Long black and white jacket by Mart VisserDuring the Mart Visser sample sale, I not only scored a blazer but also a long black and white jacket. I never know when to call it a jacket and when a blazer. Because of its length I would call this a jacket. Do you agree?

In the photo above I have cuffed the sleeves just above my elbow revealing the reverse fabric: white dots on a black background.

Kitty (Kitty Hieltjes Photography) met me at my seamstress’ as I suddenly thought of my seamstress’ large walled garden as a background for our shoot. I adore walled gardens; they are mysterious to me.

Below: Even behind some walls there is a great view, like a church. (Trying a pose here.)
There are a lot of wind chimes (mobiles?) in the garden, making a lovely sound. I am wearing the jacket with only the middle clip fastened in this photo.

Long black and white jacket by Mart Visser

Below: I decided to do up one more fastening. As you can see in the photos above and below, I am wearing a black top with long sleeves underneath to match the trousers. The sleeves of the jacket are turned down here, not revealing the white dotted facing as in the first photo (unless you look up my sleeve LOL).

Long black and white jacket by Mart Visser

Below: I was trying to get the rabbit to come out, but he or she didn’t show itself.
Outfit details: I was wearing my leather jogging trousers from LAB Women’s Clothing. I bought them years ago, but like most things I buy there, they last a long time. My combat boots (also from LAB Women’s Clothing) are proving to be real staples.

Long black and white jacket by Mart Visser

Below: I find this photo a bit strange; Kitty took it with the flash. Anyway, it does show you my new red earrings very well. They are a gift from Marcella of Lara Design and almost identical to my green ones. They are statement yet classic earrings. I love them. The brooch is an old one from Essentiel Antwerp.

Long black and white jacket by Mart Visser

Below: Walking in my long black coat with the lovely wall behind me. That coat is about the best purchase this winter. The red tote is from Midlifechic.

Long black Salvatore Ferragamo coat

Below: Kitty. No idea what she was looking at, but there was enough to see.

Kitty in the garden

The shoot was done in 15 minutes or so but we stayed a couple of hours, having coffee and tea and chatting with my lovely seamstress.

What happened in my life this week

Remember, it is lockdown in the Netherlands, so not a lot is happening in my life. The thing is, I cannot remember anything. Saturday for instance…what did I do on Saturday??? Oh…that was New Year’s day. I did nothing.

No, no, no, not true. Saturday, my darling husband and I went out on a photo shoot, because it was dry and the temperature was high. Ideal weather to test my new camera. It performed magically. The only thing we have to improve on, is taking a close-up of my face with earrings. Because of the settings, it takes my face sharp and my earrings blurry, like when you use the Portrait mode on an iPhone. But that can be helped. Just a matter of settings and learning. The photos were really sharp. No frustrated husband anymore YAY.

Sunday I visited mum of course. I thought I’d show you another photo of her. She is complaining now that the setting is always on the sofa. Which isn’t true. She is wearing jeans in the photo below. And a blue top again haha, but a different one this time.


Monday was tedious, but I did do my exercises and my knee was improving. Little things to be grateful for. In the afternoon neighbour Monique came for a cup of coffee and to ask Ron to hang up her ball of lights as it had been blown off.

Tuesday. Bad, bad day. I woke up feeling really miserable, having an upset stomach (or belly) and a severe headache. I held onto my promise to the doctor not to take any painkillers but caved after 4 hours in agony. Half an hour later I was so much better. Only that Tuesday my knee decided to go wonky again. In pain again. Darn it.

Wednesday. Not ill anymore, not at all even; fit as a fiddle. My knee was pretty cooperative too.
I had the intake appointment with the eye doctor for the cataract operation. She explained the possibilities and the risks. Next move is getting new multi-focal contact lenses, so I can try and see whether my brain can handle that. It would be the best solution to avoid using reading glasses all the time, but as my brain isn’t that smart, I’d better try it before the operation. Nothing further exciting to report. What was nice, was the Facetime conversation I had in the evening with Susan of Une femme d’un certain âge. We always have a good laugh too.

I am practicing French with the DuoLingo app as we want to live in Paris for a month, either this April or next year, depending on knee and Covid. A friend of ours wants to look after Watson for that period and she is very good with dogs. Just need someone to house-sit and feed the cat. Already have somebody in mind, but as things are still very uncertain, we are not making any real arrangements yet. Exciting prospect though. I learned French for 5 years at secondary school and I still cannot strike up a conversation. I started DuoLingo at the lowest level, so I can now say: “There is a cow in the garden”…”Il y a une vache dans le jardin”. Very helpful, I’m sure.

Thursday my physiotherapist tried to ease the pain in my knee, which didn’t work. After that I went to visit Marianne, all dressed up for a change. (Notice the cute pink and red bag; link to original post where I am wearing higher heeled white boots.)

At Marianne's

Below: And here is Marianne herself. Always dressed to the nines, always cheerful. A joy to visit. We tried two other jumpers on this skirt, a bright blue one and a red one; both looked good too. The cat behind her blends in nicely.

Marianne herself

Friday Ron and I were helping Nicky (bonus daughter) and her husband in their new house (to be) with suppliers who had to measure things in the house and give a quote. Some work needed to be done to the stairs before the measuring could take place. The steps needed to be squeaky clean to be able to do the measuring. So the boys started right away (see below). The supplier came exactly the second the stairs were clean. I couldn’t do very much but the fact I was there to help if suppliers all came at the same time (and they did), was enough to bring calmness.

The boys at work

So, it wasn’t a busy week; if anything, a painful week. On Friday my knee was a lot better but I don’t dare getting excited yet. When the knee is continuously better for a week I will start hoping.


No Fear of Fashion


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