Jeans dress with a printed topThe idea of wearing this Sportmax jeans dress with a printed top came from an advertisement by couturier Mart Visser. The printed top is his design and he advertised it with a jeans dress. Such a dress was already in my wardrobe for years (original post and post where I wear it like a jacket). Accessorizing it with a red bag and my red earrings by Lara Design, was the easiest thing on earth. The white sneakers are by Vic Matié and I bought them at LAB Women’s Clothing.

Marjolein and I had decided to go to Amsterdam for the shoot (and the shopping). The weather was gorgeous even though the temperatures were still low.

We had coffee and lunch at one of my favourite places in the Nine Streets of Amsterdam: Koffiehuis De Hoek.

Below: Marjolein.


Below: The café had recently renovated their toilets and I thought this sign on the two toilet doors was such a great find. I love it.

Sign on the toilet door in Café De Hoek in Amsterdam

Below: As we turned the corner to go shopping, I noticed the café also had tables outside in the sun.

Terrace in Amsterdam

Poor Marjolein was very patient with me and took photo after photo in the same spot before I thought I looked good.

Below: Goofing around doesn’t help either haha.

Jeans dress with a printed top

Below: Close-up of the Mart Visser printed top. The sketch of the woman in red is by his hand.

Jeans dress with a printed top

Below: I tried taking a photo of Marjolein as well, but the light wasn’t right.


Below: We walked along the canals but alas, without the trees being green, it just doesn’t look the best it can be.

Canal in Amsterdam

Below: The steps provide good photo opportunities though. First I took a photo of Marjolein.


Below: And in return she took a photo of me. I think this one looks really nice.

Jeans dress with a printed top

Below: A close-up of the red with pink earrings by Lara Design.

Red with pink earrings by Lara Design on jeans dress with printed top

Below: While I was waiting for Marjolein who was trying on clothes in a shop, she secretly took this photo. Let’s say this is my resting bitch face. Now you know why I always smile when a photo is taken.

Jeans dress with a print top

Below: Marjolein’s cute vest is longer at the back than the front. This is my secretly taken photo of her.

Below: Oh lovely, another terrace in the sun.

Terrace in Amsterdam

Below: Two pretty buildings coming up, dear readers.

House in Amsterdam

House in Amsterdam

Below: We passed a pizza joint (or something like that) and they had two cute benches in front of the shop. The notes say: “Benches are for customers”, but the second bench is facing the wrong way if you want people to read that sign haha.

Bench in Amsterdam

Bench in Amsterdam

Below: As we were on our way to Central Station again, I tried to capture this block of houses. Difficult to photograph. I don’t even know whether it is brand-new or not, but I quite like it.

Building in Amsterdam

Below: Underneath the above building runs a beautifully decorated gallery. I have shown it on the blog before.

Gallery in Amsterdam

Below: Marjolein pointed out this building. This time it is not a warped photo. The top part of the building is really askew. I hope they levelled the floors, otherwise it will be difficult to eat soup LOL.

Building in Amsterdam

Below: And we were back at Amsterdam Central Station; such a fantastic building.

Amsterdam front of Central Station

Below: Bye Marjolein, see you again soon.

Amsterdam front of Central Station

What happened in my life this week

On Saturday I met Marita for a coffee on a terrace. The weather was cold but sunny and we sat behind glass panels with a heater above our heads. Very comfy.
Below you see Marita soaking up the sun.

Marita and me on a terrace in the sun

Below: Marita wore this fun boiler suit. I love such suits but they need a more feminine body than mine. Great addition of the pretty lime scarf.


Below: I wore an old dress from the Max Mara outlet in Turin. See original post wearing black high heels.

White tunic dress Max Mara

Below: It is hard to see in the above photo, so here is a close-up of the green boots and the green patterned tights.

Green boots and tights

On my way home I popped into kpa.haarlem and heard from the owner Karlijn that Marita had done the same and just left haha. She is as addicted to this shop as I am.

Sunday I didn’t go to mum for a change as my brother and sister-in-law visited her. The day before my niece Annelot visited her as well, bringing her youngest, so it was a busy weekend for mum and no photo of her of course.
So I did housekeeping and blog work.

Monday Marcella and I made a couple of videos. One had gone wrong  but was funny. We tried to figure out how to edit the two to become one. We succeeded but not in the way we wanted to. So my next-door neighbour girl has been teaching me again on Thursday. Marcella published it on her Instagram account. Be warned; it is in Dutch if you click the link.

Video reel Marcella

Tuesday my eyes were measured for the cataract operation. I was totally confused by the eyesight outcome but my optician put my mind at ease and told me the outcome could indeed be very different than usual.
Ron and I took dog Watson to the beach for a run which is his favourite spot. It was cold but not very and of course we ended up on a terrace. I had Baileys. I hardly drink any alcohol but I adore coffee liqueur. In the evening I had a lovely hour long Facetime chat with Susan of Une femme d’un certain âge.

Then Wednesday morning I jumped out of bed because both my legs were attacked by cramp. And not normal cramp but very painful and it lasted at least a minute or more. I was in agony and screamed a lot. Poor Ron came with warm cloths and a blow-dryer to ease it but that didn’t help at first. I even fell over pretty hard. I immediately booked a physiotherapy appointment for the next morning. It completely threw me off for the rest of the morning.

By the afternoon I was back on my feet again (pun intended) and visited Marianne whose birthday it was.
Below: Marianne, being all colourful on her birthday.

Marianne on her birthday

Below: I wore my tiered ruffle skirt from Hope Fashion UK. I always feel very feminine when I wear it and it is very comfortable.

Hope Fashion UK skirt

Thursday I had my Instragram Reel ‘Training‘ by my next-door neighbour girl and in the evening I went out to dinner at restaurant Toujours with my friend Helga (below).


Below: Of course Helga took a photo of me too. (Link to the original post with this polka dot skirt suit.) We had a lovely evening, great food and cocktails (porn star martini again, just like last time). Coincidently we sat at the same table as the previous time.

drinking a cocktail

Friday was a glorious day with nothing but sunshine and high temperatures (relatively speaking). I so enjoyed soaking up the sun. Went to the hairdresser (see below).

at the hairdresser

Friday evening we went for drinks and dinner to our friends Georg and Marla. I think it is a good idea to weigh myself again….

Oh, as far as videos are concerned. Here is an editing exercise. We created this (much longer) video for something else and it is in Dutch. Ron is saying that we put on clothes that are at the top of a pile and me saying: “He does, I don’t”.


No Fear of Fashion


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