python print bootsYou all wanted to see me wear these python print boots more often so I styled them with this black shirt dress. For comfort I am wearing a soft yellow sleeveless dress underneath. You can see the sleeveless dress styled in three ways in this post, so this is the fourth way. Never thought that second-hand thing was going to be so versatile.

I should of course talk about a black leather shirt dress, but I am afraid to use that word as I already have a lot of fetish obsessed men downloading my photos on Pinterest. I block them but that is after they have pinned me next to pictures of women in bondage gear or far worse. The guy tied up in bed wearing a nappy was a bit of a shock.

Anyhow, I am meandering. The photos you are about to see are not the best quality as we had to take them indoors at Marianne’s apartment. Not a lot of light and sometimes bright sunshine. Both are bad. Marijke accompanied me visiting Marianne and she took the photos of me. Both women had put on a nice outfit, knowing I would bring my camera. Love them.

Below: Marijke.


Below: Marianne.

Below: Close-up of Marianne’s boots. I swear, she is much more fashionable and on trend than I am.

Boots Marianne

Below: Trying a new pose. This one is called ‘I am just hanging here’.

python print boots

Below: And this one is called ‘Peek-a-boo’.

python print boots

Below: You have seen these earrings before, but I still think they deserve a close-up. Again from Lara

long modern earrings

Below: I had to include this photo as well. This is soooo me… killing myself laughing. And yes, I have an overbite. My teeth are straighter now after wearing the braces, but it didn’t correct the overbite. That would have meant breaking my jaw and putting the lower one forward. Too scary. Besides, perfection is grossly overrated. Who wants to be with a perfect person? You would always feel inferior. You won’t have that with me haha.

long modern earrings

Below: Marijke tried on a coat from Marianne and ‘struck a pose’. I think she said ‘cheese’. The coat was too big, so I got it. Unfortunately it wasn’t a good coat for me either so it stayed with Marianne.


Below: “Yes dear, how about a little dance and then strike a pose…” Being at a distance from each other didn’t prevent us from having fun.


Below: See? We were at a safe distance.

Marianne and Marijke

Below: I yelled at Marianne: TOO CLOSE… go back.

Marianne and Marijke

Below: I wasn’t the only one laughing. Saying cheers with coffee.

Marianne and Marijke

Below: The three of us sat in a triangle, with me in the far corner near the window.

python print boots

I know we are not supposed to visit each other, but sometimes I do, taking all sort of precautions. Two people visiting was allowed at the time we got together (not advised but allowed). Now it is down to 1.

What happened in my life this week

It surprises me that anything did happen as life is getting more and more boring. I don’t think this is news to you.

I took mum to be vaccinated. Hurray, she has had her first shot and it didn’t bother her a bit. Not afterwards either. The second one will be three weeks later. Of course we had a nice chat together as well.

Below: Mum again haha.


I had Facetime conversations with my friend Lia and with Susan of Une femme d’un certain âge. Always great and very safe.

Despite the pandemic, the builders and plumbers and gardeners have a lot of work. Or perhaps it is because of the pandemic. We had made an appointment with ‘our’ gardener a long time ago and he showed up. He trimmed the tree and the bushes, cut the jasmine and generally cleaned the garden to bloom again in spring. He will be putting in new plants this autumn or in spring next year. If he can find a moment in his agenda. He is fully booked until May 2022. Talking about being popular.

Below: Wore this outfit on Tuesday and found out my husband doesn’t like it at all. Tsss… He is especially against “that flap”, meaning the scarf. Link to original post.

Outfit Monday black jogging trousers with white jumper

I had to go back to the optician as one of my new lenses isn’t right. I will get a new one. Bought some hair tiaras as the hairdresser will be closed until the 2nd of March or longer. Ron doesn’t like them.

Below: Another outfit of this week. You have seen this jacket combined with boyfriend jeans in this post. Below I am wearing it with my flared jeans from Paige.

Outfit Wednesday white jacket on flared jeans

Below: This time I wore new earrings with the white jacket (Lara I told you I made a killing. This photo is for Joseph-Maria, my loyal Spanish friend.

long modern earrings

Below: And this photo is for you to see the earrings clearly. The material of the oval pendant is (sting)ray.

Long modern earrings

Then on Thursday I met with Marjolein in The Hague to go for a walk in the park. I wore something comfortable that day. Almost the same as in the original post, just different white sneakers. When I took this photo in the morning my hair still looked the way I like it. After taking the garbage out, it totally collapsed. A visit to the hairdresser is long overdue.

Outfit Thursday, red sweater

Below: Marjolein and her cat Ben who came to hug her.

Marjolein with cat Ben

Below: Ben is a very friendly cat and gave me a kiss. His sister Bella is equally lovely. I was eating my gluten-free sandwiches in case you are wondering.

Me with cat Ben

Below: On our way to the park we saw this big ginger cat sitting outside a snack bar, being so full of hope. Such a scream. As we walked into the park we passed a statue with a cat. You can see by the puddle around the statue, that it has been very wet in the Netherlands. Going back to Marjolein’s house I had to take photos of the cute dogs as well.

Animals in The Hague

It was such a beautiful day. Sunshine and ‘warm’, especially after such a cold and rainy period. It was heaven to walk through the park. A (decaf) cappuccino plus sweet added to the joy.

Below: A quicky usie of us soaking up the sun on our way home.

Marjolein and me soaking up the sun

Friday was a busy day doing uneventful things. Like getting my outfit together for the shoot on Saturday (I had to hem the trousers to the right length). Fitness exercise and cycling, which I still do three times a week and some minor grocery shopping. We are preparing for very bad weather: ice and snow.
The day did have a highlight in an hour Zoom-conversation with Sylvia of 40PlusStyle. We stumbled upon the topic of bots creating a lot of traffic to my blog (in Google Analytics) but they are just computers, no real people. Sylvia gave me a manual to prevent this, which I still have to implement. Very kind of her.

Below: My Friday outfit. Easy does it. You have seen it before in this post with golden boots.

Jeans and a big jumper

Below: For variation I wore my red booties with this outfit and the red and pink earrings from Lara Design, which you have seen for the first time in this post with the Dries van Noten sweater. My hair decided this week to give up. It just hangs limp. Oh well, we are all in the same boat.

Red and pink modern earrings

In case you are wondering, I am not sponsored by Lara Design and neither do I get earrings for free, which is my choice. I bought them all myself and just love her work.

Till next week.


No Fear of Fashion

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