Blue and white top with yellow trousersFrom the minute I spotted this blue and white top in March 2020, I loved it and it hasn’t disappointed me since. It is from Essentiel Antwerp, as is the silver belt. You have seen it before in this post with white trousers and silver high heels and in this post with jeans and white (somewhat high) heels. For loyal readers it will come as no surprise that I love the outfits with the high heels. Yet, if you are going to stroll around Amsterdam, high heels are impossible (for me). So I teamed the top with my yellow trousers and put on my kitten-soft shoes by Fratelli Rossetti. You happened to see them last week as well.

Until I saw the photos, I didn’t know these trousers creased so much. Bummer. You saw them before with a long white summer jumper and sneakers and (my favourite) with a multi-coloured shirt and purple high heels.

Anyhow…Ron suggested to do the shoot in Amsterdam near the ‘Magere brug’, translated: the ‘Skinny bridge’. He told me the story behind the original bridge across the water (the Amstel). Two rich sisters lived opposite each other, each on the other side of the water and visited each other every day. It meant they had to detour a long way before they could cross. To solve this annoyance, they asked the city council whether they could install a bridge across the water if they paid for it. They got the permission and had a bridge built that was the width of one person. After all, either the sister from one side would visit or the other one would. No need to make it wider.

Below: This skinny bridge is replaced by this bridge but kept its name.

magere brug / skinny bridge Amsterdam

Below: It was a very windy day.

Blue and white top with yellow trousers

Below: Before we got to the bridge we took some shots near a houseboat. The owner allowed us to stand on the gangway to his boat.

Blue and white top with yellow trousers

Below: As we walked along the canals to the Skinny bridge we passed such beautiful houses.


Below: One house had a funny item behind the window. Hello mouse. At least I think it is supposed to be a mouse.

knitted mouse in the window

Below: And how about this door? Isn’t it grand? The number of doorbells tells you there are several people living in the building.


Below: Close-up of the door.


Taking photos on the Skinny bridge was virtually impossible because of the wind, so we just went for a cappuccino in Café Krom.

Below: Café Krom, a typical Amsterdam ‘brown café’ as we call them.

Café Krom Amsterdam

Below: Husband Ron.

Ron in Café Krom Amsterdam

Below: Look at his glittery Converse sneakers.

glitter Converse sneakers

Below: Gazing dreamily. Makes a change from my usual smiling face.

Blue and white top with yellow trousers

Below: A close-up of my Fratelli Rossetti shoes.

white and silver shoes

Below: We were served by barkeeper Anita, who wore lovely earrings. She didn’t want to be photographed but just the earring was OK.

Blue earring

Below: We spotted a flower shop on one of the bridges, where I bought peonies. The wind billowed out my top and made me look pregnant haha.

Blue and white top with yellow trousers

Below: I can never resist steps and flowers as background. Earrings are of course, by Lara Design.

Blue and white top with yellow trousers

Below: Passing a cheese shop.

Cheese store Amsterdam

Below: Our Royal Theatre Carré and a small part of the big locks in the Amstel.

Carré Amsterdam

Below: Presumably the owner of the houseboat didn’t want dogs shitting in front of his boat and hung his sign up.

No dog shit here please

Below: Ahhh…a swan.

Swan in Amsterdam canal

Lovely day.

What happened in my life this week

Let’s start with something funny. A friend of mine sent me this video which is a parody on Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Subject: menopause. I thought it was very funny, but then my menopause was short, not too bad and already years in the past. So I can laugh now.

Saturday. A beautiful morning at the beach with Ron and dog Watson. I cannot remember what I did in the afternoon.

Sunday was another visit to mum and I forgot to take a photo this time. It might have something to do with the fact that a migraine developed in the afternoon.

Monday was not funny. My migraine was still there and no amount of pain killers could stop it. This meant I had to cancel my date with a friend which I hate to do. In the evening my new computer arrived as my old one is really old; 8 years? 10 years? No idea but it is getting shifty. Sometimes it stops working in the middle of what I am doing. I can turn it back on and it’s OK again but I’d better not wait for the moment it totally shuts down.

Tuesday my migraine was better but from experience I knew I had to take it really easy, so I did. Especially because I wanted to be fit for Wednesday. A little quiet trip to Amsterdam in the afternoon with Ron wasn’t strenuous.

Below:  Ron walking into a street in Amsterdam called Egelantiersgracht. On the right is café ‘t Smalle. They don’t only have tables outside their café and across the street, they also have a jetty in the canal with tables. We used to moor our boat there. It was sooo decadent, especially when I would ask someone on the terrace: “Could you please move your foot? I have to fasten the boat.” Whahaha. As Ron has sold his boat, this is now a sweet memory.

Café 't Smalle

Below: The girl with the pink trousers is sitting on the jetty.

Café 't Smalle

Below: We sat on the bench just outside the café where there were no tables. No problem.

Café 't Smalle

Below: Bad selfie.

Ron and I

A lady sitting next to us, asked whether I used to be a model and thought I was 50 haha. That made me burst out laughing. (I have a very loud laugh.) Mind you, it was a strange lady and I don’t know whether she had all her marbles.

When we got home, Ron asked me to fetch lettuce for dinner. Because I wanted some exercise, I walked to town to return a library book and to fetch the lettuce. For some reason (I wanted an ice cream) I walked through the centre of town and happily went from one shop to another. Bought a skirt (and some shirts…ok…and a cardigan.) Bad girl. When I finally arrived home Ron showed me what he had done. He had put an advertisement on the Dutch equivalent of E-bay (Marktplaats) with the following text: “For sale: 500 dresses, skirts, tops, trousers and such. My wife went out to fetch some lettuce and never returned.” A second ad offered all my shoes with the same reason. I had such a good laugh. Then he shouted: “I’ve got an offer!” That turned out to be an offer from our friend Marla. So Ron replied: “Against all odds, she returned but you can buy half of it as she isn’t going to miss the other half anyway.” Having a husband with a sense of humour is a delight.

Wednesday was a great day as I met my BVA friends, a group of friends from work about 23 years ago. Unfortunately Marijke was on holiday and Marianna couldn’t make it, so we were with 4 instead of 6. Still a lovely day. You will see and read everything about it next week.

Thursday Ron and I went to the beach again in the morning. We are having our holiday 15 minutes from home. Honestly, when the weather is this nice and the beach is so close, why fly all the way to Spain? OK, I will admit that the feeling is different when you are in another country with another language. As our country is now dark red in Covid terms, we are not going anywhere. The beach of IJmuiden is never packed, but with hardly any tourists and on a day during the week, it was really quiet. See below.

Beach Inn IJmuiden

In the evening my IT guy came round to install my new computer and we discovered we couldn’t install Lightroom on the new one. In the old days I had bought Lightroom (a Photoshop programme) and I could install it on my computer without having to pay a monthly subscription. Shortly after I purchased it, they changed their policy to subscription only. Sure enough, there was no working download link for my programme anymore. I now have to figure out what I want to do. I need a programme to edit my photos. Not removing wrinkles or such, but to crop or make the colours a bit livelier and to change the size of the photo to internet size. Darn.

Friday I visited Jolanda, the owner of shoe brand EIJK (Amsterdam). You can read about her shoes and boots and how she created her special heel in this blog post when I visited her in her workshop in Amsterdam. This Friday she was in the shop in Rotterdam as she is every Friday. It is called COLAB Design, a collaboration between designers with their own label. We chatted for a couple of hours; it was so nice to see her again. I wanted to try several shoes, boots and sizes to see what the best fit was. Of course I didn’t leave without a few pairs (below). That heel is sooo comfortable. It is 6 cm high but it feels like flat shoes.

EIJK pumps and boots

That concludes my week.


No Fear of Fashion

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