Marieke, Floor and me at the AndBloom party 2022This week’s post is all about the AndBloom Party which I attended, not about a new outfit. I hope you will still like it.
The person who organised the party is Denise of AndBloom and there were nearly 200 like-minded women who “age unapologetically”, to quote Denise. (Link to her blog AndBloom) Many of the women who attended are also on Instagram; I follow a few of them. Which means I will link to the Instagram accounts of women I know.

In the above photo you see me with @mariekehagesteijn and @floorakkermansBelow: Another photo of them.

AndBloom party 2022

The outfits I have seen at the party! Such eye candy, a blast of colour. The attending women were confident, not afraid of colour and full of life. The nice thing about Instagrammers and bloggers is when you say: “I want to take a photo of you”, they immediately strike a pose. So funny. I remember that a few years back one of my colleagues said the same about me as someone was taking photos for my blog.

The party should have been held in 2021 to celebrate the launching of Denise’s book ‘AndBloom The Art of Aging Unapologetically‘ but Covid etc., you know the story. I follow AndBloom on Instagram and at the party I recognized quite a few more women I follow on Instagram. My IG friend Janna of was there. Below: Janna (colourful with blue polka dot shirt) is giving it her best on the dance floor.

AndBloom party 2022

Below: And here is Karen Persson originally from California, whom I met a couple of years ago. We follow The Vintage Contessa, a blogger in California who insisted we met on her birthday since Karen and I both live in the Netherlands. (Link to the blog post of me visiting Karen in The Hague.)

Karin at the AndBloom party 2022

Below: Denise of AndBloom on the left and Karen Persson on the right.

Denise of AndBloom and Karen Persson

It was really crowded but I got lucky a lot of times taking photos when there weren’t too many women around.
All women talked; my goodness, what a noise. But a lovely noise; you could feel the good vibrations.

Below: Love that ruffled blouse.

AndBloom party 2022

Below: And how about this lime outfit. The bomb. This beautiful woman is Rosalie (link to her Instagram account).

AndBloom party 2022

Below: There was a fashion show with clothes from a vintage store called Vintage Brands in Monnickendam, the Netherlands. Very sustainable and fun. You’ll get an idea of the atmosphere watching this short video.

Below: That is one heck of a party dress. With orange shoes and a lilac bag. Very good.

AndBloom party 2022

Below: There was the possibility to get your hair done by one of the sponsors (Wella). Carla Eijkenboom got curls.

AndBloom party 2022

Below: I stopped at another sponsor booth, one with chains for glasses (very well targeted at the audience haha). I will soon need them for my reading glasses so I took their business card.

Glasses chain at the AndBloom party 2022

Below: This pink outfit blew me away. The woman wearing it was the professional singer at the party, Angellisa Michaela. She really dressed the part.

AndBloom party 2022

Below: Have I already mentioned it was gorgeous weather and there was a garden as well? This table decoration is very clever.

AndBloom party 2022

Below: Another great lady in a gorgeous suit.

AndBloom party 2022

Below: Eat, chat, laugh. Women of various ages but all above 40 (I guess).

AndBloom party 2022

Below: So many ladies, so many different tastes for clothes, as these two friends demonstrate so clearly. There is a place for everyone.

2 ladies at the AndBloom party 2022

Below: Then Denise appeared after having changed her dress. She was the queen of the party and rightly so; what a dress! She wore this to thank all the ladies for their support the last four years and some of them for playing a part in the book. In the left corner is Angellisa Michaela, the singer who changed her outfit as well.

Denise of AndBloom

Below: After the vintage fashion show and the speech of Denise, there was a lot of dancing, singing and laughing. The DJ stopped the music a couple of times for a few seconds to let all the women yell: “I am every woman!”.

Below: With Janna, having fun. Not particularly flattering, but fun and that counts more.

Janna and me at the AndBloom party 2022

That was one fun Sunday.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday Ron and I drove to his daughter’s (and SIL’s) house to take down a few lamps before they move. And we visited old friends (Erik and Lisette) whom we hadn’t seen for about 3 years. As if we had spoken only yesterday. So easy, so nice. And Erik cooked a lovely dinner.

Sunday was the AndBloom party which you saw above.

Monday I visited mum and took her to hospital to have her eyes checked. Luckily her eyesight hadn’t diminished in the past half year. It didn’t improve either but that would be too much to ask. Below: I decided on a relaxed outfit.

Relaxed outfit

Tuesday Ron and I cleaned the new house of his daughter and SIL. Cleaning is something I detest from an early age, so it was a surprise that I volunteered. In the end it wasn’t bad at all. I used IZI Clean cloths and they are brilliant. IZI Clean doesn’t pay me to promote this; the fact they produce the product, is enough reward. I give friends these cloths as a present and everybody is raving about them. Below: An upstairs room with the curtains hanging.

Cleaning house

Wednesday was to be a hectic day but turned out all right. In the morning Kitty and I did a photoshoot (you’ll see the result in two weeks) and had lunch. Immediately after that Marcella arrived to create some new videos. She also had a new set of earrings with her as a present because I gave her Ron’s ‘old’ iPad keyboard which he wanted to throw out. Ridiculous of course. As a thank you I got the earrings. I have no objections to such deals haha.
Then in the evening I would have gone to the theatre in Amsterdam with friends but they called in sick. I think it is a real shame for them but because I felt stressed for time, it came as a relief to me. No hurrying up with dinner, no late public transport travelling but getting enough sleep and getting on with this blog post were the benefits.

Thursday I had to be at the eye doctor at 8 a.m. which is terribly early for me these days. They gave me the last eye measurement and now the cataract operation will be scheduled. I have asked them to plan it in July because of short holidays I have planned. Ron and I are going to Paris for three days in April and I will meet Susan of Une femme d’un certain âge there (still practising my beginners French). In June I am going to Spain for a week with 4 of the BVA girlfriends. I don’t want any eye trouble or risks before that. And I am wearing my contact lenses again! After 8 weeks with bad vision it is such a delight.
Rest of the day was quiet with some physiotherapy, some blogging, some work for Ron and some cat cuddling (as far as I am allowed, which is not much).

Friday I was supposed to see a friend but the date was postponed for the fourth time haha. Either she or I postponed it. This date is jinxed. It was a sunny and relaxed day and I had enough to do, like lying in the sun in my bikini. Can you imagine, on the 18th of March?

Lying in the sun in March

And of course here is the weekly video. (Note: the video can only be seen on the blog itself, not in the mail.)


No Fear of Fashion


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