Dark green jumper with a light green broochAs Ron and I were in Amsterdam for the houndstooth blazer on jeans shoot, we also shot this dark green jumper outfit. It is a funny kind of green, almost teal but then again it is not.

Turning a corner, we found ourselves in front of restaurant Greetje. My name is very old-fashioned and you hardly hear or see it nowadays. I knew of the restaurant as we have eaten there once (not cheap), but had forgotten all about it.

Below: My name twice. It is a French restaurant. The triple X is the logo of Amsterdam.

Restaurant Greetje in Amsterdam

Below: Crossing one of the many old bridges over a canal. Behind me are warehouses converted into apartments.

Dark green jumper with a light green brooch

Below: On the bridge itself. It is the same grey weather as two weeks ago.

Dark green jumper with a light green brooch

Below: As I was standing like this, against the big iron pilar, a couple passed and paid me compliments.

Dark green jumper with a light green brooch

Below: I was laughing and replying to them.

Dark green jumper with a light green brooch

Below: Pretty face brick. “D’ Witte Leeu” is old Dutch spelling and means The white lion.


Below: One last shot with the converted warehouses behind me. When you wear your bag crossbody, your boobs become very obvious, don’t they?

Dark green jumper with a light green brooch

Below: Close-up of the brooch by Sylvia Blickman. The same artist who made my orange brooch (see post last week).

light green brooch by Sylvia Blickman

Below: On our way home we drove past this building. I had to take a quick photo.


What happened in my life this week

With severe lock-down it wasn’t easy to brighten up the days, but I did. It was still possible to see two friends at the time as long as you kept your distance. And of course there is Facetime, which I did with my friend Jacqueline, who was a colleague of mine a long time ago (1987-1989?). I sent her a few of my pre-digital photos via Whatsapp. We had quite a long video call and agreed to meet in a couple of weeks for a walk.

Ron had a little cold so we couldn’t keep our appointment with our next-door neighbours. Feeling “deprived”, Ron went out to fetch alcohol and the best French cheese you can buy in the Netherlands. That was our Saturday night meal. Staring into the log fire. Very cosy.

You don’t want me to stop posting which means photos have to be taken. Kitty and I went for a photo shoot on the Sunday when it was really cold. I refused to take my coat off in that cold and there are no indoors opportunities as all the restaurants and shops are closed. We found a solution which is really out of the way. No pretty buildings though.

Another visit to my mum. We had a lovely time looking through the photo album I had made. Lots of photos she had never seen. We didn’t sit next to each other. I just shouted information from the other side of the room to her haha. I also managed to download 4 books of her favourite writer on her e-reader.

Below: Mum. She said: “Surely, you are not going to show another photo of this old woman??” Well, I am.

Mum in lilac

Below: I wore this to visit mum. Brown bag by Longchamps, cream dress by Sportmax and teal trousers by Malene Birger.

Cream Sportmax dress

Another fun day was when Marcella and I Factimed. Marcella is the person selling those fantastic modern earrings through her website LaraDesign.nl. I already have two handmade pairs but I love so much of her collection. I told her the colours and shape I liked and she showed me a selection. In the afternoon she dropped the selection off at my house and I started to try them one by one and some of them more than once. My earlobes are protesting now. They are very thin and they don’t like to be messed with. To soothe them, I am now wearing my small studs for a few days. But the new ones are beckoning. I am afraid I went a bit overboard as I couldn’t choose too well. Never mind, I am saving money by not being able to go to the hairdresser, to the shops or to the restaurants.

Below: Outfit of that day, with my new green earrings. Rather a dashing outfit. Should have kept it for a blog post.

Orange jumper on green leggings

Below: Close-up of the new earrings. They are British Racing green.

dark green earrings

On Wednesday we were able to accept another invitation from our neighbours. We spent a happy two hours at their lovely house, again with alcohol and French cheese. The next day Ron had bought their daughter a cake because she is working so hard for school. Being at the pastry shop anyway (…) he came home with two delicious cakes for us too.

Thursday, my friend Marijke and I visited Marianne. (Yes, at the appropriate distance.) Marianne served us delicious chocolate cake. (My weight is really bad.) Both girls wore nice clothes by my request and we had a little photo shoot. Marijke took photos of me. She found the trick as well: “just click and click and take a whole lot of photos; there’s bound to be one good one among them”. Such a good afternoon.

I finished the week with a visit to the optician as my contact lenses were really bothering me. The visit was long overdue so I am getting new lenses next week.
In the afternoon the plumber stopped by to fix the broken syphon of our bathroom wash basin. He is a fantastic plumber and such a good laugh. Ron told him what was wrong and what had to be done. He replied: “Oh you made the diagnosis, right? You don’t really need me, no? That’s what I love… people who know better.” He said it in such a sarcastic way, I was in stitches. I am afraid it doesn’t come across on paper but he is really funny.

Below: Wore this on Friday. Compared to the original post, I changed the footwear to my leopard ankle boots and wore a darker pair of boyfriend jeans.

That’s it for this week. Stay strong, stay healthy and see you next week. The Netherlands now has a curfew from 9 p.m. to 4.30 a.m. because the numbers do not go down to an acceptable level. Like most places in the world. And we now can only see 1 person at the time (preferably nobody of course). We will see.


No Fear of Fashion

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