Big yellow jumperWhat a wonderful day I had with my friend Katrien in Leiden, wearing my big yellow jumper. The sun was shining, I was healthy, my knee was cooperating and the company was great. What more can you want? Katrien said she would gladly take outfit photos for my blog which was a lovely bonus.

Below: Katrien. She is wearing a puffer vest from kpa.haarlem. Two days after she bought it, I was in that shop and tried it on as well. I fell in love with it, only my budget was zero, so I decided to “think about it”. After all, there were 2 left in the shop. When I decided it was too good to pass up (a couple of days later), both vests were gone. On the upside, kpa.haarlem is stocking them again for next winter and one has my name on it.


Below: A quick run through the items I am wearing. Oversized jumper (sweater) by American Vintage, aubergine coloured trousers bought at kpa.haarlem, golden boots by EIJK Amsterdam, brown tortoise print bracelet bought in Barcelona and the golden bag is a present from Marianne. The belt is ancient.

Big yellow jumper

Below: Again earrings by Lara Design. Brown leather and gold plated.

Long brown earrings Lara Design

Below: As Katrien and I walked to the centre of Leiden, we passed this impressive church, called “coeli church” by the locals, after the Latin aphorism above the entrance: Hic Domus Dei est et Porta Coeli (This is God’s house and the gate to heaven).

Church in Leiden

Below: We briefly went inside. Nice little church.

Church in Leiden

Below: We had lunch in an impressive building, called De Waag, where goods were weighed in the old days. Lots of nice photos here.

Katrien and me lunching in De Waag

Below: Outside we first took a photo of me, wearing the coat that Katrien made me. (Also see this post.) The coat was perfect with this outfit.

Big yellow jumper and a brownish black coat

Below: Here I am trying to stop pedestrians walking in front of the building De Waag so Katrien had a clear shot. I didn’t really have much success, but it was good for a giggle.

Big yellow jumper and a brownish black coat

Below: Katrien just aimed the camera a bit higher to capture De Waag. In the middle above the entrance you see a sculpture of men putting bales on a scale with a posh looking fellow on the right overseeing things.

De Waag in Leiden

Below: The restaurant already had seats outside as the weather was so mild.

Big yellow jumper

Below: Cheeky look.

Big yellow jumper

Below: All old towns in the Netherlands will have canals as in the old days, supplies were carried to town by boat. Many canals have been turned into streets though.

Canal in Leiden

Below: Katrien wanted to pay a visit to the G-Star Raw shop as she had seen a pair of jeans she thought would be perfect for her. The jeans were from the ‘special collection’. And indeed they were perfect. Well, nearly. As she got home, she ordered them in a bigger size and preferred them as they were a bit baggier.

Katrien with G-Star Raw jeans

Below: I couldn’t help myself and tried another pair of jeans from the ‘special collection’, including a vest. I thought it was rather cute but perhaps a bit much. You wouldn’t be able to combine it with a lot of other things.

G-Star Raw outfit with vest

Below: I would have needed another size as well hahaha. That long orange ribbon on the zipper is to pull the zipper up if you have to get dressed when nobody is around to help you. Like with surf gear.

The back of a G-Star Raw outfit

Below: It did fit Katrien

Katrien with G-Star Raw jeans and vest

Below: And…she could zip it up.

Back of the vest Katrien

Below: I had a good laugh here (it doesn’t make me look very attractive but who cares). It was over something silly and small. A guy was talking broad slang on the phone with such a strong Amsterdam accent that it hit my sense of humour. He wholeheartedly laughed with me.

Big yellow jumper and a brownish black coat

Below: See what a glorious February day this was? Having drinks outside on a boat terrace. Spring is in the air.

Eating on a boat in Leiden

Below: This square needs a ring of green trees and it will be delightful.

Square and canal in Leiden

Below: The entrance to a ‘hofje’, an almshouse courtyard called Sionshof. It was founded in 1480 to accommodate 14 couples and had strange stipulations. If the wife of a couple died, the husband was allowed to remain in the house but he could not marry again. If the husband died first, the wife had to leave the house. As she would be a risk for the community, she might lead other men astray. (Still a long way away from equal rights for men and women.) In 1641 the wife of the mayor founded a smaller ‘hofje’ to accommodate the widows.

Jewish building in Leiden

Below: On our way home we saw this mill, still standing between tall modern buildings.

Mill in Leiden

Below: The other side of the mill with an adjacent house.

Mill in Leiden

Below: Across from the mill is a statue in memory of World War II.

Statue in Leiden in memory of World War II

Below: Close to Katrien’s house we passed this artwork.

Cyclist statue in Leiden

Below: Apparently, at night, these chickens and cockerel sit on the branches of a tree across the road haha. Chickens at liberty.

Chickens and a cockerel

Below: One last photo of Katrien with a lovely coat on. She did not create this one herself. Nevertheless, it is a beauty of a coat.

Katrien with coat

What happened in my life this week

Last Saturday was a glorious day with lots of sunshine and I visited my friend Lia. We go way back; became friends when we were teenagers and we always laugh a lot.

Below: Lia looking at the spring flowers.


Below: In the afternoon we went for a walk; good for mind and body. As we walked along a small river, we saw this magnificent replica of an old ship.

Boat in the river

Below: I was wearing my yellow jumper again, this time with jeans. The little blue checked jacket was just right for the day.

Me in checked blue coat

Below: Lia goofing around against the hedge. You cannot see it, but she is 66 and only has three grey hairs. The rest is her natural dark colour and it comes down to her waist, usually braided.

Lia being silly

Sunday is mum day. Cosy as always. Here she is again.


Monday I had a special day: high tea in the old first-class restaurant of Amsterdam Central Station together with Janna of She is an Instagram friend whom I have met a couple of times in real life. Below: Janna without glasses.

Janna of

Below: Janna posing for me, with glasses, in the dark station corridor. Green was her motto that day.

Janna of

Below: I was wearing my Boden paisley dress with a white shirt underneath that solved all the ‘problems’ (see original post). Do I like it more now? Nope. I think this dress was a mistake.

Boden Paisley dress with a white shirt

Below: Of course we had a photo taken of the two of us together, but they all more or less failed. Janna thinks they are fine.

Janna and me

Below: A small impression of the restaurant.

1st Class restaurant central station Amsterdam

Below: Oh, and they had a parrot. I practiced my camera skills on him (or her).


Tuesday I took Marianne to the hospital for a check-up and stayed for coffee. Below: Marianne. Because I see quite badly without my lenses, I didn’t spot that her jumper was not sitting straight. Sorry Marianne. Rainy day.


In the evening I did our tax returns and found out that the amount I have to pay the tax office is way more than I had anticipated. Oh bummer. There goes my old age savings.

Wednesday Marjolein and I had a girls day in Amsterdam and she took photos for the blog. Very patiently I might add. Also a day full of sunshine. Great day with a great friend.

Thursday was a quiet day with a visit to the dental hygienist. I found one who could help me straight away and she was fantastic. She even took me on as a new patient even though she has a patient limit. Lucky me. After that I paid a visit to the pelvic floor therapist who corrected me on a few exercises. Trust me to do the right exercises the wrong way. Well, that was the root of my problem. Let’s see whether I can remember it now.
Blog post work in the afternoon and husband Ron and I walked dog Watson. Sunshine again. What’s happening? I almost forgot what a day with sun looked like.

Friday Ron and I worked in my bonus daughter’s new house. Meaning…Ron worked and I sat in the sun, did a teeny bit of hoovering and got some wood from the shop. I have never done any painting or similar work to a new house. Up until I was 34 my father always did that and after that Ron did or we had it done by professionals. Which was fine by me. It was a relaxing day. I so enjoy the good weather after all these rainy and grey weeks.

And here is my weekly video. Readers who read my blog in their mail…remember you have to click through to the website to be able to see the video. That isn’t my choice but the choice of the mail programme.


No Fear of Fashion


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