Cashmere jumper in rainbow coloursAnd now for something entirely different….a photo shoot of a cashmere jumper in a car park. Why? Because it was too bloody cold to be outside without a coat. I had told Kitty (photographer) that there was a lot of light in this car park. There is, but the lights only switched on when a car or a person entered. If nobody entered, the lights went off. Just our luck. In the above photo I am standing next to the entrance barrier. Kitty liked the fact that the yellow barrier corresponded with the yellow stripe on my jumper.

Outfit details: cashmere jumper by Repeat (in the sale two years ago and seen with a skirt in this post); blue trousers from the Max Mara outlet in Turin, belt from somewhere. Bag and boots from kpa.haarlem. You saw me wear them with the black and white maxi dress in this post. The earrings are semi-precious stones and I have had them for a couple of years now. They are nice and bright.

Below: If the lights were on, the car park was quite empty and looked like this.

Empty car park

Below: Still wearing my coat and the matching mask I wore in the car.

Fuchsia coat

Below: Close-up of the mask with Scorpio print.

Fuchsia coat

Below: I tried to assume a flattering pose against this bright yellow beetle car.

Cashmere jumper in rainbow colours

Below: The whole beetle. What a beauty. I had to go back to the parking garage to properly photograph the old-timers you see in this post.

Beetle old-timer

Below: Kitty used her creativity and let the arrow point to me haha.

Cashmere jumper in rainbow colours

Below: There were more old-timers.

Cashmere jumper in rainbow colours

Below: We call this an American car/old-timer.

American old-timer

Below: And how about this orange one?

Cashmere jumper in rainbow colours

Below: The orange car in its full glory. I learned from a reader it is a Karmann Ghia.

Orange car old-timer

Below: Trying to be a ballerina and failing miserably. We were a bit curious to know what kind of car was beneath the cover, but we didn’t peek. I did notice on the tire it was an MG.

Cashmere jumper in rainbow colours

Below: Peeking from behind the pillar.

Cashmere jumper in rainbow colours

Below: My own lovely car, the miTo by Alfa Romeo. They discontinued this model. Perhaps because the name was pronounced as MeToo haha?

My car

Below: Kitty at our home, being loved by our dog Dr. Watson.


What happened in my life this week

I loved visiting Marita who has a very spacious living room so no problem in keeping our distance.

Below: Just like me, Marita loves a good outfit. Isn’t she gorgeous in her polka dot dress?


Below: She was wearing beautiful earrings from India. If I had been able to come closer to her, I could have taken a better photo.

Earrings Marita

Below: I dressed up too. Delighted as I was to see someone again on a proper visit (not standing in the cold with a take-away coffee). My lavender dress by Max Mara. (Link to original post.)

Lavender dress Max Mara

Below: I wore a pair of new earrings by Lara Design.

Long glass earring

Aiming to do 10,000 steps a day, I had a long walk on the beach with Ron and dog Watson. That day I made the 10,000 but most days I fail.

Had a nice Facetime conversation with friend Marjolein and we are going for a walk together in a week or so. If the weather is good.

Below: One of the more sensible outfits this week. Link to original post. This Essentiel Antwerp sweater is a huge disappointment. You cannot see it in this photo but the blue thread comes through the lime part and it pills. It makes the sweater look old and tattered. I complained to them but all I got back is: “We know this fabric shows these wear and tear signs quite quickly. We can send you a comb (or one of these things to get rid of the pills) “. I declined and said “I have one myself and it doesn’t work. If you knew this about the fabric, you shouldn’t have used it for this design. I will just throw the sweater on the shoeshine pile.”
I got no reaction after that. Terrible sales service.

OODT Monday blue and lime sweater

Below: We had to go to the notary to sign Ron’s new will. Which is quite an outing, so I got dressed up. Link to original post.

Kitty and I went on a photo shoot when it was really damp. She says the photos turned out great but look at the state of my hair when I came home (below).

Bad hair

Below: I quickly took a comb, splashed a bit of water on my hair and blow dried it. Oh, and I put lipstick on because it makes such a difference.

Good hair

Below: Here is my Thursday outfit. Should I have kept it for a full blog post you think? I put a neon yellow jumper underneath the black one and wore my new neon yellow earrings. Yes, also from Lara Design. I made a killing. You can see a lot of combinations with similar jeans and these leopard boots in this post.

black with neon yellow jeans outfit

Below: I love the yellow of the jumper and the yellow earrings together.

neon yellow earrings

Below: A close close-up of the neon yellow earring.

close-up neon yellow earring

Friday was a busy day: picking up my new contact lenses, visiting the orthodontist who adjusted my night brace, visiting Marianne and dropping off some stuff and on my way home I dropped off empty cardboard boxes for Marla to use. I wore my floral dress by Essentiel Antwerp. Here is the link to the original post where I wear it as a dress as well.

Floral dress Essentiel

Below: Marianne, sweet as always.


Some good news: a new blog was born about style, outfits and fun things: The Grey Brunette by Suzy Turner. Suzy is an accomplished writer for young adults and already had an author blog. She interweaved stories about style and outfits in that blog as well but came to the conclusion that the audiences are quite different. Which is why she created her lifestyle blog The Grey Brunette.
I recommend you to visit her blog. She is fun and of course she writes very well. She also featured me this week, but that is not the reason why I recommend her.

And last but not least an update on dog Watson. He is in terrific shape according to the vet, his teeth and all. As a Korthals Griffon (breed) he is an all-round hunting dog. He points, he makes the birds fly up from a field, he tracks and he retrieves. In the little video (39 seconds) below you see him chasing the ducks. No idea whether he really wants to catch them or just wants them to fly up. I suspect the first.

Have a nice and safe week.


No Fear of Fashion

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