Black and white blazer Mart VisserSometimes you get lucky, like with this black and white blazer by Mart Visser. For those who don’t know, Mart Visser is a well-known couturier from the Netherlands with a side collection of ready-to-wear. My Instagram friend Janna of and I visited a sample sale in his showroom. And that is where I found this blazer for a bargain price. I like the elegance of the design and the craftmanship. When you put it on, you immediately feel it is well-made.

As Kitty was pretty busy, I asked Ron to be my photographer again and he took me to Amsterdam. That was really nice as it gives me the opportunity to show you a different town than Haarlem.

Below: We parked underneath the town hall which has this amazing statue rising from the floor.

Statue at the town hall of Amsterdam

Below: Walking towards the centre there are numerous canals and drawbridges. The weather was grey which is a shame; just goes to show that the Netherlands in the winter is mostly grey.


Below: Passing the Amstel. I did want to show you a photo but boy oh boy, it does look a lot better when the sun is out.


Below: In the Staalstraat we saw this pretty window and were wondering to what they had attached the red Christmas balls to. When we looked closer we discovered it is a bicycle. It is the window of a hairdressers by the way.


Below: We were near the ‘Oudemanhuispoort’. In the passage behind me are usually book stalls but they were closed (which never happens). If you want to see really nice photos of it, click here. Only the text is in Dutch so most of you can only look at the pictures.
I am wearing my Salvatore Ferragamo second-hand coat, which I wore two posts ago without the belt. It is equally nice belted.

long black coat Salvatore Ferragamo

Below: From the Oudemanhuispoort you can step into this courtyard of the University of Amsterdam. Again, the link to Oudemanhuispoort shows you nicer photos.


Below: Walking up to one of the grand doors of the building. The first photo of this post was taken with these doors as background.

Black and white blazer Mart Visser

Below: Even though it isn’t sunny, I think this photo is really nice.


Below: It pays off to look up when you are in a city. Elaborately ornamented buildings.


Below: Another pretty building.
(Once you are finished admiring the building, look in the righthand corner and then look at the photo below it.)


Below: On the posts, protecting the pedestrians from the cars, two saddles were mounted LOL.


Below: The red brick of the building is a good background for my blonde hair. I am wearing black snakeskin print pumps from EIJK Amsterdam.

Black and white blazer Mart Visser

Below: Close-up of the pumps by EIJK Amsterdam.

Eijk Amsterdam pumps

Ron complained that the outfit was rather dark, the weather was dark and the backgrounds so far were dark too. He wanted to see some colour.

Below: His wish immediately was fulfilled. A beautifully decorated bicycle in front of a tattoo shop. I will admit that the teal green with the black and white is rather subdued, not my usual style. The trousers are from the Max Mara outlet in Turin. (Link to first post with these trousers.)

Black and white blazer Mart Visser

Below: I had also chosen these new earrings I got from Marcella of Lara Design for the ‘work’ I did for her. Next time I will wear different earrings with this outfit as I think the chain is fighting with the lapels of the jacket. They will be nicer with for instance, my boat neck orange jumper.

Black earrings by Lara Design

As you can see in the photo above, the black ball is round. The photo below shows you there is a little gold-plated bead which acts as a stopper. You can slide it on and off the chain and the higher you push it up the chain, the longer the chain will be at the back of your ear and the shorter it will be at the front. This way you can play with the length. For fun Marcella had also added one bead above the black ball. You can choose from many colours and use it on just one earring or on both.

Black chain earrings by Lara Design

Below: Here is a close-up. The gold-plated bead (stopper) is behind my earlobe.

Black chain earrings by Lara Design

Below: This is a fun little alley with a nice restaurant (Zeppos café), and very colourful. However, Ron had accidently touched something on the camera and it changed settings. The photo turned out very dark with odd colours.

Black and white blazer Mart Visser

Below: They did have chairs for me to do the ‘sitting’ pose LOL.

Black and white blazer Mart Visser

Below: Trust the camera to be working better as Ron took this photo of me, trying to pull my top down a bit.

Black and white blazer Mart Visser

Below: We had lunch and Ron wanted to take a photo through the window of the restaurant with me standing in front of the shop across the road. This shop sells all sort of delicious food. I stood quite a while in front of the wrong shop window, not hearing my phone ringing (Ron). Then when it dawned on me, I walked to the right window, only to ‘look like a surprised rabbit’ Ron said afterwards haha.

long black coat Salvatore Ferragamo

Anyhow, I still think the photos made for a nice post.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday we knew the country was going into serious lock-down the next morning for (at least) 4 weeks. I phoned the hairdresser to advance my appointment to that Saturday. Usually this is impossible, they are always fully booked. But because I wasn’t the only one with this wish, all the hairdressers came to work that day, even when they were on holiday. And my hairdresser Inge also came and cut my hair, on her day off, no less. Saved.

In the early evening our neighbour Annelies treated Kitty and me at Kitty’s place. We had French cheeses, pear, nuts, grapes, trout mousse, bread, soup and perhaps more. Below Annelies on the left and Kitty on the right. It was a thank-you meal for styling her and taking photos back in September.

Annelies and Kitty

We also had something we had never eaten before: Yacon, apple carrot is the simple name. It is very juicy, sweet but not very sweet and a lovely snack. Ron was already to bed when I came home.


Sunday I visited mum, wearing this outfit below. Not the best photo and not the best outfit with my blue top (link to original post with the blue top). My styling is not always a success. I didn’t take a photo of mum as she was wearing one of her blue jumpers again. I told her I couldn’t show that jumper on repeat. You might think she only has 4 jumpers. And she has soooo many more. LOL

Outfit Sunday

Monday my friend and former neighbour Anja visited me (see below). She has moved to Spain and was in the Netherlands with her husband for a couple of weeks. Disastrously she caught the Covid virus, despite her two vaccinations. As she arrived in the Netherlands, she had to go straight into quarantine for a week. Fortunately she wasn’t very ill and Monday she was negative for 3 days in a row. She got the all-clear and we had a lovely couple of hours. Bummer of course that we are now in lock-down. It wasn’t a problem for us to see each other and we kept our distance.

Anja and me

When Watson came back from his walk, he stormed into the living room when he heard Anja’s voice and jumped onto her lap. Clearly he remembers her; she is that sod that always allows him anything haha.
Below a photo of the two of them in a quiet moment. Most of the times he is all over her, trying to lick her face which he is absolutely not allowed, yuck. If you click through to Anja’s Instagram post, and swipe to the left, you will see two photos of Watson misbehaving on her lap.

Anja and Watson

Tuesday Marcella and I created two little videos and discussed a few Instagram possibilities. We hadn’t done any videos for a few weeks and I had nearly forgotten how to create one. I had to Google a lot and found out that Instagram had changed their algorithm strategy. They are favouring videos over photos from now on; they want to go from a photo app to a video app, competing with TikTok. Rats !!!
Below a bit too close up, but this is one of Marcella’s ear party designs. A set suitable for someone with multiple piercings.

Ear party Lara Design

That day I also made a briefing for my bonus daughter in case I die. She wants to know my wishes for my funeral and whom she has to inform. Not the nicest task but of course she is right. Got it on paper now.

Wednesday I picked up my new trousers from the seamstress who had widened the waistband. Her walled garden was perfect as background for a photo shoot, so I asked Kitty to meet me there. Apart from the shoot, the three of us also had a very cosy and pleasant afternoon chatting and drinking tea and coffee.
In the evening I watched two episodes of Emily in Paris. Totally over the top, no reality at all, but lovely to watch and enjoy. No violence, no thrill.

Thursday Famke of next-door came to teach me about Instagram videos. You need a teenager for these things. She has didactic skills so it only took her about 50 minutes and I had the answers to my questions. In the afternoon I want back to the seamstress to pick up the trousers as I had forgotten to take them home the day before. That’s what you get when you just babble on.
I had a cappuccino with Karlijn in her shop (at the back) where she is assembling orders that come through on Instagram and her website. A lot of clients pick up the clothes at the door, but she is also cycling through town to deliver the orders. I picked up one order which was pretty far away and brought it for her by car. Merry Christmas.

Friday I had to take my ‘One-Eyed Jack lenses’ back to the shop as my brain just couldn’t grasp it. After 8 days it was still bad, so I packed it in. If everything goes as planned I should get my money back. Fingers crossed.
In the afternoon I had an appointment with the camera man but when I arrived at his shop, it was closed. Perhaps something happened; he didn’t have my phone number. We’ll see next week.
Our neighbours and friends Froukje and Petro came for drinks and dinner and we had a wonderful time.

I so hope you will have had a great Christmas time. If not, do not despair and think of Annie:
“The sun’ll come out tomorrow
Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow
There’ll be sun”


No Fear of Fashion


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