Black linen dress with blue sandalsNothing as easy to style as a black linen dress, or any black dress really. I bought it at my favourite address: kpa.haarlem, again because Karlijn, the owner, modelled it on Instagram. I knew immediately that this was an ideal dress for me with the full skirt, the sleeves and the lapels. In the background of the photo above you see part of the Haarlem Stadsschouwburg (theatre), specifically the new part. More about that later. The bag hanging from the flagpole, indicates a teenager has passed his or her secondary school exam.

Kitty and I had quite some time to spend on the photo shoot, which resulted in many photos (brace yourself) and many stories. I used different accessories and different shoes to show you how you can keep varying your outfit with a black linen dress. It is like a blank canvas.

Below: First styling it with striking earrings. The ones from Lara Design which you saw before in this post. Wearing my blue sandals from kpa.haarlem. (Première of these sandals in this post.) They go with anything.

Black linen dress with earrings by Lara Design

Below: Styling number two: with a pearl necklace from Max Mara. (See more of the necklace in this original post.) Standing at one of Haarlem’s many canals. (I still favour my Demellier London bag.)

Black linen dress with Max Mara pearl necklace

Below: View to the other side of the canal. Haarlem is a picturesque town.

Haarlem Leidsevaart

Below: Styling number three: with a green brooch by Sylvia Blickman. Last week you saw an orange brooch by her hand. At the time I couldn’t choose and bought both. My usual solution for this dilemma (spoiled bitch that I am).

Black linen dress with green brooch by Sylvia Blickman

Below: Not a nice photo of me, but I bet it will make you laugh.

Black linen dress with green brooch by Sylvia Blickman

Below: Fourth styling: with a golden bird brooch from Claudia Roskam.
We arrived at the front of the theatre and Kitty tried her hand at a photo that included my reflection.

Black linen dress with golden brooch by Claudia Roskam

Below: Close-up of the bird brooch.

Black linen dress with golden brooch by Claudia Roskam

Below: Fifth styling: with yellow sandals and a yellow brooch. Husband Ron bought me these sandals years ago in Antwerp (Belgium). The heels are very high but I do love them. He also bought me the brooch, which is made by two Dutch designers, twin sisters: Spijkers & Spijkers.

Black linen dress with yellow sandals and a yellow brooch

Below: Close-up of the sandals.

yellow sandals by Michel Vivien

Below: Close-up of the brooch.

Yellow eye brooch Spijkers&Spijkers

Below: The front of the theatre. This is the old part. It was extended at the back a couple of years ago.

Haarlem theatre

Below: A shot from below.

Haarlem theatre

Below: We turned the corner. This is the left side of the theatre with the new part added on to the old building (bottom right). You either hate it or you love it. I love it, the glass and tiles create a waterfall.

Haarlem theatre

Below: Close-up of the glass and tile ‘strips’.

Haarlem theatre

Below: This lovely little canal is to the left of the theatre. I am chatting with the guy in the boat which he bought only two weeks before. He was cruising up and down this little part of the canal and we were wondering why. Our photo shoot wasn’t that interesting, was it? No, indeed, it wasn’t. He was waiting for his gorgeous girlfriend to arrive and join him in the boat haha.

Black linen dress with yellow sandals

Below: Sixth styling with another brooch (gift from my mum for a birthday) and with the same yellow sandals, only I removed the kiltie.

Black linen dress with yellow sandals

Below: The yellow sandals without the kiltie. Kitty made me climb on to this tree stump. It felt very wobbly.

yellow sandals by Michel Vivien

Below: Close-up of the sixth styling’ brooch, taken at home by me.


Below: Looking at the cathedral (see more about the cathedral in this post and in this post).

Black linen dress with blue sandals

Below: When we turned round, we saw this cosy place at the side of a fish stall. How cute.

Black linen dress with blue sandals

Below: Such a cosy seat.

Black linen dress with yellow sandals

Below: The back of the theatre, the newly built part.

Haarlem theatre

After the shoot was done, Kitty and I cycled into town (1 minute away) and had a lovely lunch on a terrace. Forgot to take a photo of it and I forgot to take a photo of Kitty all together. So self-centred; I have to do better. After lunch we cycled home through the ‘Leidse’ neighbourhood, where a heart-warming action was going on. Here is the story.

Below: At the former bathhouse (see for more photos this post) hung a rainbow flag and that flag was taken down and burnt by people, who apparently weren’t very broad-minded.

Haarlem, Leidsebuurt

Below: The neighbourhood was infuriated and collectively printed rainbow window posters and bought 200 rainbow flags which are now hung throughout the whole neighbourhood. They want to show their support to the LBGTQ community. Applause to these supporters.

Haarlem, Leidsebuurt

It was such a lovely day.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday: photo shoot (above) with Kitty. I had worn the black linen dress once before and taken a mirror photo. The scarf is to cover up the fact that I had a ‘bad hair day’. I think it doesn’t suit me at all but some of my friends were raving about it. See for yourself below.

Black linen dress

Sunday was Father’s Day. Nicky and her husband Randolf came to spend the day. Below you see the gifts they brought; new clogs and a home-made apple pie for Ron. Peonies for me as a belated Mother’s Day present. So nice.

Father's Day and Mother's Day presents

Below: Having a lot of fun at the midget golf. The best score on the board for adults was 37. My score was 77, the lowest score of ‘our team’. I suck at this game.

Father's Day at the midget golf

Below: Ron and me. Aren’t we sweet?

Ron and me

Monday the builder fixed the hinges of the cellar door and we had an elaborate chat while drinking coffee. A welcome distraction as it was a rainy day. All I did was blog work.

Tuesday Ron invited me to have lunch at the beach. Why not? The weather was sunny again. Only when we arrived at the beach the sun soon disappeared. Never mind, it was nice anyway.

Below: I wore a second-hand jacket by Ralph Lauren. Bought it at a lovely second-hand store in Leiden, called Lionheart Vintage Boutique

Second-hand jacket Ralph Lauren

Below: Dear husband took this photo of me at the beach. Orange and gold earrings by Lara Design.

At the beach in Ralph Lauren jacket with earrings by Lara Design

Below: In the afternoon Ron put new plants into the garden, as he is “in competition” with the gardener whom I hired haha. Ron agreed to it but doesn’t like it one bit.

new plants for the garden

Wednesday. Yay, the museums are open again. Together with our friends Georg and Marla we visited the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, specifically the exhibition ‘Here to stay‘. Afterwards we had a delicious and elaborate lunch at Restaurant Brasserie Van Baerle. In the evening we settled for just a sandwich. Money wise and weight wise, I am going downhill.

Thursday Ron surprised me by taking photos for another blog post and again in Amsterdam. Yay. You will see them in two weeks.

Friday was a quiet day. I only went into town to inquire at Karlijn’s shop what she thinks of her upright clothes steamer. I am thinking about buying one and getting rid of the iron and ironing board. Before I do that, I need recommendations. I also picked up my repaired watch.

That’s this week, dear readers.


No Fear of Fashion

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