Romantic dressDo you prefer wind-swept hair? Then you are in for a treat as that is what you’ll get with this photo shoot featuring my romantic dress. (It is cream, not white.)

I am still hoping summer will start as we haven’t had many warm days this year. So different from last year. Although any temperature over 24 C (75F) is too hot for me, the cloudy days we are experiencing now with 18 C (64F), isn’t summer. But there is hope. The weather forecast for the coming week is very good with high temperatures. Fingers crossed as nothing is as unpredictable as the weather.

Warm weather would be really nice as I’d love to wear this dress which I saw on Instagram and immediately fell in love with. I ordered it in size 38 (optimistic as I am) and in size 40 (my regular size – L). What a disappointment; even size 40 was far too tight in the waist, riding up to settle tightly under my breasts. As a size is only a number, I ordered 42 and that was a much better fit. On a Tuesday morning when the weather seemed to be quite reasonable and sunny, Ron was prepared to take photos. Not to deprive dog Watson from his usual run at the beach, I suggested to do the shoot there. Wind and sand…my favourites (NOT).

Below: We tried a spot in the dunes where there was hardly any wind and Ron suggested I’d take off my shoes. Talking to Watson in this photo.

Romantic dress

Below: Here is a better picture of him. That dog is adorable. He looks a lot slimmer and darker now that he has been trimmed. We can’t wait for his hair to grow again.


Below: We started at the beach with my shoes in the sand (see first photo above). In the photo below I found a small tile to stand on haha.

Romantic dress

Below: Soon enough Ron had me standing on sand again, underneath a building. It does make for a creative picture, I’ll grant him that.

Romantic dress

Below: Oh, I can sit down…that’s good. Only the wind got hold of my skirt and I had to make sure I stayed decent. Now you can see that the shoes are wedged.

Romantic dress

Below: All set, not too much wind.
Every top or dress I wear, pulls to one side at the neck and so does this dress. I have to keep that neckline in place with fashion tape.

Romantic dress

Below: Ron always wants to take photos with a bit of a creative edge (bless him), therefore the yellow surfboard rack was calling him.

Romantic dress

Below: Also a perfect spot for a close-up of the shoes. They are fabric, which means I get no blisters from these.

Blue fabric shoes

We headed for the terrace of Beach Inn restaurant for cappuccinos and lunch.

Below: Look at my husband’s gorgeous legs. I love his tanned, manly shaped legs.
(If you think ‘why is he wearing such a tattered pair of shorts and old sneakers?”, that is because this is his beach outfit; old enough not to care about sea water, dirt or sand.)

legs Ron

Below: On the terrace, taking a close-up of my necklace. My friend Anja made this one, years ago. It also went well with the outfit I wore on a boat trip through Amsterdam with Anne and Kirk. (Scroll down to see a head-to-toe photo and an even closer look at the necklace.)

Romantic dress

Below: I took a close-up of my bag from the side where the light was on the bag, so you could see the texture and complained to Ron about me taking such a dull photo.

Blue bag

Below: Ron put some food on the table to lure the sparrows. It is forbidden to feed the birds as the restaurant doesn’t want them to shxt all over the seats. This is hard to avoid anyway as there will always be crumbs to keep them interested in the terrace.
It does make for a better photo, but from this side you can’t see the texture.

Blue bag and birds

Below: Then husband and dog went for a proper walk along the seashore. By this time, the little bit of sunshine we had had, was replaced by clouds. Perfect weather for taking photos though.

Ron and Watson

A joyful morning.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was a happy day. It started with meeting my friend Sylvia of 40PlusStyle again. She sold her house in the Netherlands and is now living in Portugal. We decided to go to Amsterdam.

Below: Sylvia, looking magnificent. What a terrific suit she is wearing. I am sorry about the moiré effect of the pinstripes. I am not skilled enough (yet) with Photoshop to correct that.

Sylvia in Amsterdam

Below: I wore my Dries van Noten sweater which is very white in reality (see this post).
Having no idea of the shoes or sneakers to wear with this outfit, I asked Ron for help. “Your Converse sneakers!” he said immediately. Good one.

Me in Amsterdam in sweater Dries van Noten

Below: Sylvia quite rightly fell for this dress .

Sylvia trying on a dress

I bought a new pair of jeans, not as narrow as my skinnies. Although I still like my skinnies with a long top, I don’t really like to wear them anymore like I did this Saturday.

Sunday was a quiet day. I don’t recall doing anything.

Monday I took mum to the eye doctor in hospital for a check-up. I wanted to know what was wrong with her eyes and what was not. I got the right answers for which I am grateful. Nothing major to worry about.

Tuesday was the day of this outfit shoot and lunch at the beach.

Wednesday I dropped off another repaired sock at Marianne’s and stayed for a few hours. I had to rush to get home as I was expecting Katrien. Sure enough she was 15 minutes early and had to wait for me. Murphy’s Law. When you are not there your guests arrive early. When you are all ready and waiting, they come late.

Below: Katrien is always dressed in a unique and creative way. This day she had rather a spectacular coat on. A true conversation piece. Loved it. I forgot to take a photo of Katrien wearing it, but I do have a photo of the coat itself.

Coat Katrien

Below: I wore the ‘pretty in pink’ outfit which was just right for the weather. (Link to original post.)

pretty in pink

Katrien brought me the coat she is sewing for me, to try on. I love all her coats and now she is making one especially for me. Below you can see the fabric and the stage just before cutting. Not an easy job with all these squares which have to line up.

coat in the making

On Thursday Marcella and I created our fourth video for her Instagram account of Lara Design. We are getting a little better every time.

Below: Marcella at work.

Marcella at work

Friday was a bright and sunny day. Yay. Did some blogging, cycling, walked to town, that kind of stuff. Totally relaxing.
I stopped at kpa.haarlem to have a chat with Karlijn and we agreed to meet that evening and ‘talk shop’. I love to think along about their shops with Karlijn and Marcella, learning a lot at the same time. Of course the subjects (clothes and earrings) are what I am passionate about.


No Fear of Fashion

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