Navy blue jumper with cream trousersJust like last week, this outfit of a navy blue jumper with cream trousers, is a combination of items already in my wardrobe. Nothing new. I am finally getting the hang of it. (Or is it temporarily? Let’s hope not.) You have seen the navy blue jumper (with a hint of green in it) in a monochrome outfit in this post, the trousers here, the boots here and the bag here. The belt is ancient as I never throw away or give aways belts unless they don’t fit anymore.

Kitty was my photographer and she suggested an area near a tennis court with nice houses for the photo shoot. Turned out that the houses were built on what was once the tennis court.

Below: This is Overveen, a village adjacent to Haarlem. To be more precise, it is the Maria Louiselaan in Overveen. I particularly liked this photo because of the clouds in the sky. Like dots of cotton wool.

The neighbourhood

Below: Two photos of the Maria Louiselaan, close up. No idea whether you will like these newly built houses as much as the historic buildings I usually show, but some variation doesn’t hurt. This is rather a posh area.

The neighbourhood

The neighbourhood

Below: I was trespassing by stepping into the garden of this house. Nobody came screaming at me to get out though. The leopard summer coat has been in my wardrobe for a long time and it will always stay.

Navy blue jumper with cream trousers and a leopard coat

Below: Kitty wanted to take my picture in the acute sunshine, which caused the need for sunglasses.

Navy blue jumper with cream trousers and a leopard coat

Below: Kitty at work. She wore an awesome coat and awesome trousers.


Below: Kitty spotted the bench and directed me to it. Not my fault or choice LOL. The white tote is ever so handy and by O Bag. You can get them in different shapes and all colours with endless choices of handles and collars.

Navy blue jumper with cream trousers

Below: Showing the back and the shape of the jumper. This is a typical photo by Kitty. She likes photos which are skewed. I usually rectify that, but this time I let it be. Good view of the heels too; these boots are so comfortable.

Navy blue jumper with cream trousers

Below: Wearing my antique gold jewellery. In this photo the green in the navy of the jumper is more obvious.

Navy blue jumper with cream trousers

Below: The earrings photographed close up. They are yellow gold (14 carat) with white gold. Until I took this photo I never realised that the white gold bits above and next to the diamant pendant are sloped. Like little hills. Must be art deco.

Antique gold earrings

Below: I also took a close-up of the necklace pendant, a warmer colour piece, probably 18 carat gold. (The chain is 14 carat). This is a signet stamp which has never been used. The bottom of the stamp is still waiting to be engraved with my family crest. As my family doesn’t have a crest, we will just leave it blank, don’t you agree?

antique gold pendant

Below: The road leading up to Maria Louiselaan, Ernst Casimirlaan, is ever so beautiful, even better when the leaves are back on the trees. Here I come marching in.

Navy blue jumper with cream trousers

Below: Spring was in the air. Buds everywhere.

spring buds

Below: A bit of water at the end of Ernst Casimirlaan. I needed the sunglasses again.

Navy blue jumper with cream trousers

Below: That is better…give me some shade.

Navy blue jumper with cream trousers

The outfit was captured, so onwards to the restaurant for lunch.

Below: Restaurant Klein Centraal in Overveen. It used to be the railway station.

Restaurant Klein Centraal in Overveen

Below: At the back of the restaurants there is a terrace, a small one, very close to the tracks and the dingalingaling of the crossing gates. I have done a post here before.

The back of Restaurant Klein Centraal in Overveen

Below: It was a bit too chilly to sit outside in our opinion. Kitty took this strange selfie haha.

Kitty and me having lunch

Below: This is a better photo of Kitty. Underneath that awesome coat, Kitty wore two more treasures: the velvet top and the print jacket.


I love such days.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday I had coffee with Misja on a terrace near the big water, called Spaarne. We had a lovely two hours of catching up and Misja took the video you saw last week.

Sunday mum’s grandson and great-grandson visited her, so I stayed away, making it less busy for her.

Monday was one of these uninteresting days with not much to do except for getting a repeat booster shot. Yay. Mum and Ron already have had theirs. Neither of us have any bother from the vaccination. And I had my fringe cut that day (very important…NOT).

Tuesday the gardener came. Poor cat had to be locked in the bathroom the whole morning. Well, it isn’t a party for us every day either. If I don’t lock her up she would escape through the front door and that is very dangerous.

Below: I wore this outfit that day (link to original post with sneakers instead of boots.)

outfit with multi-coloured top

Below: Close-up of the earrings by Lara Design. The stone is green glass, cut with facets.

green with golden earring

Wednesday I was busy arranging all sorts of things for mum. In the afternoon I went to the cobbler (again) and visited Marianne to reset her watch to summertime. Changing the time on her watch is difficult and it seems I am the only one who can do it haha. Always nice to see her and have a coffee of course. I twisted her arm to take the weekly video of me in her garden (at the end of this post). We had to do it twice (which is not too bad) as my feet disappeared out of sight the first time (my fault). That is why you hear me say “You got me? Including the shoes?” And Marianne confirming. I could have erased that bit of course but I purposely didn’t. The weather was turning colder but in her garden it was still nice. Below: Wearing my branch earrings (yes, also from Lara Design) as they look so good with a bare neck.

branch earrings Lara Design

Thursday morning there was snow on the roof. Temperatures dropped from 18 to 4 degrees Celsius in a couple of days. From laying in the sun in the garden to putting on a winter coat and boots. We have sayings in the Netherlands about March and about April, indicating that the weather is extremely fickle in these months. These sayings don’t translate as they rhyme in Dutch. But they are so true. Anyway, it was a boring day with nothing else to do but blogging and reading. And a visit to the pelvic floor therapist. I am still not executing my pelvic floor exercises the right way, but I am getting better. Early days yet. The problem should be solved in three months at the utmost.

Below: This is what the garden looked like on Wednesday with new young plants. It needs water and sunshine.


Below: This is what the garden looked like on Friday. It is the second time the weather changed dramatically two days after the gardener worked on our garden. I know twice is not enough to come to a conclusion but I have my suspicions 😂😱.

Garden in the snow

Friday I finally saw my friend Selma. Our date was postponed four times I think. Three of those dates had lovely sunshine and of course this Friday it was cold. It didn’t matter, seeing friends warms the heart. And the weather wasn’t too bad after all. Cold, but a lot of sunshine and no more snow.

Below: Selma and me having coffee in The Hague. We had such good laughs the whole day. Nothing better than laughing all the time.

Selma and me

Below: Being in The Hague, I took a photo of Hotel des Indes as I had forgotten to do that for this post with Marjolein.

Hotel des Indes The Hague

Below: The weekly video, with Marianne behind the camera. Now I have to remember to create videos in landscape format instead of portrait.


No Fear of Fashion


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