Wearing a dress as a jacketWearing a dress as a jacket is ever so easy with a button-down dress. Unbutton it, wear a block of colour underneath and you’re done. This Sportmax dress has been in my wardrobe for many years, it appeared in this post in Paris and in this post, styling a sleeveless dress (scroll down a bit).
It is lightweight, excellent quality and chic. I have dressed it down with my new shoes from Paul Noyen which are sooooo comfortable. Like walking on air. The trousers are Marella and from Turin (oh how I long to go back to my friend Daniela in Turin).

Ron wanted to go to the exhibition Here to Stay at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Would I like to go too? I am a cultural barbarian, as I call myself, not knowing the first thing about art (and not that interested in it either, but don’t tell anyone). Nevertheless I always tag along with Ron, who has ‘educated’ me quite a bit over the years. Ron invited our friends Georg and Marla to join and promised me to take some outfit photos, so I could use this outing for a blog post.

After seeing the photos, he would have preferred me not to use them. He finds them uninteresting and boring. Well, sorry Ron, but a blog post is a blog post and photos will not be wasted.

Below: The Van Gogh Museum is housed in a very modern building. Around the museum are pretty flower beds.

Near Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Near Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Below: Ron scouting for pretty photo opportunities.


Below: This photo opportunity arose as he looked out of the Van Gogh Museum. Was that man hurting the woman? Killing her? Nope…exercises, fitness, bootcamp, whatever. Funny sight.

Near Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Below: The exhibition was nice and interesting. It is forbidden to take photos, but I think they mean with flashlight. I was naughty and took this iconic self-portrait, but without flashlight.

Self-portrait Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Below: The museum is in this street. Very pretty (expensive) houses in this neighbourhood.


Below: I am used to dropping my tote (with mirror, brush, comb and such) wherever it is out of sight when my photos are taken. Georg thought that was rather dangerous in Amsterdam and he set himself up as guard. He has got the shades for the job haha.

Georg guarding my tote

Below: Ron spotted these roses, which are very photogenic.

Wearing a dress as a jacket

Below: Then the guy of the Postal Services arrived to deliver the mail. He was asking what I was doing and just as in Candid Camera, I pointed at Ron and explained. He thought it was funny.

Wearing a dress as a jacket

Below: As I was standing there anyway, this lady wanted some information about the location of the nearest bank. Pointing her in the right direction.

Wearing a dress as a jacket

Below: Looking to see whether the coast was clear. A couple was approaching but didn’t dare to pass haha.

Wearing a dress as a jacket

Below: At last, the-sitting-on-the-stairs photo.

Wearing a dress as a jacket

Below: This is a good time to show you a close-up of my wonderful new shoes. I feel very modern with them.

Cream shoes

Below: Next-door to the Van Gogh Museum is the Stedelijk Museum (city museum), located in a very old building. Also a wonderful museum to visit.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Below: Detail of the building.


Below: And another one.


Below: Across from the Stedelijk Museum, on the corner of Van Baerlestraat and Paulus Potterstraat, you will find this magnificent building. It houses the Conservatorium Hotel and apparently the inside is even grander. Next time I am in Amsterdam I will go inside. Apparently it houses a lot of shops too, no doubt expensive ones.


Below: We had coffee and an apple pie in a café across the road. This photo shows my top and earrings pretty well. Isn’t it fun how the pattern of the top is repeated by the wrinkly skin on my arms?

Close-up of the black top

Below: On our way to the restaurant for lunch, we passed this street and I thought: “It is beginning to look more and more like Paris.” We’ve never had elaborate terraces in Amsterdam. Because of Covid, the city council has allowed the hotels, bars and restaurants to expand into the streets and squares. No idea whether this will remain or not. Too early to say. Things are looking up but Covid isn’t gone yet.

Below: Three examples of step-gables. The weather had gone cloudy, which is a shame.


Below: Here is an example of a house with a hoisting beam. They hang a pulley-block from the hook and hoist big furniture up. Far easier than trying to get everything up the stairs. At the time these houses were built, they were taxed by the width of the house. Which is why the owner commissioned the stairs to be made as narrow as possible in order to get more space for the rooms. This ‘hoisting invention’ was a necessity.


Below: I love these tiles next to someone’s front door.


Below: Marla took this photo of me, while cheekily sitting on a transport bicycle (usually to transport children with). Flowers everywhere.

Wearing a dress as a jacket

Below: Restaurant Brasserie van Baerle. The separators between the tables are there because of Covid.

Brasserie Van Baerle Amsterdam

Below: Most of the guests were having lunch in the garden.

Brasserie Van Baerle Amsterdam

Below: We thought that was far too cold and chose a table near the window. (With a view on a container…). Ron with Georg and Marla.

Brasserie Van Baerle Amsterdam

Below: Ron and I, studying the menu. That was serious business. I found out they didn’t serve sandwiches or other Dutch lunch items. Only lovely meals which we would eat at dinner time. The French would have no problem with this, but we are Dutch. It was easily solved: we ordered the nice food, which was delicious and ate sandwiches at home in the evening.

Wearing a dress as a jacket

Below: I hardly ever drink alcohol and the orange juice was freshly squeezed, yummy. Earrings by Lara Design.

Wearing a dress as a jacket

A thoroughly enjoyable day.

What happened in my life this week

On Saturday I went into town and bought a second-hand white top. I shouldn’t go near shops, that is much better. It was a hot day.

Sunday Ron and I both visited my mum and worked in her garden (me wearing high heels…how stupid). We got rid of most of the weeds…well, Ron did and I helped a little bit. We stayed for dinner this time and had fried potatoes and a rich salad with smoked chicken. It was delicious.

Below: Mum in blue.

Mum dressed in blue

Monday my friend Misja came for coffee and she brought cookies. Loyal readers will remember Misja (her blog is MisjaB) as she has been featured lots of times on my blog. And I didn’t forget to take a photo, yay. She was wearing one of her new glasses.

Misja Beijers

Tuesday Marcella of Lara Design came to my house and I helped a little bit on a project she is undertaking, just a little computer work, none of the creative work haha. It was nice to do this as it gives me a sense of accomplishment, while we are having fun at the same time.

In the evening Ron and I had dinner with our friend Arine in Eindhoven as a thank-you for the stuff we got from her father’s house (see this blog post). Jolly nice night. Forgot taking photos again…sigh.

Wednesday was a cold, cold day and I stayed in, creating my blog post. I only went out to cycle. While cycling I spotted these geese parents with little ones. One of the parents came up to me, clearly not amused that I stopped so near the children, see below. I quickly got on my bike again. Geese, like swans, can hurt you quite severely when they are defending their little ones.
Last year I saw two ducks attacking a seagull in the canal. I suspect that the seagull was after the little ducklings. The seagull did not survive. It was a gruesome sight and I had to turn away. It would have been equally gruesome if the seagull had caught a duckling. I read about it and it seems that seagulls sometimes do this when there isn’t enough food around to feed their young. Mostly during the weekend. Because they find their food around fishing boats, which operate during the week, in the weekend they get desperate for food for their young. Nature is cruel.

Geese with their little ones

Thursday Ron and I walked the dog at the beach again. I was planning to wash my hair that morning and postponed it till the afternoon. Some exercise would do me good. Consequently, I looked like this on the beach terrace: wind-blown hair in need of washing, no fancy earrings and no lipstick. At least I had put on some make-up. The biggest difference is the lipstick.

At the beach with windblown hair that needs washing

Friday my neighbour Monique (from two doors down), and I visited an art exhibition in Rotterdam called OBJECT. That’s what you do when you are retired, you visit museums and exhibitions. There were 5 large floors of applied art. We saw beautiful things. I managed not to buy anything but was very tempted. There were sofas, chairs, lamps, jewellery (!!), too many things to mention. I might do a blog post on it. I don’t know whether you would like that.

See you next week.


No Fear of Fashion

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