Kitty and GreetjeBrace yourself dear readers as this might prove to be a boring post. Not intentionally of course, but still a bit of a risk. What happened? I have these gorgeous leopard boots and only used them in one outfit (see in this post with lovely pictures of Haarlem). That had to change. When I replaced my beloved but threadbare jeans with these greyish ones, I decided to get some inspiration from Pinterest. You know, the platform everybody (but me) uses to be inspired. That paid off very well. I managed to put together 14 outfits with these skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots. FOURTEEN. 

How to show you fourteen outfits?

I took photos with my iPhone to remember what I had come up with. Looking at them made me realize it would be a bit much to make sixteen blog posts all featuring the same jeans and boots. You would probably go “Oh no, not those jeans and boots again!” Then I got an epiphany: all in one post, photographed the same way.

Kitty set up a studio with grey background in her house, did the lighting, set the camera and after that it was dead easy. No changing of camera setting, a warm room to change the jumpers and shirts, mirror at hand. Kitty’s son took the above photo of the two of us. Isn’t she wearing a lovely dress? She scored big time at a sample sale, all great items.

So, here we go and I will try not to make it too boring. Ron warned me it might look like a fashion catalogue.

Below: The first outfit. An olive jacket from All Saints with a linen scarf. I added the orange bag for more colour. See the jacket styled here with cream ankle boots and here with sequined sneakers. Proof that I really shopped my own wardrobe. As you can see from this photo these leopard ankle boots have a particular heel. Very comfortable, like walking on flat shoes. Brand: EIJK Amsterdam. Worth their money. They feel like slippers.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: Close-up of the brooch. I used the brooch to pull the scarf together. Plus I used a fancy black safety pin to keep the jacket in its place as it has no buttons. Me and my tricks.

Below: Same jacket, different scarf, different bag. Perhaps you think this is cheating as it is rather a simple change. Still I think it counts as a different outfit.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: Too early yet, but this lime jumper is great for wearing in early spring. As you know I love this bright colour. Notice the plastic ring? It doesn’t always have to be expensive to look good. Jumper worn different ways (also with skirt) in this post of 2013. When an item is good, I keep it in my wardrobe. Over the years I have found many good items which makes my wardrobe crammed. (Yes I know… boo hoo, we don’t pity you.)

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: Green leather jacket. Ron advised on adding the white top. He said the outfit would otherwise be too dark. Worn the jacket with metal ankle boots and cream skinnies  here.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: Pigheaded as I am, I also wear this jacket without any white, with the collar up.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: This picture is only to show you that in these jeans and with this jacket, my behind looks rather good. Yay. Still small but firm. The jeans are by Denham, the jeansmaker. One of my favourite jeans brands, along with Paige and J Brand.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: Time for some colour again. The famous orange sweater by American Vintage. Seen before with my long green skirt and with jeans/black boots, worn longer and with a scarf. Again a plastic ring in orange and yellow.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: This is what I look like when I decide to “fluff up” my hair after pulling things over my head. Back-combed and not yet straightened.

hair in a mess

Below: More of a tough outfit with the chain necklace. Blue top seen in this post before.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: Changing clothes. See the little belly? I make sure that is always hidden. By 6 p.m. this is a big belly. Apparently my body is shaped in such a way, that the only option for food coming into my body, is to settle in the space at the front.

Changing clothes

Below: In hindsight I don’t like this sweater. It was from the Max Mara outlet in Turin and I have only worn it once. It will be in the give-away pile.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: This black jumper is a very versatile piece. You saw it in the top photo with the chain necklace. It has a waffle pattern as we call it. I like this outfit a lot. Wore it on “tuxedo” leggings in 2013.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: With a bright yellow scarf.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: I tried the scarf untied as well. Not a good idea. Very overwhelming.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: The pile of jumpers and jackets etc. for this shoot.

The tops

Below: My red jacket. Oh yes, I like it with my red jacket. Me and red and me and jackets… a good combination. Knowing what suits you is key, right? Wore the jacket with a red and white striped jumper and high heels here.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: As I said, jackets suit me. Combined with a T-shirt, custom-made by my niece. I can recommend the phrase Dare not to care. Of course I don’t mean leaving a wounded man on the pavement to fend for himself. I mean don’t let stupid remarks and opinions of others get to you. We are all different and we think differently. If somebody doesn’t like what you are wearing or doing, it usually has more to do with how that person is, than that it is a pointer for you to change something. Jacket seen many times before, like in this post in an Amsterdam department store.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: View of the back. With this fitted jacket it looks as if I have a waist. See the way the heels of the boots are shaped? From the back they look like stiletto heels.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: The last outfit with my red bow top which I love. Seen here before on King’s Day 2018. (I actually have even more tops with these boots, like for instance my yellow jumper. Really anything goes.

Skinny jeans and leopard ankle boots

Below: Kitty and me again, before her son asked: “Do you also want your legs in the picture?” YES PLEASE, we yelled.

Kitty and Greetje

What happened in my life this week

Busy week. Friday evening we went out for dinner with our friends Marla and Georg. Always a nice evening. The food was good, the company was excellent. Test run for dining out with braces which went very well. I allow myself another 1 or 2 hours on such a day. Otherwise I stick to not wearing my braces for a maximum of 2 hours a day.

Saturday: As it poured with rain that morning I did all sorts of indoor things and in the afternoon, when it was dry, I cycled downtown. Did my shopping and Ron joined me for a cappuccino in a restaurant. Nice, I love coffees in restaurants with my love. Even took the braces out for half an hour. In the evening dinner with the neighbours. Again excellent company and great food. All our friends can cook like chefs. Don’t ever put me in the kitchen.

Sunday was the day of the photo shoot with Kitty, see above. And household chores.

Monday/Tuesday, uneventful. Although we did have some laughs. The purpose of one of our team meetings is looking back at the past fortnight. We put our individual answers to the four questions you see below on post-its and stick them in the appropriate square. There were a lot of things which had made me happy so I put all my post-it notes in that square. But one. The last one landed in the righthand corner (What did you long for?) saying: SEX. Always good for a group laugh. Office humour perhaps but we had fun.

Wednesday: another shoot with Kitty. You will hear about it next week. When I came home, Ron had news from the vet hospital. Charlie is very ill. We will hear more next week, but she probably won’t live much longer. As you can imagine we are so very sad. The title of this part of my blog means I share these things with you. You get the good and the bad. But please don’t say anything in your comments about this as it will only make me cry.

Thursday: work and a company outing. Our department went out for dinner which was fun as always.


No Fear of Fashion


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