Green jumper with leopard print trousersJackpot! I think this combination of the green jumper with leopard print trousers is fantastic. I was really pleased with myself for coming up with this outfit. To complement the combination of the top with the champagne-coloured boots and the leopard print trousers, I chose my infamous Paris Necklace.

Below: Close-up of the necklace, it has the same colours as the trousers and the lustre of the boots.

The Paris Necklace

I wore this to a get-together of ‘the BVA girls” as we call ourselves. One day, way back, we were colleagues (at the BVA) and for the last 23 years we get together a couple of times a year on a Saturday. Starting at 11.00 and finishing around 21.30. The hostess is the one that provides the home, food and drinks. Of course we take turns.

Below: We always start with coffee and cake. Like the yummy cake this time.


Below: This time we gathered at Jilske’s place, who has a new kitten.


Below: Ooh…what a darling. Very playful and cuddly.

Jilske's kitten

Below: Marianne had the privilege of the kitten’s attention; she jumped on her lap.

Marianne with the kitten

Below: Marianne’s funky boots. She is always so stylish.

Boots Marianne

Below: No privilege here; I was sitting on the cat’s chair and she tried to push me off LOL.

Green jumper on leopard print trousers

Below: The next member of our group that day is Claudia; the youngest and the sporty one. Beautiful eyes.


Below: And the fifth member that day is Marijke. Can you see the mischief in her eyes?


Marianna (with an ‘a’ at the end), the sixth member of our group, unfortunately had to cancel.

I started with taking photos of everybody head to toe. They are all used to that by now and always comply.

Below: Jilske, with glasses this time.


Below: Claudia, adding bright yellow to her outfit.


Below: Marijke, always classy.


Below: And of course, Marianne.


Below: Marijke took photos of me later as we were shopping. Grey/green jumper (sweater): American Vintage; they sell my favourite jumpers. Leopard print trousers brand:  FRNCH, bought at kpa.haarlem. (See the post of these trousers with a very bright pink jacket.) Champagne-coloured boots: Eijk Amsterdam (seen before in this post). The bag is ‘leather-look’ and was very budget friendly at the Max Mara outlet near Haarlem.

Green jumper on leopard print trousers

Below: It was afternoon which means ‘shopping time’. We all went into one car, wheelchair and all. The centre of Veenendaal was our destination that day.

3 BVA girls

Below: Into several shops, searching, discussing, contemplating, trying-on. I am not sure whether every shop enjoyed our invasion. Did you spot that Marianne has the same bag as I have?

4 BVA girls

Below: We got to a shop where we found a comatose headless mannequin reclining on a table…

Mannequin without a head

Below: Marijke attempted to revive the mannequin hahaha. Alas.

Marijke trying to bring the mannequin back to life

Below: Claudia tried on this soft off-white jumper. No idea why she decided against it.


Below: On to another shop, where we were successful. Jilske bought this blouse and the snuggly cardigan.


Below: Claudia pulled a funny face every time she tried something on, so I cannot publish her attempts.


Below: Marianne had her eyes on this skirt, but it is quite a hassle for her to get out of her wheelchair and take her coat and clothes off. We have a trick for that; one of us tries it on and shows Marianne what it looks like. Claudia didn’t remove her sneakers or trousers LOL and Marianne bought the skirt.

Claudia trying on a skirt for Marianne

Below: Marijke uses more or less the same method for a quick try-on. The skirt she has on underneath her dress came home with her. I really liked it too and tried it on. Whahaha…it looked hideous on me.

Marijke trying on a skirt

Below: This dress was lovely on Jilske but it wasn’t the right size. She was going to trawl the internet for the right size.


Below: Marijke in a lovely leopard print jumper (over her dress).


Below: We all thought this leopard print was a warmer hue and she bought this one. I was so occupied taking photos that I missed trying this jumper on as well. It is really nice. Oh well, it probably would have been just as bad on me as the skirt.


Marijke and I went outside for some daylight and she took a couple of photos of me. The ones without the coat you have already seen.

Below: This is the kimono-type jacket I was wearing. Note that the gloves match the trousers. The gloves were a gift I think.

Grey kimono-style coat

Below: There is a label on the back of the coat. I never knew whether it was the designer’s intention to have a great, big label on the back, as a joke about small labels on the outside of sleeves. Or whether I was meant to take it off. I like it, so I leave it on.

The back of my grey kimono-style coat

Below: A bit of a funny photo of me, but I am showing it to you to have a closer look at the bag. Also to point out that the trousers didn’t really sit right. They were too tight in my waist and too high up. After I saw these photos I took the trousers to the seamstress who inserted 4 cm in the waist and let out two darts at the back. Beautiful solution.

Green jumper on leopard print trousers

We had drinks and French cheese when we got back to Jilske’s place and an evening meal after that.

Such a lovely day, such lovely friends.

What happened in my life this week

It was a reasonably quiet week. Heard some disturbing news from my optometrist, who said I should consult an eye doctor about macula, glaucoma and cataract. The latter is nothing really, we all have to deal with that as we get older, but the first two are no fun. It is much too soon to scream blue murder though and I have booked an appointment with an eye doctor next Tuesday. Booking an appointment with a medical specialist turned out to be difficult. Most of them are fully booked and the hospitals are understaffed. Logical with Covid-19 wearing them all out. Anyway, the first step is taken.

I visited friends one evening whom I hadn’t seen for the last 1½ years. As we have been friends for about 35 years that is no problem. We just pick up where we left off. It was a very enjoyable evening.

The usual stuff happened, like creating a video with Marcella of Lara Design and researching things for both Marcella and Karlijn (of kpa.haarlem). Those things give me a sense of fulfilment, helping nice people and achieving something. I cannot live on coffee dates with friends alone.

Below: Marcella at work.

Marcella of Lara Design

As you will see in the photo below, the hairdresser did her work again, so it is a lot shorter. This was one of my outfits this week. See original post here. For choosing an outfit in the morning it is really handy to have an Outfit Gallery on my blog (button at the top navigation). I just scroll through all my outfits and when I click through I can see all the details as shoes, belts, earrings etc. as well.

Outfit Friday with cream jumper

Below: I just switched the earrings with stingray earrings by Lara Design. The stingray is left-over material which otherwise would have been wasted. You can browse on her site to see many more of such earrings (filter on ‘materiaal’ and choose ‘roggenleer’). If you prefer another combination, for instance another colour with a certain top, just send an email and Marcella will create them for you. (This was a little advertising for a friend. I hope you won’t mind.)

Earrings by Lara Design

I want to show you the work my seamstress has done on the leopard print trousers.

Below: She took a bit of fabric from the inside waist and replaced it with plain black fabric. I love how she stitched the brand label back on.

Work of the seamstress on my leopard print trousers

Below: Then she took the waistband off at the back, let out two darts to create more width and elongated the waistband with the obtained piece of fabric. Resourceful woman!

Work of the seamstress on my leopard print trousers

My Friday dinner date with a friend fell through because she had a cold and the Covid rules are strict. We will meet some other time.

It made me realise I had only seen friends one evening this week. (And my mum on Sunday.) I remedied that immediately for next week. Four dates with friends are in my agenda.


No Fear of Fashion


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