white combat boots and a black blazerNot only these white combat boots are new, so are the earrings. The bag is pretty recent, the blazer and the trousers are ancient. Oh, I forgot, the merino wool top is also new and by my favourite sustainable brand Bellamy Gallery.

My friend Marjolein and I had a lovely day in Haarlem and she kindly offered to be my blog photographer for the day. We started with coffee (of course) at Vascobelo and took photos in their courtyard.

Below: Marjolein wearing cream boots which are stylish, so cool and low heeled. Win-win.


Below: Also in the courtyard, me in this outfit. So comfy. The blazer is by Reiss and the trousers by Sportmax. The trousers came with an orange jumper and were a gift from Ron.
Link to original post way back in 2012 when I was still a brunette. In those days I used Blogger as a system to create posts and the Blogger photo transfer to the new system has glitches.

white combat boots and a black blazer

Below: The combat boots are by CPNHGN (Copenhagen) and I bought them at LAB Women’s Clothing, another favourite shop of mine. I turned up a trouser leg to show more of the boot. They have a loop at the front and the back to make it easier to put on. Gosh are these boots comfortable! And warm. I adore them.

White combat boots

Below: Marjolein wore a fab leopard midi skirt combined beautifully with that jumper.


Below: Somewhere around September/October I had the chance to score this second-hand coat by Salvatore Ferragamo. It is soft as a kitten, long and very warm. I was so pleased with it. The price was a steal for this quality. Bought it at Paragons, a designer second-hand shop in Haarlem.
This is the coat worn open.

Black coat by Salvatore Ferragamo

Below: And this is the coat buttoned up. The coat comes with a belt which creates a very flattering silhouette, which I didn’t expect. I thought it would be quite bulky.

Black coat by Salvatore Ferragamo

Below: I loved Marjolein’s coat as well. You can never go wrong with leopard.


Below: Let’s throw in a statue which we passed by. The tree behind it is perhaps more spectacular.

Statue in Haarlem

Below: On our tour through Haarlem I had the opportunity for a sit-down pose. Isn’t the cat behind me sweet?

white combat boots and a black blazer

Below: We have come to the earrings. They are made with polymer clay and the brand is Baublehaus, a small business in the USA.
These earrings are also from her Art Deco collection as are the black ones you saw in this post.

Earrings by Baublehaus

Below: I love Art Deco but Anne of Baublehaus has many cool designs, like these Atomic Statement earrings.

Baublehaus Atomic collection

Now for some ‘colour locale‘, here are a few photos of buildings we passed.

Below: Starting with this mural.


Below: A magnificent building right in the main shopping street. I had never looked up before.


Below: Detail of the house in the photo above. There is one of these birds (?) on both sides on the roof.


Below: Buildings on the market square with a restaurant on the ground floor. Even in this cold weather there is a terrace in front of it. I suspect they use heaters to keep the clients warm as this isn’t Italy.


Below: The big Saint Bavo church on the market square.


What happened in my life this week

Of course I visited mum. Ron joined me and the three of us played cards. Mum usually wins every time. The game we played is a bit like Gin Rummy but slightly different. If you want to start laying cards on the table (=to open), the cards must be in a specific order (melds) with a minimum of 40 points.
At a certain moment, having won two games, mum said to Ron: “Why can’t you open? You are holding a joker! Surely you have enough points?”
Ron (very indignant) replied: “How do you know that? Have you been eying my cards?”
Mum: “I can see it on your left. It is staring at me.”

That lead to quite some laughter and Ron thought he could remedy that by putting up large books in front of him, sheltering behind it. He cannot hold cards like mum does in the photo below.

Then he said: “If I win now, it is proof you only won because you cheated.” As you can imagine we had a very jolly afternoon with lots of laughter.

Mum playing cards

Below: At a certain point Ron left the game to walk the dog and I continued with mum. Before he left, I shouted to Ron “She is winning again!” To which he replied: “Put a few books in front of you” LOL.

At mums playing cards

Below: I wore my lavender Max Mara dress that day with the mint green Baublehaus earrings. Link to original post showing the boots and tights better.

Lavender dress by Max Mara

Below: Another day I went ‘chic’ in my yellow, black and cream Sportmax dress, which you have seen a couple of times. This time with black boots. The earrings are my first pair of Lara Design earrings. They match the dress so well.

Yellow, white and black Sportmax dress

A couple of neighbours hung up a ball of lights on their flagpole. Ron and two other neighbours got together and decided to join. It was rather a search to get the balls as they were so popular and sold out quickly. Our next-door neighbour and we didn’t have a flagpole, so that had to be bought and screwed on to the house as well. Below: look at the proud guys after they succeeded.

Christmas ball decoration

Below: This is what it looks like early evening. We now have 7 of these at our end of the street.

Christmas balls outside

Marcella and I were busy with the wholesale platform which she joined and we celebrated the first order that came in with a puff cake and whipped cream. She also gave me earrings as a thank-you for my work. So nice!!

And I went to the eye doctor again. No glaucoma. Just cataract. YAY. CELEBRATION. After this doctor visit I went to the shop of Hella Pais, an interior designer, who helped us with our interior decoration. She is very good and I love the things in her shop, especially the Designers Guild stuff she sells. See the 2 photos below.

Hella Pais

Hella Pais

Below: When I came home, Ron had decorated the windowsills and put little Christmas trees in the plant pots outside. So sweet of him.

Our windowsills and plant pots outside


No Fear of Fashion


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