Blue and white floral jacketFinally you get to see the blue and white floral jacket which I bought at Lionheart Vintage Boutique in Leiden. I was there about a month ago with my friend Katrien and told you that I bought something (second-hand) but you didn’t get to see it.

Today is the day it gets featured on the blog. The jacket is by Bandolera, a brand which went bankrupt in 2013. Somebody had sewn shoulder pads into the jacket, but when I took them out, it was very obvious they were never meant to be in the design. It fit much better without them. I have to be frank, husband Ron dislikes the jacket. Sometimes we are not on the same level as I quite like it, especially worn together with these wide leg white trousers. But oddly enough, I do get why he doesn’t like it.

Let’s move on. Kitty was my photographer again and we went to a park.

Below: A park with a gazebo. Isn’t it wonderful?

Gazebo in the park

Below: It also had a pond but that was hidden between plants and bushes.

pond in the park

Below: We first started with some belt variations on my blue skirt. A small yellow belt, combined with my blue, white and yellow shopper which I bought years ago at the Max Mara outlet in Turin. A lovely bag. Perhaps it is rather matchy matchy, but I like that.

Blue skirt with small yellow belt

Below: With my beaded belt and the transparent green bag, both by Essentiel Antwerp.

Blue skirt with beaded belt

Below: Over to the combination of the blue and white floral jacket with the blue skirt.

Blue and white floral jacket

Below: A closer look at the jacket. It is mainly blue and white but there is some green in it as well.

Blue and white floral jacket

Below: Of course I couldn’t resist sitting on one of the sphinxes

Blue and white floral jacket

Below: Somebody or a group of people had put twigs and tape on the sphinxes. No idea why. Cult? Message? Mystique?

Sphinx 1

Sphinx 2

Below: There were more tableaus on and around the gazebo. Very strange.

Strange tableau

Strange tableau

Strange tableau

Let’s go back to the jacket.

Below: I think the jacket looks best with the wide leg white trousers, a really good outfit. It is also a very nice photo, just like the one at the top of this post. Well done Kitty.

Blue and white floral jacket

Below: Close-up of the white earrings I bought from Lara Design last week. They go so well with this outfit.

Round white earrings by Lara Design

Below: An even closer look.

White earrings by Lara Design

Below: One last look up to the sky through the roof of the gazebo and we were off to a restaurant.

Roof gazebo in the park

Below: Kitty at the restaurant Het Wapen van Kennemerland (crest of Kennemerland), also known as De Stinkende Emmer (Smelly Bucket). I have told this story once before. This restaurant used to be the resting place for the fishermen’s wives, returning from the market where they had sold the fish. Hence the smelly buckets.

Kitty at Wapen van Kennemerland

Again, a delightful day.

What happened in my life this week

A lot.

Saturday. Cappuccino with Marita at Vascobelo. She told me a story of her days at an advertising agency (we’ve both worked at advertising agencies and at ABN AMRO Bank). What she described was so funny that I roared with laughter and I can assure you, that is very loud. Everybody looked at us and I couldn’t stop laughing. Still grinning, we crossed the street to kpa.haarlem. Marita is as much a fan of this shop as I am. So far we haven’t bought the same things (yet) haha. Oops…that isn’t true, because as we were there, Karlijn (the owner) was wearing a white shirt that looked so good and Marita said, she had that shirt too and it was super. Long story short…now I have one too.

Below: Marita in a great dress which also came from kpa.

Marita at kpa haarlem

In the evening we had dinner at a restaurant near our house with our friends Georg and Marla. The food was nice and the wines were really good (so I am told, as I do not drink wine). At the end of the evening some music was played and the atmosphere started getting very jolly. The volume was turned up (there were only a few guests left who also seemed to enjoy it) and we had a good time.

Sunday I was supposed to visit mum but she was feeling under the weather and told me not to come. It was probably a mild flu (no Covid) and she is fine now. In the evening I had a jolly good time video calling with Susan of Une femme d’un certain âge for an hour. Always fun.

Monday Ron and I got our second shot of shingles vaccine. Afterwards we let dog Watson run around in the woods. We weren’t really dressed for that, even though I had switched my sandals for old shoes. A pair of white trousers is never a good idea when your dog is playing in the water and mud with 4 other doggies. Later that day, I had a hard time getting all the stains out. But stains or not, after the dog walking, we went for a drink at the same restaurant as I had been with Kitty (see above).

Below: Wearing the green oversized shirt that day.

with green oversized shirt

Below: Our view from Het Wapen van Kennemerland. Beautiful cows.

cows at Het Wapen van Kennemerland

cows at Het Wapen van Kennemerland

Below: I have been wearing that green oversized shirt a lot. With a big necklace (above) and below with my new not-so-skinny jeans. I like this shirt even though many friends say it hides my frame. (Link to original post.)

Light green oversized shirt on jeans

Tuesday was the day I got my fringe cut just a little. The rest of the day I did my “blog work”. I was ridiculously well-dressed that day, especially for doing nothing. I had to take that skirt off in the afternoon; the two kilos I gained have obviously gone straight to my waist. (Link to original post.) The dots in the skirt are repeated in the earrings.

Wide blue skirt

Wednesday Ron was sweet enough to do another photo shoot with me in Amsterdam. Yay. No photos yet of course, as you will see them next week.

Thursday. Busy, busy, busy, doing all sorts of errands. Then Marcella of Lara Design came for the weekly Instagram video, which went smoothly.

Below: Marcella as we were trying out jumpers in different colours.


She had brought a cake but I said NOOOO. That morning another skirt was very tight (see below) and it made me find that switch in my head to turn down everything but water and cappuccinos. (Link to original post.)

Yellow and black pleated skirt

And that wasn’t easy as in the afternoon I went to a new bakery / coffee shop in town with Madelon, a woman I only knew from Instagram because we have a mutual friend. It was a very nice meeting and we are certainly going to repeat it.

Friday I met friend Peggy in Voorburg. I had on my pink trousers with green jumper (see this post) as I thought it would be rather cold. But no, the sun was out as if it was high summer. We had a nice lunch, did some clothes shopping and had some coffee. We both know how to keep the conversation going haha. With all that chatting I forgot to take a photo of her or of the two of us. Damn. After the afternoon coffee we decided to go back to one shop where we both had seen fantastic clothes only to find the shop had closed early!! Bummer. On the other hand, I don’t need more clothes and my money is tight, so this was probably a sign from above. It was great to see Peggy again. Such a lovely woman.

Next week is already fully booked with appointments apart from the Monday. How did I ever find time to work?


No Fear of Fashion

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