Lime yellow dress on holidayFinally the holiday post, wearing a lime yellow dress which I bought in Spain. This kaftan inspired dress is airy and light-weight, really necessary as it was hot in Spain (31 degrees C).

Where shall I start? Hmm…let me start by introducing the girlfriends I went on holiday with. You have often seen them featured on the blog.
Little warning, all photos were taken with an iPhone as I didn’t want to lug my expensive and heavy camera with me. It means that the quality and the colours of the photos are not as good as I want them to be.

Below: Marijke, always cheerful, usually wearing a dress, which suits her perfectly.


Below: Marianne. Always stylish.


Below: Jilske. She can be quite the glamour puss. Jilske travels with a carry-on suitcase, while the rest of us do our backs in with great big suitcases. We are always amazed about the amount of clothes Jilske is able to pull out of that small suitcase.


Below: Happy Claudia, the youngest and fittest of us all. She gives sport massages and fitness trainings, which means she has a very toned body. This dress looks so good on her.


Below: And last, me with my cream coloured dress (see original post). The bag and shoes are blue, not black as this photo suggests. We took a lot of photos with this door or the corridor as background, because the light was best in this spot.

In a cream coloured COS dress

We were missing our 6th girlfriend Marianna, who decided not to come with us for reasons we fully understand.

Below: Beautiful, colourful earrings by Lara Design.

Colourful earrings by Lara Design

Below: While I was trying to get my hair decent again, Jilske photographed me.

hair that looks as if it exploded

Below: This photo is even worse.

Me with exploded hair

We dined out every evening and found Spain to be so budget friendly.

Below: Walking down the boulevard along the beach to the next restaurant for dinner. From left to right, Marianne, Marijke, Jilske and Claudia.

Group of girlfriends on holiday

Below: As we were walking down the boulevard one evening, I saw this girl being photographed by two men. She is probably an influencer? Anyway, I decided to photobomb her. Luckily she thought it was funny.

Me and an influencer

Below: Jilske and Claudia choosing their dinner. Jilske borrowed my colourful earrings.

Jilske and Claudia

Below: Lunch at the beach. You see me with a multi-coloured shirt and Marianne in a blue top across from me.

Lunch at La Siesta

Below: Drinks and lunch on another day.

Group of girlfriends on holiday

Below: We also took crazy or fun photos but they are for the holiday photo album I created for all of us. One of those fun photos is this one below.
The situation: Jilske ordered dessert but she wasn’t sure she’d like it. Claudia and I offered to taste it for her and managed to munch half of it in seconds in a most inelegant manner. We approved, it was delicious haha.

Claudia and I eating Jilske's dessert

Below: Marijke and me on our way to dinner. Maxi dresses and slippers are perfect for hot weather.

Marijke and me

We had arranged to visit my friend Anja, who used to live in my street before she moved to Spain. Her house is only a 45 minutes’ drive from our holiday place. Claudia decided not to join but to have a little me-time. She went paddle boarding.

Below: Portrait of us, taken by Anja’s husband Frits.
From left to right, Marijke, Anja, me and Jilske. Marianne is sitting in front of us.

Group of girlfriends on holiday visiting Anja

Anja is a very colourful woman and her house expresses this.

Below: Anja at the outside dining area in Mexican-Anja style.


Below: Anja is a big fan of Frida Kahlo, religious stuff, plastic dolls etc and she creates her own art.

Lime yellow dress on holiday

The interior and exterior decoration of the place is totally her doing. She came up with most things in the Netherlands and lead the renovation of the house from the Netherlands from March to August 2020. An amazing job. I will show you both bathrooms which I think are sooo good.

Below: The pink bathroom for guests.

Anja's house bathroom 2

Below: The sliding doors of the bathroom have the same wallpaper as the wall on that side.

Anja's house bathroom 2

Below: The master bathroom (shower part).

Anja's house bathroom 1

Below: Other side of the master bathroom with the bath and fish wallpaper. The wall has round corners.

Anja's house bathroom 1

I could have shown you so much more, like their golden toilet and blue with white swimming pool. She really created her dream house.

Below: How about this lounge area outside?

Lime yellow dress on holiday

Below: The house came with a big wrap-around garden complete with fruit trees. The first photo of this post was taken among their fruit trees.

Lime yellow dress on holiday

Below: The lounge area is a very relaxing spot. (Gold plated ‘paperclip’ earrings by Lara Design.)

Lime yellow dress on holiday

Below: Don’t ask me what I was doing here. I was just goofing around. I didn’t actually pinch her bottom.

Lime yellow dress on holiday

Did you get a good impression of our holiday together? I hope you did and that you enjoyed this post.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday I finished creating the photo album for my friends with all the holiday photos. They will be pleased.

Holiday photo album

In the afternoon Ron and I popped over to Amsterdam.
Below: I took a quick selfie although my hair badly needed a wash. I should have washed it before the cataract operation as you have to wait three days before you are allowed to wash your hair. Terrible photo haha.

Selfie in Amsterdam

Below: I’d better show you Amsterdam without my selfie.


Sunday I visited mum. Although she is disappointed that the wound on her heel hasn’t healed yet, she was in a good mood. Mum expected to be walking around within one or two weeks after her operation. Unfortunately it takes more time. I can understand her impatience, but we are slowly getting there.

Someone had picked her up that morning by car and took her through all the lanes of the supermarket in a wheelchair. Mum hates to be in a wheelchair but loved the supermarket visit. It had been so long since she was there. She is losing weight as she doesn’t eat much and stopped snacking and eating sweets.

Below: Mum, looking cheerful after the supermarket visit.


Monday I saw Anja again. She is in the Netherlands, taking care of her 93-old dad, in order to let her brother and his wife go on holiday. We met half-way in Rotterdam and went straight for a coffee.

Below: Now that I am not wearing bi-focal contact lenses anymore I have to use reading glasses. These are my old prescription ones, but the strength isn’t right anymore. Doesn’t look too bad, they hide my no-make-up eyes a bit haha.
(Link to original post with this shirt; haven’t got the white trousers I wore with it anymore as they became too tight.)

Reading glasses on

Below: Fortunately Anja had packed a (Frida Kahlo) raincoat as it was pretty wet in Rotterdam. Just in time I checked the weather app and changed outfits before I left for the train to Rotterdam.

Anja in Rotterdam

Below: I had the chance to use my new raincoat. Perfect with the hood. I am wearing white porcelain earrings which I had just bought in the shop behind me. No make-up.

Me in Rotterdam

Below: Close-up of my new porcelain earrings. They look a bit rumpled which fits my face hahaha. They are handmade and sold by How about that? I strayed from Lara Design.

white porcelain earrings

Tuesday Ron and I had lunch at the beach even though the temperature was still around 18/19 degrees Celsius. I am happiest when it is 21/22 degrees C.

Below: At the beach with dog Watson under my feet, chasing sparrows. One sparrow was so cheeky that he robbed my last bite in flight.

At the beach

Below: In the evening Marcella of Lara Design and I had drinks on a terrace in Haarlem. The joy of retired life. I am wearing my antique haori with black cigarette trousers (link to original post). We are about the same height but I am leaning against a table.

Marcella and me

Wednesday my friend Yvonne came over for coffee in our garden. We both want to lose a little weight before things get out of hand, so no cakes and no cookies. Just coffee and water. Forgot to take a photo.

In the afternoon I dyed my roots, just on the parting and washed my hair. A hazardous thing when you don’t want anything to stream into your eye. I made it.

Thursday my operated eye was checked and approved 100%. YAY
As my eyes will need time to adjust, I am not going to buy prescription reading glasses for a while but I do need them. So I had bought cheap reading glasses of +3. That was a mistake; they made me nauseous. Turned out I only needed +1. No wonder.
The rest of the day I read and I blogged and in the evening Ron and I went out to dinner with our friends Georg and Marla to restaurant Moustique in Haarlem. Excellent food, really special.
Lunches, coffee, dinners…It is virtually impossible to keep my weight down to the level I am comfortable with. But of course it was very “gezellig” (best Dutch word).

Dinner with Georg and Marla

Friday I was an hour too early for my pedicure appointment…a quarter to 12 is 11.45, not 10.45. Pfff…
I went back home and returned an hour later. After that I drove to Leiden to visit my friend Katrien and we spent a nice afternoon visiting an exhibition and sitting on a terrace. Katrien took many photos for another blogpost. I am going to make it with blog photos until I can put make-up on my eyes again.

Have a lovely week.


No Fear of Fashion




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