Bright pink blazerLet me start by saying Happy New Year and may 2022 make you happy indeed. To bring in the new year with colour, here is some pink; not pale pink or blush pink but in-your-face pink as with this bright pink blazer. If you have a very good memory and have been reading every single post (nobody does that, right?) you will have seen this blazer make its first appearance on the blog combined with leopard print trousers. I bought the blazer at kpa.haarlem two years ago.

In this post I combined,my blue leggings and a blue dotted top to compliment the jacket. The white boots bookend the white earrings (by Lara Design), which means I have three colours in this outfit: pink, blue and white. Just the way I like it. Only two colours often make an outfit a bit boring (with some exceptions of course). Sylvia of 40PlusStyle taught me this and I fully agree.

Loes did me the honour of taking photos. It was really foggy that day and she said: “I don’t understand… even your face is foggy”. It took me a while before I realised that the camera feature ‘focus’ had moved from Auto Focus to Manual Focus haha. That was easily corrected.

Below: The haze you see on the right, was really there. I wore the best coat I have ever bought. This parka by Annette Görtz is so good. It can withstand rain, it is warm, the sleeves are wide enough to allow bulky sweaters and it is long enough to wear a blazer underneath it. Brilliant. It might not be a stunning look, but I can wear it and look good. The scarf and the bag are from the Max Mara outlet in Halfweg.

Black winter coat

Below: The same coat but downgraded haha. This is how I look when I go cycling three times a week. Leg warmers around my wrists to stop the wind blowing up my sleeves; the yellow scarf to secure the hood and gloves of course. There is always wind when you are cycling, it often rains and the temperatures can be around freezing.

cycling outfit

Below: While Loes was across the street taking my photos, a man with a helmet on a scooter passed and strained his neck looking at me. The expression on his face was so funny. It was obvious he was wondering why the hell I was being photographed LOL.

Black winter coat and me laughing

Below: We found a carport to shelter from the damp and I tried a ‘cute pose’.

Bright pink blazer

Below: Loes has a new coat and scarf. Snuggly warm for winter.

Below: White earrings from Lara Design. I chose these for the colour but also because the top has dots as well.

Bright pink blazer

Below: Though my knee is completely on the blink again (see further down), I managed to hoist myself up this post. My beloved coat is protecting my behind from the wet, dirty stone.

Bright pink blazer

Below: I even tried another pose, which I thought would look relaxed. Not so, I am afraid LOL.

Bright pink blazer

The photo shoot didn’t take long and as soon as we could we fled the damp and headed home. Sorry, no beautiful buildings this time.

Below: Loes having a cup of tea. She is getting better and better at posing.


What happened in my life this week

There was Christmas of course. We spent a day at my mum’s, together with my brother and sister-in-law. The four of us did a Covid test before going. I had a smashing outfit, even if I say so myself. As soon as the weather is improving I will have it photographed for you. It deserves its own post.
We don’t give each other presents at Christmas, but my SIL had bought us all little presents anyway. And they were very nice, like I got a favourite magazine and mascara. It was sweet of her and they were all nicely wrapped. Ron had cooked boeuf bourguignon which was terrific, as was dessert. For starters we had carpaccio and that never fails.

Second Christmas Day (which is what we call the 26th of December) we went to my bonus daughter and her husband. They had cooked and it was delicious. It is so fantastic having people you love to go to on these days. I realise I am a very lucky woman.

I will show you what I wore on that Sunday as I was very pleased with my own styling.
Below: my wide blue skirt with blue dots, my black blouse with blue stars (Vivienne Westwood), cream boots, black and white belt with green glass beads and green earrings. Oh, and the cross-body bag by Dries van Noten worn as evening bag.

Christmas outfit

Below: Details of the outfit in a close-up. The green glass beads on the belt are at the side. It was designed this way and quite convenient as the ‘bow’ of the blouse would otherwise hide it.

Details Christmas outfit

Below: You can see the blue glittery stars in the black blouse better in this photo. I am looking up in love to my husband.

Christmas dinner

On Monday Loes and I had the photo shoot for this post.

Tuesday was Nicky’s birthday and we went back to their place again. After all she cannot help it that her parents were bad at birth planning. We had sushi for dinner. Yummy.

Below: That day the harmonica which I had ordered as a present for Ron finally arrived. Happy husband.

Ron playing his harmonica

Wednesday I was supposed to go to the eye clinic but they postponed my appointment as there were a lot of people ill at the clinic. In the afternoon I went to my camera man to ask him why some photos were so blurry with my camera. Long story short: I got a new camera. Not because he pushed the sales (quite the contrary) but because this new camera can focus on faces and eyes much better and I want that. Ron always asks me why I want sharp photos as he says: “It will only show your wrinkles better”. LOL
The new camera took rather a big chunk out of my savings. And being a pensioner, there is no money going back into it. I will end up a poor beggar.

Ah and the knee…I nearly forgot. A week ago I was just walking when all of a sudden I had to limp because of pain in my left knee. And it didn’t get any better, so I booked an appointment with my doctor. She said that because of the osteoporosis in my left knee, sometimes a wobbly bit inside the knee can change position when you make a certain move. When that wobbly bit is pressing against the meniscus, you are in pain. But just as easily as it came, it can go back again. No, that is a bit of a lie; going back won’t be suddenly. Anyway, after a week of pain it is slightly getting better and I got painkillers which are also meant to prevent inflammation. Let’s see how this develops. Going up and down the stairs is still a challenge.

Friday, the 31st of December we call ‘Old year’s day’. I stopped by at kpa.haarlem to give Karlijn my best wishes for the new year and to wish her a lovely holiday.
I had a bit of a panic when I tried to convert photos from my new camera to my computer. After I plugged in the little USB cable, my computer went complete dead. Couldn’t get it working again. My IT guy gave me some tips for a restart…nothing. Dead as a doornail. I phoned the camera man to ask whether I perhaps had plugged in the cable the wrong way; had he ever experienced this before? Then all of a sudden there was life in the computer again. It turned out that Ron had switched off the power without warning me…Pffffff

In the afternoon we went to our friends Georg and Marla to spend the last evening of this year. They are very good cooks and baked the traditional ‘oliebollen’ and ‘appelflappen’. Yummy. As always we had a good time.

Below: A bowl filled with ‘oliebollen’ (deep-fried doughnuts).


Below: And a bowl with ‘appelflappen’ (apple turnovers).


Let’s make 2022 a positive year.


No Fear of Fashion


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