Monochrome bluePoor Loes had to take photos of my monochrome blue outfit with my failing camera. I had read somewhere that monochrome is trendy which made me combine the new blue jumper with blue items from my wardrobe. The jumper is more greenish blue and the bag has golden edges, but I still think it counts as monochrome; perhaps it is even better.

We decided to go to the Elswout estate even though you have seen the estate in previous posts. We are running out of new backgrounds.

Below: Loes.


Below: Entering through the main gate. Last year’s coat from kpa.haarlem looks good with this outfit. (Link to post about this short coat.)

Short blue and yellow coat

Below: The jumper is tucked in on my left side to make the outfit a bit more playful. (Gosh, my hair looks good in this photo.)

Monochrome blue

Below: Just a few minutes before, this photo below was taken, while I was showing the pocket in the jumper. My hair was blown flat by the wind. I must have ‘touched it up” in the above photo. All fake dahlings.

Monochrome blue

You can see that the trousers are a little wide at the front; that’s what you get when you have no hips to fill the trousers. Odd thing is, that, if you see the photo of my back (below), they don’t seem to be too wide.

Below: The park is beautiful in the autumn. Passers-by, looked in bewilderment at my high heels. They were highly functional though; I picked up quite a few leaves with those heels.

Monochrome blue

Below: The green and golden branch earring by Lara Design. You can also see the texture of the jumper in this close-up. No idea why it sometimes looks a bit greenish.

Green earrings by Lara Design

Below: We arrived at the cutest little gazebo which has been restored after vandals had damaged it.


Below: Looking out from the gazebo through this beautiful window.

Beautiful window

Below: The entrance of the gazebo provided perfect light for a perfect photo. (See the leaves I stacked on my heel LOL?)

Monochrome blue

Below: That bench was begging for me to sit myself down. I am wearing hold-ups (thigh-highs) underneath my trousers; my legs aren’t this tanned anymore.

Monochrome blue

Below: To show you a different styling, I changed my blue pumps for my green boots. Totally different vibe.

Monochrome blue

Below: There is an orangery at the Elswout estate. Every time I see or hear the word orangery I think of that TV series Escape to the Chateau with Dick and Angela Strawbridge. I adore that series and I am so hoping for a sequel.

Elswout orangery

Below: Across the orangery there are deer in the park. Oh, those autumn colours…so good. Just as good as spring colours.


Below: From the deer field you can see the main house.


Below: I had to stand on the balustrade. “Ladies and Gentlemen…”.


Below: My view from the balustrade with the deer in the field and the rows of trees on each side of the field. The aeroplanes had made a square sign in the air. Weird to see.


Below: Another head-to-toe photo with the green boots.

Monochrome blue

Below: Close-up of the cool green boots. I bought them many years ago in the sale.

Green boots

Below: On our way back I took photos of Loes and this lovely lady stopped. She told us that she is a very keen photographer and loves to look stylish, which she sure did. Great dress and earrings.

Lady photographer

Below: She offered to take a photo of us together. So sweet.

Loes and me

It was a lovely day in the park.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was a brilliant day, a day when I met my group of friends called ‘the BVA girls’. You have seen them many times. Marianna (with an ‘a’ at the end) couldn’t come and she was sorely missed. You will see a full report on the blog shortly.

Sunday was a quiet day which I spent rearranging my closet, changing my summer shoes for winter shoes and boots. Then Ron ran into our neighbours Froukje and Petro and invited them in for a drink. As it was the end of the afternoon, we ordered (Indonesian) food and had a very pleasant dinner and evening.

Monday I saw mum (see below).


Below: Mum has turtle doves in the garden. They sit on her window ledge in the morning as if to say, “Where is the food woman??”

Garden mum

Tuesday Marcella came for the weekly Instagram video and of course, for some chatting. And in the afternoon I took two pairs of trousers to the seamstress.

Wednesday I drove to Leiden to meet Katrien who is sewing my coat. It is nearly ready. Had a fitting and we chose the button. Below: a terrible selfie of Katrien and me.

Katrien and me

Below: Katrien head to toe with a vintage jacket.


Below: I was wearing this outfit that Wednesday. This same blue jumper, now worn with my cream-coloured trousers with suede boots.

Blue jumper on cream-coloured trousers

Below: Close-up of the French Kande necklaces.

French Kande necklaces

Thursday my friend Marjolein and I visited the Japanese gardens in The Hague. They are only open for the public two weeks in spring and two weeks in autumn. We tried to do a photo shoot but it was soooo crowded. You couldn’t take a photo without a lot of strangers in view. Fear not, I will photoshop them out of sight. It was again a lovely day with lots of sunshine; the photos will appear in a post in the near future.

Friday I went to my friend Lia whom I have known since I was 16. We killed ourselves laughing telling each other funny stories and jokes. Amazing, that after being friends for such a long time, we still have stories to tell. What a delightful day.

Below: Lia. Her hair is for real. Long and not a single grey streak.


Below: With Lia’s cat on my lap. My own cat isn’t this cuddly.

At Lia's with cat

Below: What I wore to Lia and my new (to me) Volvo car (I know…rich bitch). The ‘poing’ I was telling you about in a previous post, turned out to be a warning that I am approaching a camera for speeding or driving through a red light. Seems handy, only I found out on an internet forum that not all cameras are registered and some cameras which are already gone (for 10 years) are still in the system. Never mind, it is quite a cosy sound, now that I know I don’t have to worry about it.

Volvo and me

To end this post, here is a YouTube video I stumbled upon. If you want to get to know the Dutch a bit better, this Australian woman who lived in the Netherlands explains it pretty well. One note: our government encourages you to take public transport or travel by bike, but they do not discourage you to get your driving licence. The rest of what she said is very true.


No Fear of Fashion

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