I will do another photo shoot here when the trees are green again.

Binnenhof and Hofvijver The Hague

Now for some random buildings.

Below: The Prison Gate Museum. You will never see me in there as they show you torture devices. If I’d see that, I’d probably throw up.

Prison building The Hague

Below: Around the corner of the Prison Gate Museum. No idea what this building is or was, but it is pretty.

Building The Hague

Below: Department of Justice building.

Building The Hague

Below: We also visited the Passage. This is a large gallery in the centre of The Hague and one of the few in the Netherlands that survives all the time.

Passage The Hague

Below: I was trying out the light by photographing Marjolein. With the fourth photo I noticed that the waitress of the ice parlour behind Marjolein moved out of sight every time hahaha. Poor soul. We had a little laugh with her.


Below: Some stunning mosaic work in the middle, underneath a dome.

Passage The Hague

Below: We had cappuccino in the Passage and I wanted to photograph Marjolein wearing her earrings. She disagreed, so here are just her earrings.

Earring Marjolein

Another joyful day in my retired life. Never thought I would say this, but I am having the time of my life.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday we visited friends who had moved to a new house which was custom-built for them. I was in awe; what perfection. I think it would be too invasive to show you photos of their home. Anyway it was a lovely afternoon as they are lovely men.
What I can show you are the earrings I ‘found’ at Lara Design, the Friday before and which I wore that Saturday. As I put on this Sportmax dress (original post here), I thought the neck was a bit bare and those earrings would be perfect. And I was right.

Earrings by Lara Design branche

Sunday I went to mum and we had a cosy afternoon. Forgot to take a photo. Next time I will show a photo of her again.

Monday the weather was very windy and dreary in the morning. Particularly disappointing as Kitty and I went out on a photo shoot. I was freezing and my hair was totally wrecked. I wonder how the photos will turn out. You’ll see them next week. Sure enough, as we left, the sun came out.
Ron was out for the day to help his daughter and son-in-law with their new house (exciting) and I had to walk dog Watson. As I had Ron’s car, it was easy to put Watson in the back and go to a park.

Tuesday there was a hoo-ha at the optician and apparently I cannot have new glasses during the time I am not wearing my contact lenses as my eyes change all the time. And I am not wearing my contact lenses for six weeks, leading up to the measuring for my cataract operation. Fortunately I still had old glasses which are reasonably OK for now.

I went to Marcella’s house just as I did last week. Her atelier is like a candy store to me. She has walls and walls like this with all different earrings.

Atelier Lara Design

Below: Marcella took this photo of me with two pairs of glasses on my head. One for the distance and one for reading. I so hope they can fit me lenses with the operation in such a way I only need reading glasses. That will be bad enough.

At Marcella (Lara Design)

Wednesday was a quiet day with a nice phone conversation with a friend. I started to create my blog post. Ron was helping his daughter with the house again that day, so I had to walk Watson. Better put, Watson walked me. That dog is so strong and when he hasn’t been able to stretch his legs for a couple of hours he is not very good at walking beside me. Mind you, if I keep the leash really short, he does obey. But he knows I am a push-over. I didn’t have Ron’s car and I cannot transport Watson safely in mine, so I had to go to a nearby field. That field was one muddy place. At one time I nearly lost my boot as it got stuck in the mud. When Ron returned he had these two ‘portraits’ with him (see below). Presents from our son-in-law for helping him and his wife. So sweet and funny.

Fake portrait of Ron
Fake portrait of me

Thursday my dentist appointment was fine, only I missed the appointment with the dental hygienist, an appointment which I always have before seeing the dentist. There had been a mix-up with the agreed times. No idea whether it is my fault or theirs. Doesn’t really matter, only the next opportunity to see the dental hygienist is in JUNE. They are having staff problems due to Covid. I made the June appointment but also had myself put on a (long) waiting list. Just in case some appointment gets cancelled.
Had a walk to town and chatted with Karlijn of kpa.haarlem. It was another quiet day but nice. 

Friday I was supposed to meet my friend Lia, but we postponed our date as there was a storm that day, storm Eunice. We thought it might not be safe to travel or even simply be outside. Neither of us want a tree on our head. A shame but it meant I had time to gather all the information for the tax forms. It was the right decision to postpone as it was brutal weather, some people even died. I only stepped outside to rescue my bicycle. Ron was very careful in walking Watson.

As I did the last two weeks, I am giving you a video at the end of each post. So you can see whether I am making progress in creating videos. Spoiler alert: there is another mini video at the end of video 1.


No Fear of Fashion


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