Blue patterned trousersThe subject of this post aren’t really the blue patterned trousers, but art objects. The ones my neighbour Monique and I saw at the exhibition OBJECT in Rotterdam. The art object you see above and below has nothing to do with the exhibition; it is a statue by a Haarlem artist called Hannes Kuiper (see in full below).

Statue in Haarlem by Hannes Kuiper

At the exhibition I wore these trousers with a white second-hand top. You should always carefully check a second-hand garment, inside and out, which I neglected to do. Failure, as it is 2 sizes too big; I just thought it was oversized. When I saw the photos Monique kindly had taken of me at the exhibition, I didn’t like the outfit. Mainly because I wore flats. I will never like myself in flat shoes.

Below: What I wore to the exhibition. Sensible old pointy ballet flats.

Blue patterned trousers

Below: As Loes had returned from her holiday (YAY), I immediately asked her to take a photo of the trousers with a nicer top and prettier shoes. It was cloudy and windy as you can see. To link the outfit with the lime dress to the outfit with the white top, we chose a location with art. This work of art is near a small Haarlem railway station (not the big station).

Blue patterned trousers

Below: I wore these Lara Design earrings with it. Lime stingray pendant, a brown buffalo horn square in the middle and a golden button on my earlobe.

Earrings by Lara Design

Below: The buttons of the lime linen dress are in the shape of a fish, a star and a circle.

Earrings by Lara Design

Right, let’s get cracking. Have yourself a cuppa as you are about to see many, many photos of the exhibition. As usual I haven’t paid much attention to the artists names (terrible, I know).

The OBJECT exhibition in Rotterdam

If you want to see more photos (heh heh heh) or know more about the exhibition, this is the link: OBJECT.

Below: A garden bench by Kranen/Gille. Ron and I like it very much and if we have saved some money again, we might buy it to put in front of our house.

Bench Kranen Gille

Below: The same artists made this table for a café or restaurant. That bottle hole is so funny. On the other end of the bar under the table you can hang your bag.

Café table Kranen Gille

Below: How about this folding screen? Diederik Schneeman / Rademakers Gallery

folding screen

Below: I was in awe over this chandelier made from old perfume bottles. It takes a year to make it and costs € 35,000.  Also made by Diederik Schneeman / Rademakers Gallery.

Chandelier made with perfume bottles

Below: Close-up of a few perfume bottles.

details of the perfume bottle chandelier


Below: Fun yellow chair. It actually sat more comfortably than it looks.

Yellow buns chair

Below: I asked Monique to pose for me.

Monique sitting on the yellow chair at the OBJECT exhibition

Below: A bench inspired by the New York Subway benches, with Monique in the background. (Artist/maker: Gjalt Producties.)

New York Subway bench

Below: Van Waay & Soetekouw sells this chair by Piet Hein Eek, a very well-known Dutch designer. I love it but the seat is much too low for me.

Green chair Piet-Hein Eek

Below: Fun chairs. No idea by whom.

OBJECT exhibition Rotterdam


There were many light features.

Below: Ron called these condoms.

Blob light by Alex de Witte

Below: More lamps from another designer. This time I know by whom: VANTOT.

Below: The same designer as above, also created this ‘wall of light’: VANTOT.

wall of light by VANTOT

Below: I thought this light might be nice above our dining table; it is called VAPOUR light by Studio Thier & Van Daalen.

Vapour light by Studio Thier & Van Daalen

Below: This reading light we are probably going to buy. It is wireless, with a docking station to charge. You can buy an attachment to put your iPhone in while it uploads. Now that is great. It is called the Roxxane Leggera by Nimbus Lighting. The shop that sells this one and many more is Van Waay & Soetekouw.

Reading light Roxxane Leggera by Nimbus Lighting

Objects and accessories

Below: Fun glass objects. I photographed three of them.

fun glass object 1

fun glass object 2

fun glass object 3

Below: Colourful wool scarves by Knit Wear Lab.

Colourful knitted scarves Knitwear Lab

Below: Object. Cannot say anything else about it.

OBJECT exhibition Rotterdam

Below: This colourful column is a plant pot. The proud artist is standing next to it and I didn’t take his card. Shame on me.

Plant pot with the proud artist

Below: Gold plated bracelet. One that I really wanted but I don’t wear bracelets much, so I refrained. It is made by Tweek-Eek (Twin sisters Eek).

Gold plated bracelet by tweek-eek

Below: I liked this one too. Both bracelets and all of their jewellery are made with a focus on sustainability. The sisters teamed up with a factory that usually produces high tech parts for the automotive, aeronautical and furniture industries. The jewellery is produced by the same powerful machines. They are brass or silver based and then 24 carat gold-plated. Quite a bit more expensive than my Lara Design ones.

Gold plated bracelet by tweek-eek

Below: The pieces are cut out and the leftovers are re-used. With my current focus on modern earrings, I really loved this cross, but they weigh 8 grams. Still very lightweight, but most of my Lara Design earrings are 5 grams, the long ones being 6 grams. That is the utmost my earlobe can handle.

Stained glass

Below: Two examples of beautiful newly made stained glass by Atelier Emski.

Stained glass by Atelier Emski

Stained glass by Atelier Emski

Below: In the old derelict industrial building where the exhibition was held, there were some stunning stained glass windows to admire.

Blue patterned trousers

Below: I saw this woman and had to secretly photograph her. What a style, what a gorgeous woman. Had I been a man, I would have tried to take her on a date.

Well-dressed lady at the OBJECT exhibition

Below: Monique and me with a well-deserved drink.

Monique and I

Below: Outside, Monique took another photo of me and we called it a day. We spent two hours at the exhibition and both our feet and eyes were tired.

Blue patterned trousers

What happened in my life this week

A LOT. What a busy week.

Saturday, in the morning, I cycled to kpa.haarlem to let Karlijn take a photo of my pale green shirt for her Instagram account (below).

Pastel green oversized shirt

Below: Karlijn of kpa haarlem: beauty and brains.


In the afternoon Anke, one of the Shopping Saturday friends, came for some shopping and she succeeded very well. Afterwards we had lunch/coffee at a café.

Below: This time I remembered to take a photo. It was a lovely day. I didn’t buy anything. Good girl.


Sunday Ron and I were at mum. Ron removed the weeds from the garden and did some shopping. I did other things and dog Watson decided he was a lap dog after all (see below).

At mum's

Monday I picked up friend Marjolein (below) from the station and we drove to a new outlet in Halfweg.


Below: We both bought this yellow jumper which was reduced from € 69 to € 16. Now that is a bargain.
Notice our shoes: by chance we were both wearing white shoes with silver and a kiltie (or flap).

Marjolein and I in yellow

We were quite disappointed in the outlet. Lots of vacancies for shops and many of the ones that were there, carried a collection I have never seen in the shop. The Max Mara group had a large shop and even they weren’t able to tempt me. Tsss. Nevertheless, we had a great day.

Tuesday neighbour and friend Loes, back from holiday, came over for a cup of coffee. In the afternoon she was so kind to take the first photos in this post with the lime yellow dress.

Loes back from holiday

Ron and I got our first (of the two) vaccines against shingles. That is not a standard thing in the Netherlands as I believe it is in the UK and the USA. Recently they have become available if you pay for it. Most of the health care in the Netherlands is free, well…covered by an insurance which costs you about € 200 a month at the utmost). We gladly pay for the vaccine as it is very painful when you get shingles. And when you are over 55 you are more likely to get it.

Wednesday Ron and I got the opportunity to look inside the new house of Ron’s daughter and her husband. What a perfect house they are getting; they definitely won the lottery.

In the afternoon friend Neiske and I had dinner at Hotel De Hallen in Amsterdam. Below: both with a sgroppino. Do I have to add it was a delightful evening? I bet not.

Neiske and I with sgroppinos

Thursday was another busy day. First Marcella of Lara Design came over and we ‘talked shop’ for an hour or so. Well, really, we looked at her gold-plated jewellery. I now have a pair at home to try (…).

After she was on her way, I travelled to Amsterdam to meet Janna of Timelessstyle (below) in Hotel American. We connected through Instagram and met last year for the first time. She is an intelligent woman with a cheerful personality who likes clothes etc as much as I do.

Janna of

Below: A view of the beautiful restaurant of Hotel American in Amsterdam. The hotel is now a Hard Rock Hotel with a Hard Rock Café. WHY??? Because so many rock celebrities stayed there?

Hotel American Amsterdam

Below: In the bar of Hotel American, wearing jeans, sneakers by Vic Mattie and a blouse by Ganni. Earrings by Lara Design: green glass button with gold branches dangling from it. There were also branches in the blouse. I think about such things. (Close-up of the earrings in this post.)

at the bar of Hotel American Amsterdam

And to finish this Thursday, Ron and I had been invited by our friends Georg and Marla to have dinner at restaurant Bodega in Haarlem. Lovely food consumed in lovely company.
Below: The waiter took this photo.

At restaurant Bodega with Georg and Marla

Friday I worked on this blog post and that took me hours. We had planned to go out for the day and I was so glad we decided not to. Pffff…what a week.

Oh and I had a conversation with my IT guy because I need a new computer. This one is getting tricky and is about 8 years old. Time to get another one. Expensive!! And I didn’t save up for it.
The fact that I also defrosted the freezer isn’t really of much interest, is it? Haha.

I hope you are still with me and have read the whole post. It will have taken you a long time.


No Fear of Fashion

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