Denim jacket with orange boots and orange coatBuying a denim jacket when you know that this shade doesn’t suit you, isn’t the smartest move to make. Still, it is in my wardrobe, which means I either make it work or give it away.
By adding a blue, white and yellow scarf, there is more ‘light’ near my face. I styled the denim jacket before in 2017, which you can see here.

My initial idea was to add an orange and white scarf which I have had for ages but never worn.

Below: My first try. I like the thought of adding colour near my face but as I looked in the mirror, I found it to be too plain, too affected.

Denim jacket with orange/white scarf and orange ankle boots

What do I do in such cases? I seek advice from Misja (MisjaB) by sending her a photo, accompanied by the word HELP.

She asked me the question: “Don’t you have other scarves?” Yes, I have. Lots of them and we settled on this blue/white/yellow scarf. I also added the orange brooch for colour and Misja gave it the OK. An outfit created from pieces already in my wardrobe and ready to be photographed.
Ron offered his services. Florapark in Haarlem was our destination, a lovely park surrounded by beautiful buildings and I know you like that.

Below: I also have an orange coat in my wardrobe. Which was too good an opportunity to miss. A big shopper in blue, white and yellow to match the scarf…the things I have in my closet, it is amazing.

Orange coat

Below: What a great match. Well, to me it is. The golden bag was thrown in for variation and to echo the yellow in the scarf.

Orange coat

Below: Here we go. Despite the low temperatures, I need to show the outfit without a coat.

Denim jacket with orange boots and orange coat

Below: I came up with a smart routine for this. In my shopper I keep a large plastic bag in which to put the coat. That way it won’t stain if I have to leave it on the ground. Smart, right?

Denim jacket with orange boots and orange coat

Below: Bum photo. Trying to find my comb to check the hair. We did the shoot in December as you can gather from the lovely wreath on the door.

Denim jacket with orange boots and orange coat

Below: You can see the best result of the preparations in the first photo of this post. And below is another example of my ‘sitting poses’. The people who live there had their shutters closed, so why not sit on their window ledge?

Denim jacket with orange boots and orange coat

Below: A bit of a strange face. Ron took the close-up to show you the brooch and the scarf. The brooch is by artist Sylvia Blickman.

Denim jacket with orange brooch

Below: As we headed home, we saw this girl and her dog in the park. Isn’t he sweet?

Darling doggie

Darling doggie

Now for all the buildings. If you aren’t interested, just scroll down to ‘What happened in my life this week’.

Below: This is the building with the wreath on the door from the top photo. I do wish all carparks were underground.

Haarlem, Florapark

Below: Two photos of the park. I might do this again in spring or summer.

Haarlem, Florapark

Haarlem, Florapark

Below: On a corner of the park is this building.

Haarlem, Florapark

Below: Another shot of the house above. It probably hosts a company and isn’t privately owned. There aren’t many people who can afford to live in such a grand house.

Haarlem, Florapark

Below: The Frans Hals statue. He is a famous Dutch painter from the Golden Age who lived and worked in Haarlem.

Statue Frans Hals, Haarlem

Below: Across the road from the park, 200 metres to the right, is a magnificent building, now the residence to our province government. It is so wide I had to take three photos.
First the left side, then the middle and then the right side. Beautifully symmetrical.

Haarlem, Provinciehuis

Haarlem, Provinciehuis

Haarlem, Provinciehuis

The above building is called Paviljoen Welgelegen (well-situated pavilion). I had a look at the history and I can give you an English link and a video in Dutch (below). Even if you don’t speak Dutch, I recommend that you watch the video as it gives you a look inside the building and a view from above (at the end).
The presenter talks about the banker who had this pavilion built, Mr Hope. The money used to build it was financed by the profits of black slave labour in the colonies. The province had this investigated. The Netherlands has a very nasty and dark past with the slave trade.

What happened in my life this week

As I said last week, I made some dates with friends, starting with Loes. It is sad that we cannot do any photo shoots as it is too cold at the moment. She lives across the street though, so having a chat over coffee is still possible. It was a very nice start to an otherwise boring weekend.

On Monday I had a coffee date with Helga.

Below: Helga. It was a dark day, so a rather grainy photo.


Below: Her beautiful kitten, called Woezel. Gosh, how she has grown.

Kitten Helga

Below: I wore this outfit for my visit to Helga. You have seen it last week, but…I listened to the advice of two readers (thank you Linda V and Gee), who advised me not to cuff my jeans. They were so right; this is much better. The other change from last week’s styling is with a T-shirt instead of a shirt.

Houndstooth jacket on jeans

My friend Anja, who moved to Spain, and I had a long Facetime conversation. It isn’t the same as when she lived in my street, but it is close. You have to find alternatives for seeing friends.

Below: I wore this outfit to Facetime. Another yellow jumper as you like me so much in yellow. The jumper is a mullet style and it is by Kenzo.
Link to original post with photos taken at our gorgeous old railway station. The feather necklace is a present from Suzanne Carillo, who made it herself.

Yellow Kenzo jumper on leather jogging trousers

Wednesday was a day with sunshine. Hurray. We had agreed to meet Froukje and Petro, our friends and neighbours, at the beach and fetch a cappuccino. One of the beach bars is still open for take-away. And…very important…allows you to go to the loo. We found shelter from the wind behind the bar and our friends produced a home baked apple pie to go with the coffee. It was delicious and totally blew my diet to shreds. I have to lose 2 kilos. It isn’t much but they are very persistently stuck to my body. If I want to fit in all those trousers I had taken in last year, I’d better lose the extra weight.

To make matters worse, Ron bought a delicious sausage, still warm, from a very good butcher. We even attacked it in the car. Sausage is not a good idea when you are on a diet, but boy oh boy, it was just as nice as the apple pie.

Below: I wore this outfit and changed the high heels to sneakers for walking along the beach. Link to original post.

Our trusted help got injured and couldn’t make it this week. I did the hoovering of the house, the wash basins and the toilets myself. The kitchen and shower we clean every day. Great to get some exercise, otherwise I would have been sitting on my butt all day. I took the opportunity of having the house to myself, to dye my hair with the hairdresser’s dye left from the first lock-down. I did pretty well. No outgrow anymore.

Below: I wore my second-hand Diane von Fürstenberg tunic/dress that day with jeans and my orange ankle boots. I actually prefer this outfit with the orange pumps I wore in this original post, but they were so uncomfortable, I got rid of them. My bright pink and red earrings are the same style as the tunic. I know there isn’t any red in the tunic but the red of the earrings is an orangy red. (Earrings by Lara Design. You can see them better in this post.)

DvF tunic in pink and orange

On Friday I decided to wear a dress again. Nowhere to go, nobody to meet yet I wanted to feel good. I did have a long telephone conversation with a friend. It counts as company but not to dress up for as we didn’t Facetime.

Below: Working on my poses. Even in the afternoon it is still grey and dark which means grainy photos. If you want a better view, click through to the original post where I am wearing this dress with a belt and sheer tights.

Burgundy and ochre dress

Let’s muster up some spirit for next week.


No Fear of Fashion

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