cream topSome people may think this cream top is silly, hiding the shape of my figure, but I find it artsy. The patterned trousers are great to wear because of the elastic waistband and I think they look more modern combined with this top.

The photos are all taken by my friend Marjolein whom I met at Café Loft in The Hague a couple of weeks ago. The weather was sort of OK that day, but not really warm. Usually Café Loft has a lot of seats on their terrace, but not this day. We got to take photos in peace and quiet.

Below: Marjolein. We didn’t agree to wear the same sort of outfit LOL; Marjolein just happened to be dressed in patterned trousers and a cream jacket. For shoes she chose her red sneakers. It gives a nice pop to the outfit but was also necessary as she broke her toe (again).


Below: Café Loft is situated in an old church and has all sorts of creative nooks and crannies.

Café Loft The Hague

Café Loft The Hague

After a very nice lunch and frothy cappuccinos we went upstairs to the mezzanine.

Below: Lovely view from up there.

Café Loft The Hague

Below: They have left the organ intact.

organ Café Loft The Hague

Below: Marjolein started to take photos of my outfit. I am wearing the perforated EIJK boots with this outfit.

cream top

Below: Soon we were goofing around. It is not easy keeping a laughing face for a long time, so this is me giving up on that.

cream top

Below: Marjolein joined in being silly as she was going down the stairs again.

Marjolein pulling a funny face

Below: This is a more charming photo.

Marjolein at Cafe Loft

Below: And another nice photo of her.

Marjolein at Cafe Loft

Below: Close-up of my bag from kpa.haarlem.

vegan tan bag

Below: We continued our photo shoot outside and I changed the boots for blue fabric espadrilles.

cream top

Below: Lovely photo. You can see that the shoes are wedged and that I definitely need to wear something underneath this cream top.

cream top

Below: Close-up of the Lara Design earrings. Golden button on my earlobe, a brown square underneath the button and a lime-coloured stingray leather drop (made from left-over material).


Below: This thin light green hoodie coat is second-hand.

soft green jacket

Below: The coat is just a bit too short for this top. Who cares?

soft green jacket

Below: I changed the blue fabric shoes for blue patent leather pumps, which I bought in Turin years ago. They are very comfortable to wear, only the stiletto heel is murder on uneven surface.

cream top

Below: The surroundings of Café Loft are nice and green.

cream top

A heck of a lot of photos of an outfit which is basically the same. My apologies if I have bored you. For Marjolein and me, this was fun.

I think all three shoes/boots are good with this outfit, it just depends on the occasion and the temperature.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday I facetimed with Lisa in London to see whether we could meet Susan of Une femme d’un certain âge at the end of October. The three of us met previously in London in 2019 (see this post) but this time it was harder to arrange (Covid, timing etc). We decided to leave it until spring.

Sunday my sister-in-law Anke celebrated her birthday. I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it as the Grand Prix was held in Zandvoort which is very near Haarlem. We expected traffic to be crazy with no possibility to leave or enter Haarlem. But it was so well organized that it was absolutely no problem.

Below: A strange, flared photo of Anke and me but a happy one. Anke joked that with my cream dress and her holding a bouquet, it was as if we were getting married haha.

Anke and me

Below: The weather was beautiful so the whole family sat in the garden. This is part of the family in a typical Dutch birthday circle.

Dutch birthday party 1

Below: As the Grand Prix race was about to finish, a few of us went inside to see who won. And it was the Dutch Max Verstappen. Everybody happy.

Dutch birthday party 2

Monday Ron and I visited mum. Below: Mum and me.

Mum and me and the farewell dress

Below: I was wearing this dress for the last time as it only comes out once a year and it is rather tight across the bosom. It is going to a new home. The colour of the dots varies depending on the light in the photograph.

Farewell dress

Tuesday Marcella of Lara Design came over and we created the weekly video for her Instagram. I fell in love with her earrings and bought them. Call me nuts, I don’t care.

Marcella of Lara Design

In the afternoon Kitty and I did a photo shoot and it was boiling hot. Ridiculous country, ridiculous weather. And I had to wear a jacket and boots…pffff…the life of a model isn’t easy. I immediately wore the new white earrings. They went so well with my outfit.

Wednesday I drove to my mum again. A welfare lady came to talk with mum about several entertaining possibilities and whether she wants to move or not. Anyway, it was a good talk and things are in the research phase.

Thursday I spent researching stuff for Karlijn’s shop kpa.haarlem. I have time enough, the subject is fashion and if I can help a nice person I am completely happy.

Friday Loes came round for a cup of coffee and to tell me all about her cruise in Norway. Loes loves traveling as much as I love clothes. The rest of the day was just running errands, getting new flowers and reading a magazine. Chill.

Below: The flowers I bought for the house. Easy peasy flower arrangement; just two types of flowers cut in different lengths.

Pink flowers

And another week is gone. How time flies.


No Fear of Fashion

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