Long black and cream dressNeeding some more photos for blog posts, I asked my friend Ayen whether she’d mind taking pictures when I visited her. She didn’t mind at all; she was even enthusiastic about the prospect, so I chose this long black and cream dress to wear. It is a Spain holiday trophy and versatile to style.

Below: Ayen, my photographer of the day. We were colleagues for only 2 months back in 1986 I think and stayed friends ever since. She is now an animal communicator. For the Dutch, I will give you the link to her site. She is really good.


Below: The first thing we did, was inspecting her new apartment which is being renovated at the moment.

Apartment renovation

The first photo, at the top of this post is a beauty in my opinion. The contrast between the building site and the classy dress creates a lovely juxtaposition.

Below: Her apartment looks out on to a big communal garden with lots of trees. Ayen seized the opportunity to photograph the back of the dress and the stiletto heels. Those pumps are ancient. Very expensive at the time (brand Sergio Rossi) and they are totally my taste. I love such shoes, even though I haven’t got the life for it anymore.

Long black and cream dress

Below: Ayen knew a church which she thought would be great as background for the photos and she was right.
Black with white/cream is a colour combination just begging to be brightened up with a vibrant colour. In this case I used a modern necklace which Sylvia of 40+Style once gave me as a present. To make the neckline wider to suit the necklace, I folded the fabric at the collar (the exposed lining is a lovely black and cream stripe) and secured it with safety pins.

Long black and cream dress

Below: Close-up of the necklace. When I am wearing a statement necklace, I will always go demure with the earrings. I don’t want them to fight for attention.

Long black and cream dress

Below: Close-up of the pumps and the puffer bag. The puffer bag is not leather and ever so handy, apart from when you need something from the bag; it is like searching in a duvet.
Those are HEELS my friends, wouldn’t you say? And I can actually walk in them quite well. Only our pavements and streets aren’t suited for such heels.

Black bag and black stiletto pumps

Below: Around the church is a lovely garden.

flowers at the church

Below: As I was posing for this photo, some people photobombed behind me. They have now been turned into flowers and bushes.

Long black and cream dress

Below: It was difficult to photograph the whole of the church tower as there were many trees around it, blocking the view.


Below: Lovely little detail on the roof.

Roof church

Below: The head-to-toe shot of Ayen near a memorial statue.


Below: The same dress, this time without the belt and with comfortable puffer slippers. There is a theme going on here, folks. The slippers also came with me from Spain.

Long black and cream dress

Below: I changed the earrings. They are corrugated cardboard and they hang from the little stud earrings I am wearing  above. The neckline is back to its original state with the striped lining on the inside.

Long black and cream dress with yellow cardboard earrings

Below: There were some lovely houses around the church.

Pretty house

Below: Perfect background. ‘Hands-in-pockets’ pose, something my photographer Kitty always forbids haha.

Long black and cream dress

Below: It’s an old area.


Below: I could have washed my feet, but I didn’t try the pump to see whether it still works.

Long black and cream dress

That concludes this black and cream dress part. I prefer the dress with a belt, perhaps even with another, leather, belt but worn loose it is perfect for hot weather.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was a busy day and started with coffee on a terrace with my friend Janneke. If you are a loyal reader of my posts, you will know by now that I drink a lot of coffee (mostly cappuccinos) and I sit in restaurants and on terraces a lot. I lead a very privileged life and I know it.

Below: Horrible selfie of Janneke and me haha. I used to work with Janneke and we became friends. A very intelligent and warm-hearted woman.

Janneke and me

At noon I rushed off on my bike as Ron and his friends were waiting with lunch at the allotment garden. Ron had fetched herring for everybody (we were with 8 people). The herring is very fresh at the moment and he brought shrimps for me as I am not that keen on herring.

Sunday Ron and I visited mum who is gradually feeling better. She was even wearing shoes again. A friend of her had arranged for a wheelchair. I could persuade mum to let me take her to the village’s market square and have an ice cream in the sun. It was quite an outing for her. She hates sitting in a wheelchair but it does give her more possibilities.
She is doing small exercises to get her muscles back to a level that she can walk for more than 200 meters herself.
Below: Mum and her iPad. She plays WordFeud on it with me and several friends, she can email and save photos she receives by email and she is on Facebook. Not bad for an almost 94 year old woman, right?


That Sunday Marcella of Lara Design popped by to give me two repaired sets of earrings. I had dropped them two weeks ago and they had broken. Glass on tiles and mother of pearl on the street…they don’t survive. Marcella had added an extra pair of earrings as a gift. So sweet.

Monday was a day of vacuum cleaning, ironing, changing the bedlinen and fitness exercises. When I woke up on Tuesday I felt my operated eye for the first time. Did I overdo it? The leaflet says I am allowed to do very little for the first 14 days.
In the afternoon I drove to the town of Alkmaar which is a beautiful, historic town.

Below: Historic building. I created a blog post in January 2020 using this building as background.

historic building in Alkmaar

Below: Drawbridge across a canal.

drawbridge in Alkmaar

Below: The big church in the middle of the market square. Alkmaar is well-known for its cheese trade. Other posts I did in Alkmaar are this one and this one, showing you more of this beautiful town and its little streets.

Church in Alkmaar

Below: The shop Vintage No 5 was my destination and I scored two tops and a pair of white jeans. The owner is a very nice woman who took this photo. I am wearing my white cherry print dress over black 3/4 cigarette trousers.

vintage shopping in Alkmaar

Because I felt my operated eye, I kept really quiet on Tuesday. In the morning I facetimed with my friend Nicoline instead of meeting her as she caught the Covid virus. It doesn’t make her ill but she did lose her sense of smell and taste, poor thing.

In the afternoon I drove to the cobbler to bring Katrien’s vegan leather boots. I had offered Katrien to let my cobbler take a look at a spot of damage on them. Contrary to leather, damage isn’t easily repaired on vegan material but he is a third European Champion Cobbler; I have seen him work miracles.

As the cobbler is in the same town where Marianne lives, I paid her a visit.

Below: Marianne’s son took our photo and made us laugh.
I was wearing the outfit with which my blog logo is created, just with different shoes. Perhaps also with a different waist size? The artist who drew me at the time already gave me an impossibly thin waist anyway.

Marianne and me

Then, because I owe you another video, Marianne filmed me demonstrating walking in high heels. I searched on Google how to insert a YouTube video in the old (embedded) way and lo and behold…I did it!
I hate watching myself on video; that voice! The arrogance! Brrrr… and I notice the mistakes I make in English. Writing is much easier as you can edit the text several times and I also have a native speaking editor, Selina, for the finishing touches (or more).


Wednesday I kept quiet as well and didn’t do my exercises (my poor body). I am still helping Ron with his business and in that context I had a meeting with the administrator. Apparently I am doing a good bookkeeping job. It made me quite proud although that sounds a bit silly.

I picked up my dress at the seamstress who added two buttons and button holes to the dress. At the same time I brought her white jeans to take in, which I had bought second-hand on Monday (with the original shop tag still on them). I paid €80 for them which isn’t dead cheap. In Canada where my blogger friend Sheila (of Ephemera) lives, vintage clothes are much cheaper than in the Netherlands. Sheila’s clothes are 95% vintage which she combines with a crazy crush on Fluevog shoes and boots, which are eccentric and expensive. She has such good vintage finds and they all cost so little. I envy her for such abundance in vintage.

A quick stop at kpa.haarlem to buy Karlijn a cup of coffee and have a chat. That’s not easy as it is usually busy in her shop and customers come first of course.
Some gardening and blogging after that and another day was over.

Thursday I took mum to the hospital for a check. Good news: the wound is healing and will further heal. Bad news: we aren’t there yet. They changed the wound treatment and off we went again. I dropped mum off at the hairdressers and went home to wash my hair.

Friday. The day of operation eye number two. According to the surgeon everything went well. Kept really quiet the rest of the day.


No Fear of Fashion


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