Blue shirtThe sky was blue, the sea was blue and I was wearing a blue shirt. Too much of a good thing? Looking at the photos (taken by husband Ron), I think it is a lovely combination.

Ron had sent me some photos of backgrounds at the beach and I agreed they would be very good for an outfit shoot. As Kitty is pretty busy with a full-time job and two children, she usually cannot spare the time to travel very far. The beach we frequent is in IJmuiden which is about 25 minutes’ drive. Luckily Ron was prepared to take the photos. Originally we had planned to go three days later, on Sunday. But he suggested on Wednesday night, why don’t we go Thursday? Which meant I had to think up an outfit rather fast.

Below: Signs like this give you an instant holiday feeling.

Beach IJmuiden

Below: Despite the gorgeous weather, we had almost the whole beach to ourselves. Granted, it was only 10 o’clock in the morning, but the vastness of this beach and the fact you can bring your dog, are the reasons why we like IJmuiden and the beach bar Beach-in.

Beach IJmuiden

Below: The trousers are from kpa.haarlem and were heavily reduced (only €20). The blue shirt is by Bellamy Gallery. I have styled two ways for you in this post with my bright pink trousers and I wore it at the brocante market near Paris. Dog Watson was with us of course.

Blue shirt

Below: With my heels in the sand, adored by two dogs. (Well, I don’t know whether the friend dog adores me as much as Watson does. Probably not.)

Blue shirt

Below: Blue, blue skies and a boat club.

Blue shirt

Below: I really liked this photo against the sailing (boat) club cabin but hadn’t tucked in the blue shirt properly. I know the blue belt is a totally different blue from the shirt, but I kinda liked that.

Blue shirt

Below: Ah, this is the right way of tucking the shirt in. With a straight line, not scalloped as above.

Blue shirt

Below: We found this wooden ‘fence’ and I climbed on it which is quite a risky thing to do with heels, especially when you are 67 and your balance is starting to go. (And I do brush my teeth while standing on one leg – alternating the leg; all for keeping my balance.)

Blue shirt

Below: Sitting down on a post is much easier. The orange brooch is by an artist, Sylvia Blickman.

Blue shirt

Below: Now for the details. These golden shoes cost me €11 at a second-hand shop last year. Never been worn, fit like a glove.

Golden slingbacks

Below: This was my idea of a bag close-up…

cream/grey mini bag

Below: Ron made the picture so much more interesting. I love this shot. It is a bag by Inyati (never heard of) which I bought in the sales when the department store Hudson’s Bay was closing their doors in the Netherlands. I looked Inyati up for you and they are a German company. The bag is ‘vegan’.

cream/grey mini bag

We gave my clothes and the camera for safe-keeping to someone we know at the beach and had a lovely morning with cappuccino and ice cream in the sun. Ron took Watson for a good long run along the shore, while I stayed near the bar as the wind was fierce. A totally enjoyable day.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was another day to visit my mum. I returned a rollator which I had ordered for her. I thought it was a small, lightweight one for indoor use, but it was not. It was quite wide and heavy, so after checking that, it went straight back into the box and I delivered it at the ‘post office’. After that the parcel went AWOL. I had a very unpleasant phone call with a Track and Trace lady about it. Then two days of nothing and it arrived at its destination. Relief.

Below: Mum. I said to her: “My readers say they like seeing you, so come on, pose for another photo”. She is a tiny woman. I got my height from my father.


In the afternoon Kitty came for a drink in the garden and we ordered pizza. The world is starting to feel more normal again.

Sunday was a day of doing nothing I think. I have no recollection. The washing?

Monday was my son-in-law’s birthday. As he and his wife (my bonus daughter) were on holiday for a week in our own country, we could only give our congratulations by WhatsApp.
The physiotherapist did her magic on me again and my leg (knee) is feeling much better.
In the afternoon I popped over to Monique, who lives two doors down. She had new sunshades installed which I admired and we had a chat in her garden.

Tuesday started with a visit by Marcella of Lara Design. Our friendship is still young. It is nice to make new friends. Your heart is big enough to love them all. We chatted till after lunchtime. It was lovely weather, summer dresses weather. Below: Marcella.

Marcella of Lara Design

In the afternoon I drove 25 minutes to my cobbler as I lost the rubber part of my new shoes’ heel. When I arrived, there were no shoes in my car; they were still in my bedroom. Aaaggh. Driving back I missed the exit Haarlem. I HAVE NEVER MISSED THIS EXIT. Honestly, my brain is going to mush.

Wednesday was a very hot day which I spent in the shade with my friend Lia. I drove up to the camping ground where they have their truck, their bespoke caravan. It is only a few miles from their house but it is a totally different world.

Below: The truck/caravan that Lia and her husband Harry (in the picture) own. This used to be the milkman’s van, delivering door to door in the old days. Harry completely rebuilt it and made it their staycation home. When they want to travel, they have a Mercedes bus, also completely revamped by Harry.

Mobile home

Below: And this is their view in the afternoon, with the sheep in the back.

view from the mobile home in the evening

Below: And in the morning when the sheep come to greet you. It is so relaxing, so quiet.

View from the mobile home in the morning

Lia and I had a very tasty lunch on the terrace of a restaurant in the village, overlooking the water. Big parasols to protect us from the heat. My outfit you have seen in this original Italy blog post, worn with a long pearl necklace. This time I wore black and white earrings with it.)

Lia and me

In the evening Ron and I decided to use our newly installed air-conditioning. However, no cooling. Machine on the blink. Luckily the man who installed it, responds very quickly on WhatsApp and by noon the following day it was repaired.

Thursday, another hot day. Ron, Watson and I were off to the beach in the morning at a quarter to nine.

Below: Ten o’clock in the morning. There were some people (with dogs) but just a few. If you look closely you can spot Ron and Watson.

IJmuiden beach on Thursday morning

The air-conditioning is now working perfectly. Hurray.

Friday: another visit to mum. I took her to a terrace on a big canal where we were invited by an older couple to join them at their table in the shade. Well…invited…I was rather suggestive. There were no tables left in the shade and I didn’t want my mum to sit in the hot sun. As I am a cheeky bastard, I just tilted my head, put on my best smile and said: “Oh dear no place in the shade. We cannot very well sit at your table, can we???” You have to have a heart of stone to say no. The couple were 84 and 88, so near my mum’s age and we had a jolly old chat together. Of course I forgot to take a photo at the terrace, so below is the obligatory photo on the sofa. This was my third attempt and mum has her eyebrows raised, probably thinking it is never going to work haha. (Link to original post with the RIXO London dress.)

mum and me

Next week the temperatures should be normal again, around 21 degrees C (70 F). My preferred temperature.


No Fear of Fashion

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