Wide blue trousers with cream perforated suede EIJK bootsThey are a pleasure to wear, these wide blue trousers. Only, I didn’t wear them very often as they required a high heel. As my lifestyle has changed, I decided to take up the hem after I had found lower heeled shoes which complimented the trousers. Then I saw these cream coloured perforated boots by EIJK and I was thrilled. Not too high, not too low; a pointed toe, airy enough to wear in summer (the trousers are lightweight). I couldn’t have asked for more.

In my folder “Outfits, still to put on the blog” I found the photo of these trousers with the multi-coloured shirt I love. The shirt is torn and tattered at the back of one sleeve and I must have that repaired. I love it too much.
You can see the trousers in this post with my zig zag jumper and in this post with my golden shimmer top. The shirt you can see in the début post with my baby blue skinny trousers and in this fabulous post with my yellow trousers.

Loes was my photographer again this time. We did the shoot in about 20 minutes. If the weather cooperates (not too much sun, not too cloudy; hardly any wind, no rain) taking outfit photos is a real pleasure.

Below: We started on this little bridge which I had ‘scouted’ on one of my many cycling trips. I am a bit peeved off here. Six weeks ago, when I saw this spot, nature was at its best and nobody had attached bicycles to the bridge.

Wide blue trousers with cream perforated suede EIJK boots

Below: See what I mean?

Little bridge with flowers

We decided to leave the bridge and go to the side of the canal.

Below: The front of the outfit. I wanted to wear  lots of colours and opted for the bright fuchsia bag.

Wide blue trousers with cream perforated suede EIJK boots

Below: The side of the outfit. You can see that these two narrow belts are struggling a bit to find room at the very short space which is my waist. One belt would probably have been better.

Wide blue trousers with cream perforated suede EIJK boots

Below: And the back of the outfit. I have decided to accept my tiny behind. It is what it is. And in wide trousers it isn’t even bad.

Wide blue trousers with cream perforated suede EIJK boots

Below: Loes discovered this van with its colourful spots. Nice background for my outfit. It is the van of the Bakatelier (baking atelier). They reside in the south of the country. Seems like fun and yummy.
The length of the trousers is perfect with the EIJK boots.

Wide blue trousers with cream perforated suede EIJK boots

Below: We walked a little further down the road. This bridge across the canal is part of a house or perhaps part of two houses, I don’t know. You can see a lady sitting on the far right.


Below: This is a shot of the whole apartment block. I am bent over because I am luring in a doggy. The bag over my shoulder is an O bag. Great shopper in all sorts of colours, straps and trimmings.

Wide blue trousers with cream perforated suede EIJK boots

Below: It was a nice doggy playing with a tiny branch.

Wide blue trousers with cream perforated suede EIJK boots

Below: We walked towards an area with lovely hanging trees. The boat that passed us here, is the canal maintenance boat, keeping the water open and navigable.


Below: Lovely photo of Loes underneath those trees. She was also dressed very colourfully.

Loes with multi-coloured shirt

Below: Close-up of the EIJK boots. Perfect. You don’t feel the 6 cm heel at all. They are like flat boots.

cream perforated suede EIJK boots

The photo shoot was done, so off to a terrace to enjoy a coffee.

Below: Close-up of Loes, looking terrific.

Loes with multi-coloured shirt

Below: Close-up of me with my bright blue earrings. They are custom-made with semi-precious stones. The button on my earlobe is purple. Don’t ask me what the stones are, I don’t remember.

bright blue earrings with purple button

What happened in my life this week

Saturday I had my fringe trimmed and Facetimed with my friend Anja in Spain. In the late afternoon we were invited by Georg and Marla, who had loads of yummy food. It is so difficult to keep my weight.

Sunday was another visit to mum. She is fine and we played Rummikub (below). The necklace she is wearing is mine from when I was 18. Some things last.

mum playing rummikub

Monday I paid a visit to the physiotherapist, but actually my knee is doing fine at the moment. Not completely cured but very manageable. Another medical visit was to the orthodontist who checked whether my teeth were still straight and yes, they are fine.
In the afternoon Ron and I walked dog Watson along the seashore. Afterwards we went into the restaurant (Beach Inn) and we saw that nearly all guests had ordered nacho chips with melted cheese, guacamole and sour cream. The temptation was too much. We ordered it, followed by some French fries. This was lovely but very bad for my weight.

Tuesday I picked up Marianne (with an ‘e’ at the end) and we met our friend Marianna (with an ‘a’ at the end) somewhere in between where we live. We had a glorious lunch at Groot Kievitsdal in Baarn and stayed there chatting for 4 hours. So nice.

Marianna didn’t want her photo on my blog and of course I respect that. Marianne (below) is always prepared to be on the blog.


Below: And me. (Link to original outfit post.) Earrings by Lara Design.

Me in yellow/silver jacket

Wednesday the plumber came to look at all the chores I had listed for him. He is a fun, chatty guy, so he stayed for half an hour.
Karlijn of kpa.haarlem came to dinner and I fetched pizza from an Italian restaurant around the corner. The perks of living in a city.
The reason for her visit was to show me how to use Reels and IGTV on Instagram. I wanted to learn that for myself but I also wanted to know this for Marcella and the videos we are creating. It is good to keep your brain activated as you get older. Very sweet of Karlijn to take this time for me.

In the afternoon I managed to wreck my washing machine in the sense it wasn’t working anymore, I couldn’t open the door to take the washing out and the display blinked on and off. Of course I took the plug out of the socket but it didn’t help. When I phoned the manufacturer (Miele), I got through to a human being in 10 seconds. Hurray. A nice lady tried to help me but couldn’t solve the problem either. Then she enthusiastically said: “Oh, I see I can have a repair man with you tomorrow morning!” That is indeed very quick.

Thursday at 9 a.m. the repair man came. A nice gentleman. He 1) solved the problem, 2) gave me tonnes of advice about the machine (things I didn’t know), 3) told me how to prevent the issue of it happening again and 4) said it was “instruction and information” and I was not going to be billed for that. I have been a fan of the brand Miele all my life and been using their products since I was 33 (I could afford them by that time). But it is when you have an issue which is solved this way, you become a true and loyal fan for the rest of your life.
I washed my hair and when I was just about ready, my friend Eefje called to say she nearly forgot our date but she was on her way. As it happened I had put it in my agenda on Friday instead of Thursday so I was glad she called.

Below: Eefje. She graciously let me use this photo although she is not too keen on being photographed or being featured on the blog. My husband thinks she is a beautiful woman and I fully agree. I know Eefje for 37 years now; she is cheerful, intelligent and a lovely friend.


Below: I was wearing this that day. Originally I wore this blouse with skinny jeans and silver pumps. The golden second-hand pumps you have seen in this post. A close-up of the green glass earrings with golden branch you can see in this post.

Green and yellow blouse on boyfriend jeans

As Eefje and I walked back, Ron rang me. He said: “The weather is gorgeous. Let’s have dinner at the beach and why don’t you bring Froukje and Petro, if they feel like it.” They felt like it.

Below: After dinner moment. Petro isn’t in the photo.

Dinner at the beach

Below: We saw the sun set. Amsterdam people pronounce the letter z as an s and there is a famous sentence demonstrating this. Translated it says: I have seen the sun setting into the sea. In Dutch: “ik heb de zon in de zee zien zakken”. With Amsterdam accent: “Ik heb de son in de see sien sakken.”

Sunset at the beach

Friday Marcella of Lara Design came over and with my newly acquired skills we created two short videos for her Instagram account haha. I love doing this. You learn together and have fun at the same time.

I realize that I have been very lucky in life. Loving parents who raised me well and taught me right from wrong. A certain intelligence that allowed me to learn and get good jobs. Holding jobs I like all my working life (nearly 50 years). Lovely family. No war. Meeting my sweet husband when I was 34 and had sowed my wild oats. A very good relationship with my bonus daughter and her husband. Loads of friends and above all, good health. I am now retired and I can live comfortably. I mean, how lucky can you get in life? Every day I am grateful for all this.


No Fear of Fashion

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