Wide black trousers with a black fitted topLast week I promised to show you the wide black trousers with a black fitted top and here we are. Disappointing that that day ushered in a fierce wind as I don’t like my hair being blown away from my face. Also I slouched a lot during the photo shoot or pulled strange faces in despair. Poor Kitty. She is talented enough to take great photos but if the model is not cooperating…

Anyway, Kitty took me to a block of houses which I’ve passed many times without really looking at them. They are called the Holy Houses and were built in 1930, commissioned by the Catholic Federation for Large Families. Every house has a sculpture of a different saint, made from sandstone. Sandstone is very soft so the elements have damaged the sculptures over the years.

Below: The sandstone sculptures of the saints are clearly marking each house.

Holy House

Below: Two close-ups of saint sculptures. Saint Ignatius in the second photo is quite damaged by the weather. All houses also have the name of the saint on a name plate.

Holy House

Below: Different streets, different way of building the houses. These ones don’t have a front garden.

Holy House

Below: The day started grey and windy. What do you think of my orange items? I like a pop of colour with black or white.

Wide black trousers with a black fitted top

Below: The bright colour of the bag sides and strap is an unusual colour. Sort of salmon orange and the brand is Marck & Mo. I bought it at a Design & Craft Fair; gosh what a candy store that was. See this post.
The orange boots you have seen several times and are by Essentiel Antwerp.

bag Marck and Mo

Below: We went round the block and the houses in this street have slightly smaller front gardens.

Holy House

Below: Turning another corner. Without a front garden, but still with a saint sculpture.

Holy House

Below: Some corner houses were round. Ever so nice.

Wide black trousers with a black fitted top

Below: Close-up of the brooch.

Orange brooch

Below: Close-up of the earrings which complement the brooch. These gold filigree star earrings were a present to myself ages ago. I bought them at Lyppens in Amsterdam when I got some extra money from work. Ron was angry for a whole day because I didn’t invite him to go with me. He adores that place (lucky me eh?).

star earrings

Below: We turned yet another corner and were in front of a church. I tried to “redo” my hair in what I thought, would be a wind free corner. IT WASN’T WIND FREE. This situation resulted in some photos of a very frustrated me. I kept them to myself.

Orange coat

Below: I am trying to warm my red nose.

Wide black trousers with a black fitted top

Below: I am just showing you these photos to let you understand my frustration. The photo on the right isn’t that bad but I am slouching, which I usually do. I tried everything to stand straight, nothing worked. It makes such a big difference to your appearance.
The photo on the left is really too much. Gosh, I so do NOT like myself in this photo.

Below: The wind was still fierce but the photo is reasonable.

Orange coat

Below: This photo is just funny.

Orange coat

Below: Of course the sun came out as we went home.

Holy House

Below: We warmed up at my place and Kitty took a close-up of the boots with Watson in the background.

Orange boots

Below: Kitty, arranging my tulips.

One looks at oneself with totally different eyes than the rest of the world does. Acceptance is everything.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday I met my friend Marita for a coffee. Before I had time to take a photo of her or of the two of us, Ron rang and asked me to come home. He wasn’t feeling well as I left home, so I had told him, if it gets worse, ring me. He was very ill that day but well again the next day, although a bit wobbly.

We had heavy storms blowing in this country and they were very dangerous. Combined with the fact that Ron was still recovering, I postponed the visit to my mum from Sunday to Monday. We watched the world in rain and wind and didn’t do a thing.

Monday the weather was a bit better and I visited mum. And I took a photo! Yay.


When I went to the bedroom that evening I found a heart-shaped potato on my pillow. Ron had found it amongst the other potatoes and had to do something with it. Funny.

Heart-shaped potato

Tuesday Marcella came round for a chat and to create another video. I wore this outfit. Dress-up time as I had a visitor. Also, my legs, feet and knee needed some high heels again, so they won’t forget how to handle that. This is an ochre/burgundy dress from the Max Mara outlet in Turin, years ago. I have featured it on the blog in this post. Marcella had the perfect earrings for me to go with the dress.

ochre and burgundy dress

Below: Brown leather and gold plated earrings from Lara Design.

brown earrings Lara Design

Wednesday the sun came out and it was a glorious day. Still cold but it was so nice to be in the sun again. That day I met Katrien in Leiden and she kindly took photos of my outfit for a blog post. We wandered through town and shot a couple of sights. I have to say that most of the time we were busy chatting.

Thursday Ron was away on an assignment and I had to walk Watson. The poor dog was injured again. This time he had strained his left shoulder. He was really hurt. So Ron took him to the vet again who gave him painkillers, pills to stop inflammation and the advice to keep him on the leash for a week and no jumping or running for the second week. So we decided we needed tranquilizers too as he is a very lively dog. The visit and medication cost us 60 euro, which will probably astound Americans as I have heard some crazy high vet bills from fellow bloggers. (By the way, I do not like walking the dog. Not at all.)

Thursday morning I bumped into a neighbour in the next street who is a photographer. I told him about my new camera and that I still had no clue about photography. He kindly came round in the afternoon and taught me for a couple of hours about aperture and shutter time etc. Very kind of him. Now I have to practice, practice. We took about 50 photos and at the end he showed me that it is possible to take a nice, sharp photo indoors. (Link to the original post when I was wearing this outfit.)

Photo lesson

Friday I was going to visit another friend called Katrien, this time in Utrecht. She is over from South Africa where she lives. Unfortunately she had to cancel for a very legitimate reason. I spent Friday helping Ron with his website, creating the video at the end of this post and neighbour Monique came over for a cup of coffee. Plus I had to walk Watson again. And take him to the vet yet again. This time his ear was infected. Luckily the vet allowed me to come just before they closed for the weekend. She treated him and gave me ointment. Three vet visits in one month.

And here is the weekly video. This time I am showing you the outfit live, but with a black shirt instead of the turtleneck top I have on in this post. I tried to record in landscape format but that didn’t look good, so portrait format it is. If you think “What is that thing on the wall on the right?” the answer is: a scratching board for Sophie, the cat. As it is attached to the wall, I cannot remove it for the video. Everything else has been removed though.
I am not too sure about the light. I think it is a bit harsh.



No Fear of Fashion



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