Cognac coloured trousers with yellow Kenzo jumperSaving money and the environment today by combining my cognac coloured trousers with a yellow Kenzo jumper. Both were already in my wardrobe, like the rest of the outfit. It is hard for me to create outfits but with the amount of clothes I have got, it is ludicrous not to devise more combinations.

Ron was my photographer and he is very pleased with the new camera. I won’t go as far as to say he likes taking these fashion photos, but at least he is not frustrated anymore.

We walked to the centre and Ron took these photos right in the heart of Haarlem, where you see shop windows like this. (Below)

Window doors in Haarlem

Below: Here I am investigating the plant; is it plastic or is it real? I still don’t know. The yellow jumper is left long at the back and tucked in at the front. I have worn it before with my black leather jogging trousers. The tote is a present from my friend Marianne. The trousers you have already seen twice. Once in the post with my cream jumper and once in the post with my black blazer. The combat boots you have seen many times and first appeared in this post.

Cognac coloured trousers with yellow Kenzo jumper

Below: We had cappuccino in this beautiful old restaurant, called Pieck.

Pieck restaurant Haarlem

Below: The scarf is an acquisition of about a year ago (from kpa.haarlem) and I hardly wore it. I love scarves but never know how to wear them without looking frumpy, old-fashioned or as if I have a cold. This time I think I nailed it. The ‘brooch’ is a shoe clip with which I attached the scarf to the jumper so it stays put. The shoe clip also ties in with the shade of the trousers. I felt really clever. The bracelets have been in my closet forever. I have a stack of them.

Cognac coloured trousers with yellow Kenzo jumper

Below: As I walked to the toilet, I saw there was a little courtyard at the back of the restaurant. Nobody was sitting there as it was still too cold for that and no wind was blowing. Perfect photo spot.

Cognac coloured trousers with yellow Kenzo jumper

Below: I was practicing my poses. Here is one, casually leaning on a chair.

Cognac coloured trousers with yellow Kenzo jumper

Below: And this one came from the poses book as well. Might not be the most flattering way of sitting, but I think it is a fun photo.

Cognac coloured trousers with yellow Kenzo jumper

Below: Totally a pose, no spontaneity here as Ron asked me to do this. The flowers smelled nice though.

Cognac coloured trousers with yellow Kenzo jumper

Now for some lovely buildings and streets.

Below: One of the most picturesque streets in Haarlem called Warmoesstraat, leading up to the big Saint Bavo church. There is a street by the same name in Amsterdam and that one is famous because it is in the red-light district. So don’t confuse these two if you ever visit the Netherlands.

Warmoesstraat with Sain Bavo church Haarlem

Below: Details of one of the shops (jeweller/goldsmith) in Warmoesstraat.

Detail building Haarlem

Below: Walking towards the church and the market, you’ll see little shops underneath the church.

Shop underneath the Saint Bavo church

Below: And this gorgeous building which has been on the blog many times. It is ‘De Vleeshal’ which means meat hall. But that was way back. Nowadays it is a museum.

Vleeshal - Meat hall

Below: Close-up of one of the roof windows. Quite elaborate.

Detail Vleeshal Meat hall

It was cold that day, but sunny. Temperatures have risen quite dramatically since then. It has been really warm.

What happened in my life this week

It has been a strange week.

Saturday Loes and I took advantage of the nice weather and did a photoshoot. You will see the result in one or two weeks.

Sunday Ron and I visited mum and I installed her new iPad. Believe it or not, but after a week there still are no hiccups and mum can use it. The rest of the week seemed free to lay in the sun in our garden.

Then on Monday mum was still in pain because of what seemed an insignificant blister on her heel. This blood blister started 8 weeks ago and the doctor and a district nurse looked after it, but it got worse instead of better. Long story short, I changed plans and took mum to hospital twice for the blister to be looked at by specialists. It meant I had to cancel a few dates and appointments as the hospital visits were two days in a row. One at 9 a.m. on Thursday, so I stayed over to help mum get up far earlier than she is used to or want to. But if you are in pain and you can get help at such short notice, you’ll take it. Beggars cannot be choosers. I had used my sweetest voice on the phone to the hospital appointment planner. She arranged something around the normal procedure which would have taken weeks. I felt very good when both visits went well. It is so nice to be able to help someone you love, really satisfying.

On Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon there was time to lay in the sun in the garden. On Tuesday morning Ron and I took Watson to the beach. I was dressed for wind and low temperatures as it is usually far colder at the seaside. I am no optimist in such matters but was proven wrong. I had to take off my coat, my sweater, my tights, my scarf, my gloves.
Below: Look at that sunshine, unbelievable. It was the 22nd of March, definitely the result of a climate change. It might look like heaven now but it is a bad omen.

At the beach on March 22

Thursday afternoon I had a brief meeting with Marcella. We are getting better and faster at making videos. We put this a-symmetric pearl earring set on her Instagram account. They are the ones she gave me last week. You will see them on me in one or two weeks.

a-symmetric pearl earring set

At the end of the day I drove to a nearby town to look at a clock for mum. Her own clock has packed up and we found a similar one on Marktplaats (a Dutch equivalent of E-Bay) for € 35. At that price we are not going to repair the old one. It looked good, so I bought it for mum.


On my way to the clock address, I passed this magnificent magnolia tree. Gosh, I so love spring. It is my favourite season.

magnolia tree

Friday was a day of exercise, running errands (also for mum), making an appointment for yet another booster vaccination, reading and again laying in the sun in the afternoon. I love my life. I love my husband, my family, my health, my house and so much more. I feel truly blessed.

And now it is time for the weekly video. My friend Misja Beijers (link to her blog) was behind the camera. Editing was done by me.
It is a little promotional tour through Haarlem, in English although you might not think so at the beginning.


No Fear of Fashion


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