long green linen coatBicycles, a bridge, canals, old houses…that’s Amsterdam for you. The outfit of the week is a long green linen coat, which I am wearing as a jacket. Apparently I am going through a phase of wearing coats and dresses as a jacket. (It might not look green to you but the coat is pale green, honestly).
This coat was the one I wore at the photo shoot for a Dutch women’s magazine Margriet. As I never seemed to wear it, I decided to give it another styling-go. The white trousers from Essentiel Antwerp don’t get much wear either, so killing two birds with one stone here.

Husband Ron had to go to Amsterdam for an errand and offered to take photos. We chose the area of Prinsengracht and Noordermarkt.

Below: Prinsengracht.


Below: It is a lovely area with beautiful houses and lots of big trees. A city without trees is a city I never want to live in. The objects at the bottom of this photo are houseboats in the canal. The word gracht means canal.


Below: Every house should have blinds. They are so pretty.

Below: Great background too and…it was in the shade. Taking photos in strong sunshine is very difficult and it was a very bright day. The pewter bag is from Midlifechic.

long green linen coat

Below: Amsterdam face bricks collage.

Face bricks in Amsterdam collage

Below: Sunbathing lady on her balcony.


Below:  This lady’s balcony is a lot more expensive. To actually live in such a house, open those big doors and look out on the canal…how rich.


Below: As we walked on, we saw this man on the jetty of his houseboat, doing some maintenance work on one of his chairs.


Below: Next to the entrance to this man’s boat was a spot in the shade of the big trees.

long green linen coat

I needed a top to go with the trousers which was just the right colour, the right length (slightly over the waistband) and not too tight. I found it at the back of my pile of white tops. This one is 30 years old. Never throw out a well-fitting basic top.

Below: If there is an opportunity to sit on stairs, I will use it. Somebody passing shouted a remark which made me laugh.

long green linen coat

Below: Oh, another sitting opportunity! There was a sign on the bench saying ‘Private’ but I only sat on it for 10 seconds and very carefully as it looked like a death trap. I love how so many people put plants outside their house. Makes a city so much prettier.

long green linen coat

Below: We were approaching the Noordermarkt with its lovely church.


Below: The big square in front of the church was unusually empty. On Saturdays there is a big farmer’s market with a small brocante part and on Mondays the square is occupied with stalls selling fabrics (quite a famous market too).
By the way, the man on the bike didn’t travel very far as you will see in the next photo.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt church

Below: Half an hour later we found the cyclist in the above photo, resting against the church.


Below: At the back of the church there are café terraces. Just as it should be: cain chairs, a big tree and a statue. My kind of place. You can see the back of Ron with the big camera rucksack.

Amsterdam Noordermarkt

Below: At the square is a bric-a-brac store, or a brocante or a charity shop? No idea what it is but I am sure you can get some quaint stuff there.

second-hand shop

Below: We had a cappuccino and a relaxed time watching people.

long green linen coat

Below: Like watching these two men.
Now that I see this photo I know the waiter didn’t take the mickey out of me. When I wanted to pay, he said no pin, no cards and sent me to an ATM. I really thought he was pulling my leg. There weren’t any warnings on the terrace. No pins, no cards? In 2021? WTF.


Below: I seem to be wearing these yellow earrings by Lara Design a lot.

Yellow and silver earrings by Lara Design

Below: I piled on the bracelets that day.


Below: Pretty street photo by Ron.


Below: One last photo with houses.


What’s not to love about Amsterdam? Oh I know, crowds of tourists, clogging the place up. (Sorry dear readers, I know we need the tourists but I am enjoying this ‘just-after-Covid-restrictions-period’, having the city all to ourselves.)

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was a tiring day. Ron spent his day at the Antique Market in Haarlem, selling some brocante stuff we have had for years. That meant we had to load up both cars, drive to the market at 7.45 a.m. and unload. I parked one of our cars somewhere else, went home in the other one and took Watson for a long walk at the beach. Vice versa at the end of the day, after another walk with Watson. I was knackered. Totally forgot to take photos of Ron in his stall, together with Marla who joined him that day. Such a shame. You should have heard the nonsense he is telling the potential buyers: “Yes, this used to belong to a noble family…bla, bla, bla.” And many more stories. He doesn’t do this for the money, he just enjoys the banter, the interaction and the fun he has with Marla.

Sunday I spent at my mum’s. I now visit her every week, so you get to see her a lot. Here she is again (below). We have only had about 4 or 5 days which were really hot but mum doesn’t need to worry, she has good working aircon in the living room. In the autumn she hides it behind the desk. We both are great in hiding things. You should see how much stuff I hide behind the long curtains. When you have a small house, you have to be inventive.


Below: I was wearing this floral dress that day, with white/pink Lara Design earrings. (Link to the original post where I was wearing the dress with a belt.) I tend to wear high heels to my mums as I don’t have to walk very much at her place.

Blue floral dress by Cabi

Monday I collected my Max Mara outlet sweater from my niece Annelot. Remember, there were stains on it which I couldn’t get out? Annelot and her husband run a 100% sustainable design and printing business. They design and print mainly T-shirts (for wholesalers). They got a new machine which was able to copy part of the rose on my sweater and print those copies over the stains. I now have a rose with 4 dropped leaves on my sweater and you would think the leaves have always been there.

Niece Annelot with my repaired sweater

Tuesday Ron took me to Amsterdam for another photo shoot. It is still not his hobby, to say the least, but he does it for me, sweet man. It was a very windy day; my hair was all over the place. I needed a particular photo taken but we did a whole other shoot. It is nice to have photos in stock as Kitty is going on holiday this week. There is light at the end of the tunnel for Ron. Loes will be coming back from holiday, being fully vaccinated. This means Loes and I can go on photo shoots again.

This is going to get funny

Wednesday started all lovely. I was wearing this outfit with high heels as I was not going to walk a lot. (Link to original post.)

Outfit Wednesday yellow jumper

I cycled to town where I met Yvonne for lunch. See below. It was mightily cosy (‘gezellig‘ as we say in Dutch). Yvonne is a beauty and besides my friend, also my supplier of Beyuna vitamin supplements. Their products are really good, Clean Label, no additives like artificial flavour enhancers, preservatives and dyes. That’s what we want as consumers, right? (link to her website). Usually I just collect the vitamins and once in a while we take the time to lunch and chat.

Yvonne and I having lunch

During lunch I got a phone call with a fantastic message. Bonus daughter Nicky and her husband got the newly-built house they had set their hearts on. As there were more buyers than houses in the project, they drew a house by lot. So happy.
This was cause for celebration, so Ron and I went out to dinner, to restaurant Borski. Below a terrible selfie.

Dinner at Borski

Here comes the fun part, although it wasn’t such fun when it happened.

Ron knocked over his glass of red wine into my lap (and a splash on my jumper). The staff (very friendly staff by the way), hastily brought me salt but that only helps when you can lay the item flat and pour a huge amount of salt on top of the spot. And I think that works with wool, not with cotton. I know another trick and that is to pour white wine over the red wine straight away. I got two glasses of white wine (compliments of the house), went outside and poured it over my lap.
There were many people enjoying their meal on the terrace. Can you imagine their fun when they saw me do that?? They all had a good laugh but tried not to laugh out loud.
I didn’t mind, I just got very wet.

Below: Me, trying to soak up some liquid, after the white wine treatment.

Red wine all over me

We had dessert and when I got home I put both garments into the wash basin with more white wine and after that, washed them normally. I am very happy to say, I got it all out and with red wine that is a miracle.

Thursday was a ‘spoil-yourself-rotten‘ day. In the morning my hair was dyed and cut at the hairdressers and in the afternoon my tootsies were treated and polished by the pedicure.

Friday I met Marita for coffee in town. Oh what a rotten life I live haha. YAY for retirement. The writing on the wall behind us (below) says: Hi honey. It is the last part of a sentence that read: What a beautiful day, honey. And it certainly was.

Marita and I

Below: I did not forget to take a head-to-toe photo of Marita. She likes clothes as much as I do. I think she looks gorgeous.


That concludes this wonderful and sunny week.

PS A special hello and thank you to Fenna from Middelburg. Thanks for reading my blog.


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