Paisley maxi dressWhen I saw this paisley maxi dress by Boden on the blog of Midlifechic, I fell in love and ordered it.
There was a slight ‘twang’ of insecurity when I tried it on as in “Gosh, that is a lot of dress; isn’t it overwhelming?” I ignored that thought and bought it. Then when I saw the photos Kitty (Kitty Hieltjes Fotografie) had taken, the doubt came back. It went away again and…came back. In short, I am not very sure about this dress. It is comfortable although I need to find a shirt with a deep plunge to wear underneath it as it is bloody cold at the top.

We picked a spot with old buildings and old trains. The trains were great to use as a background as you can see above.

Below: This yellow train is safely locked behind a gate and is not going to run me over. The wind billowed out that skirt somewhat.

Paisley maxi dress

As shown in the photo above I used the fabric belt that came with the dress.
Copying Nikki of Midlifechic I am wearing tan ankle boots from kpa.haarlem (last year’s).

Below: I also copied Nikki in using a tan belt (see Nikki in the dress in this post of Midlifechic). However, Nikki has a long torso, unlike mine, so I decided against the tan belt. Another detail in this iPhone photo is the top that I am wearing underneath the dress. It is nice and warm but I find it spoils the shape of the dress, makes it frumpy.

Paisley maxi dress with tan belt

Below: The photo below will shock you as it is really close up. It is my wrinkly chest. I don’t like the look of it and neither will anybody else I think. So I am torn. Covering it and spoiling the cut of the dress? Or showing a cleavage with those horrible wrinkles in sight?

wrinkles above my paisley maxi dress

Below: As you have already noticed, I chose for the cleavage. Only, as the photos are taken from some distance, you cannot see the wrinkles heh heh.

Paisley maxi dress

Below: Kitty and I wanted a really different photo pose with this ‘thing’. No idea what it is for. A heap of old rust I would call it.
No matter what I tried, I couldn’t think of a different pose, so I got the giggles. The green bag is very old and bought in Rome.

Paisley maxi dress

Below: Close-up of the green earrings by Lara Design.

Green earrings by Lara Design and paisley maxi dress

Below: There were chickens. I can do animal sounds quite well and imitated hens. They understood me well and replied.

Paisley maxi dress

Below: One of the old trains on the terrain.

Old train in Haarlem

Below: I did the ‘Pisa trick’. You know, the classic photo of you holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In reality that mast was a couple of metres in front of me.

Paisley maxi dress

Below: Behind the window you see books about ‘Sinterklaas’ (Saint Nicholas). The celebration for children on the 5th of December (see this post for further explanation).

Green earrings by Lara Design

What happened in my life this week

With contaminations rocketing sky high and the new mutant virus from South Africa, the government issued a ‘soft lock-down’. I won’t bother to explain. Ron and I decided to stay on the safe side and cancelled a couple of dates. We don’t want to take risks.

It was a big disappointment that I had to cancel my date with Janna of on Monday. We were going for a high tea in Amsterdam Central Station. Luckily she got a coupon for the money she had paid in advance. Let’s hope we can do it in January 2022, the dullest month of the year. On Friday I had another long-standing date with a friend to go for a lunch in The Hague and I cancelled that too. Bummer. The only thing I dare now is one-on-one meetings at a distance, at my home or their home.

I visited mum and was able to bring her a special ‘cake’ that my friend Antoinette served me last week. Antoinette got it for her after I explained it reminded my mum of her childhood. Antoinette gave it to her brother who lives near me and I picked it up Sunday on my way to mum. Easy peasy.

Below: Mum enjoying the ‘cake’.
(You may think “She wore this blue jumper last week too”, but that is a different one haha.)

Mum with a piece of cake

Rest of the week was dull. No friends to see, nowhere to go to. I am still well-dressed every day but I am beginning to wonder (like the rest of the world): WHATEVER FOR?? Jogging trousers and a sweater will do. This blog might become totally different, folks.

Below: To cheer myself up (and because I couldn’t resist them), I bought these golden deer for the dark December month. They have a bit of fake fur around their neck to keep them warm.

I am helping Marcella of Lara Design with uploading her earrings onto an online wholesale platform which is quite a lot of work. But I am very happy to do so. It gives me something to do and I can support a friend with a small business.

Walking the dog with Ron is quite an event on a day.  Watson doesn’t only like to run like mad, he also likes to play with other dogs.

Below: Cheesy, far too long video of Watson playing. Watson is the brown one.

Another ‘event’ is the gardener coming round to discuss the plants and lay-out of the garden for next year.

Because Ron’s daughter and her husband will be visiting this week, Ron suggested to bring out the Christmas stuff. This is weeks before we would normally do it. As we will be celebrating Christmas at their house, they can have a taste of our Christmassy house too.

Below: Ron said: “Shall I take a photo for your ‘What happened in my life this week‘? How sweet of him. Here am I sweating away. Climbing up and down that ladder, twisting and turning, is the worst thing I can do to my arthrosis knee. It was painful but the tree is lovely. It is in a plant pot in the middle of our room. As four plants died in that spot due to lack of light, we bought a plastic one. When Christmas comes, the plastic plant goes into the shed and the (fake) Christmas tree goes into the plant pot. It is never in the way, it is high up so dog Watson cannot sweep the ornaments to the floor with his tail and it makes our Christmas tree look bigger. Such a good solution. Well…apart from the ladder climbing.

Decorating the Christmas tree

Below: Loes came over for a cup of coffee and to show her new glasses. I think she chose really well.


And on Friday Karlijn of kpa.haarlem sent me a message that her website was live again, filled with all her new clothes. Her newly filled website is in Dutch and meant for the Dutch public, so if any Dutch person is reading this, go and have a look.

Below: I knew that was a lot of work, so I went up to her shop with a cake and a candle to celebrate. We shared the cake (it was delicious) and had coffee.

Cake for Karlijn

And that was my week dear readers.


No Fear of Fashion


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