Wide brown trousers with a pink jumperAdmittedly, the jumper looks wrinkled in this photo, but what a beauty of a photo with that autumn light. I had to use it as the first photo for this post about my pair of wide brown trousers.

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Kitty was my photographer and the Groenendaal estate served as our background. Lots of trees and lovely plants in autumn; Kitty loved taking photos with this light and the autumn colours.

Below: As it was still a bit chilly I had put on my pink coat which is actually for spring but why not wear it in autumn as well? It is by Filippa K (see original post when I wore it in Paris).

Pink coat

Below: This is the best shot, better even as the first one, but I am a bit too small in this photo to serve as first shot at the top.

Wide brown trousers with a pink jumper

Below: Let’s talk details. The colourful scarf is by Essentiel Antwerp (first seen in this post). The pink jumper is by Kontatto and bought at kpa.haarlem

Wide brown trousers with a pink jumper

Below: The mint green earrings are by Lara Design (first seen in May in this post).

Pink jumper with mint-green earrings by Lara design

Below: I totally forgot to change my earrings while wearing this statement necklace. Now the two of them are fighting for attention. You will have to use your imagination and pretend there are only studs in my earlobes. The statement necklace is part of a series which I bought from a friend who unfortunately has passed away years ago. See the collection Chunky necklaces post.

Pink jumper with statement necklace

Below: The only variation for this outfit post are the scarves and necklace. Below a necklace which unfolded, shows a hamburger.

Wide brown trousers with a pink jumper

Below: Close-up of the scarf. Again, had I thought of it, I would have changed the earrings. The laughter is caused by a car nearly running me over. Not really a laughing matter but the driver joked about it.

Pink jumper with multi-coloured scarf

Below: I love this photo (overlook the earrings). The pink croc print boots are by EIJK and they go with nearly every colour.

Wide brown trousers with a pink jumper

Below: The scarf is old and one that I have never worn as I think it is too frumpy but with this outfit I kinda like it. The trousers are Samsoe and Samsoe, also bought at kpa.haarlem.

Wide brown trousers with a pink jumper

We thought it was a bit chilly to have our coffee outside and ventured inside. The restaurant manager told us that inside was only for lunch not for just coffee (it is a very chic place – see below).

lounge Groenendaal

We told her that we would have lunch after our coffee and upon that promise we were invited to sit by the fire. Below: Kitty looking sweet.

Kitty sitting by the fire at Groenendaal

Below: Kitty in her new jumper.

After our coffee, we got the menu for lunch and just as in Hotel L’Europe (see this post), there were only dishes on the menu which we regard as dinner. There was NOTHING on the Groenendaal menu that could pass as a light lunch (like a sandwich). We looked at each other and decided to leave.
I handed the menus back to the manager and told her we had something entirely different in mind for lunch. She smiled and said: “Yes, that is Groenendaal for you”. The manager and I thought our promise for lunch turned out to be a clever way of getting coffee indoors rather than on the cold terrace haha. She was ever so sweet. Half an hour later Kitty and I were having a sandwich in a much, much less chic place.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday. We had coffee at our friends Georg and Marla in the afternoon with delicious butter cake. Bye bye diet and losing weight.

Sunday: visit to mum, chatting and forgetting to take a photo.

Monday: Besides the exercises and bike ride, nothing but household chores, blogging and researching things for mum and for Marcella.

Tuesday I had a lovely Facetime conversation with Anja (living in Spain), followed by a visit to the seamstress. (Defrosting the freezer isn’t worth mentioning, is it?) The seamstress did a brilliant job, taking in two pairs of trousers.
Did some blog work and at the end of the afternoon Ron and I were off to a restaurant for dinner with a trip to the theatre afterwards. Below you see me (bottom right) in the restaurant, just before leaving for the theatre. Lovely vague photo taken by Ron haha. The cabaret performance was hilarious and I killed myself laughing. (I wore the outfit of this post but without the big brooch.)

Having dinner before going to the theatre

Wednesday was busy. After my fitness exercises I was putting on my make-up when friend Jilske sent me a message: “Are you home? I am in the neighbourhood and want to come over for a quick cup of coffee.” That was fun, seeing her for about an hour. It meant I had to run a few errands in a hurry as Loes and I were going out for lunch as a little thank-you for last week’s photo shoot. Below: Loes, looking like a young woman – good genes.

Loes at lunch

Below: She took a photo of me too. Hmm…strange face.

Me at lunch

Below: I was wearing this outfit. Similar as the main outfit of this post, with a different pink jumper and with a brown belt instead of a scarf.

Wide brown trousers with a bright pink jumper

Got my flu vaccination in the afternoon and ran some more errands, like buying hold-ups (thigh-highs) at Stemm Voetiek. The owner (a lovely and gorgeous lady) had put some attention drawing pieces in front of her store. So funny, those dogs with socks on (below). The signs on their back tell you about the shop but also warn you not to sit on the dogs. Their backs cannot handle that LOL.

Shop window of Stemm Voetiek

Ended up at kpa.haarlem for a chat with Karlijn.

Thursday. A day of sunshine in the morning and rain in the afternoon. Read a bit, blogged a bit, did some research; all in all, a very quiet day. Found this photo on my iPhone, taken two weeks ago; cat Sophie hiding in the hydrangea.

cat Sophie hiding in the hydrangea

Ron wanted to go clothes shopping, so we got in the car to a particular shop he thought would be good. Upon arrival we didn’t even get out of the car. Ron took one look at the shop window and said: “I don’t like the look of these clothes; I don’t want to go inside.” And we drove back home haha. That was a useless trip.

Friday I accompanied Marianne to the hospital to have her painful shoulder checked. Below: Marianne.


Nothing really exciting happened this week. Nevertheless I hope you enjoyed the post.


No Fear of Fashion


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