orange jacket with white trousersAnother post with too many photos. This week’s post features my orange jacket with white trousers. By accident I created this outfit with items that were already in my wardrobe. Usually the ‘by accident’ outfits are better than when I put my mind at work.

Ron was kind enough to do the photography job again (pour soul). I suggested Prinseneiland (Princes’ island) in Amsterdam as our location. This tiny island is very near the centre of Amsterdam, connected with the mainland by three bridges. When you cross one of the bridges you get the feeling you are in a quiet village. No cars, no trams, no shops, just houses, canals and people. You can read more about this island (and some others) here.

Below: As we arrived, Ron spotted a red-haired woman, swimming in the canal. The thing in the water to her right, is a gnome. No idea what that is doing there.

swimming in the canal

Below: Ron got a serious call just before we crossed the bridge.

Ron, the man

Below: The jacket is part of a trouser suit (see original post), the trousers are Essentiel Antwerp, the blue camera bag LK Bennett and the espadrilles…no idea.

orange jacket with white trousers

Below: I have tied the belt in a knot through the loops to keep it in place. Such a comfortable yet stylish (IMHO) outfit.

orange jacket with white trousers

Below: On the island, ships were built and ships moored. The many warehouses stored herring, grain, tobacco, wine, salt, anchovies, cat skins, pitch and tar.

Prinseneiland Amsterdam

Below: These former warehouses are all houses now. It must be great to live in such a building.

Prinseneiland Amsterdam

Below: This is my favourite one (Vrede=Peace).

Prinseneiland Amsterdam

Below: We found a mural.

Prinseneiland Amsterdam

Below: I found a bench heh heh.

orange jacket with white trousers

Below: We crossed one of the three bridges.

Prinseneiland Amsterdam

Below: View to the right.

Prinseneiland Amsterdam

Below: View to the left.

Prinseneiland Amsterdam

Below: View from another bridge.

Prinseneiland Amsterdam

Below: Ship’s cat. By the look of its coat, it is an old cat.

ship cat

Below: Talking about cats, we saw this sign in Dutch and English on a fence. In Dutch they added: “He is now on a strict diet” haha. Poor cat.

Don't feed the cat

Below: There are quite a few face bricks on the houses. This one is “Three herrings“, which is also the name of the bridge we crossed.

Face brick 3 herrings

Below: See? It says “Drieharingenbrug” which means “Three herrings bridge“.

Prinseneiland Amsterdam

Below: Face brick “Red fox”. It is a shame they stopped this when the houses got numbers.

Face brick red fox

Below: Something weird happened to me as I stood on these stairs. I felt really funny in my stomach and my head, as if I were to fall in a second. Really queasy. Is this old age fright? Less balance? (Although I can stand on one leg for quite some time and practice this every day.)

orange jacket with white trousers

Below: Serious face. The tote is my Obag. The weather was very cloudy which provided a sharp light. Excellent photography weather.

orange jacket with white trousers

Below: Close-up of the ring I was wearing. Present from Ron a few years ago. It is by “De Ekster” and the designer (Joyce) still sells them in her Ocean collection.

Ring with pearls and lapis lazuli

Below: Close-up of the earrings. Not by Lara Design this time but Ador by Ayesha.

Long blue earrings

Below: As we walked back to the car, I saw this building and loved it.

near Prinseneiland Amsterdam

It was a nice trip.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday. I am ashamed to say, but I went back to Voorburg where I had seen two jackets in a shop the day before. Couldn’t get them out of my head. My friend Peggy also returned to the shop that Saturday (she is as bad as I am).
I decided against a fantastic bright red blazer which fitted like a glove because I thought it had a corporate vibe. Had I still been working in an office, it would have come home with me. A lime green leather jacket made the cut though. You will see it in a couple of weeks.

Below: I could make up for my forgetfulness the day before and take a photo of Peggy as we had a quick coffee afterwards. Absolutely lovely girl. Hmmm…no, that doesn’t do her justice as she is also a very intelligent and strong woman. She had a present for me; a top by Essentiel which she didn’t like on herself. I am so pleased with it.


Sunday. No visit to mum this week as my niece visited her together with her husband and the three great grandchildren. I had to mind Watson as Ron was busy that day. Friend and neighbour Froukje came for a cup of coffee in the afternoon. Gorgeous weather to sit in the garden.

Monday I joined Ron to walk Watson at the beach, which always gives me a holiday feeling. It was also the day that a product (soup) which had been developed by a friend, became available at Albert Heijn, our biggest supermarket chain. The friend had asked Ron and a friend whether they would model for advertising material and as the photographer (Bob Huisman) was shooting them, eating the soup, he saw me and asked whether I wanted to join haha.
Below: The photo with Ron and me is taken through the kitchen window, but I think the photo of Ron with Watson takes the prize.

Soupalicious Ron and me in the kitchen

Ron, Watson and Soupalicious

I have gladly promoted this Soupalicious soup as it is delicious. I am not saying this because it is from a friend’s business. It is REALLY good. And the best part is, that when you buy a pot of soup, they give a pot of soup to the food bank. Their site is not completely finished yet and in Dutch, but here is a link to their Instagram account, where they added English translations. I bought two pots myself to judge the quality and this soup was better than I have ever tasted before. You know I do not engage in anything commercial, so you can take my word for it. Let’s hope they will go international.

Tuesday I selected quite a few coats and clothes to give away and make room for the new stuff. I always get such a good feeling of seeing how glad women are with my give-away clothes that I often wonder who is doing who a favour.
As there was room again in my wardrobe (grin), I went to a second-hand store of high-end brands to try on a Dries van Noten jumper but decided against it. However, I did score a beautiful black coat by Salvatore Ferragamo. Such good quality for such a bargain price. I am really pleased with it. I haven’t bought a new winter coat for at least 5 years as the ones that I have are excellent quality. But the longer ones are quite fitted; nice with a dress but not that suitable for my new life style. The Ferragamo coat is wider.

I wore a top that day of which I wasn’t so sure anymore. And when I looked in the mirror in the second-hand shop, I knew it had to go. To quote Marie Kondo: “It didn’t spark joy”. The funny thing was that when I arrived back in my street, one of my neighbours said: “What a great top you are wearing“. I sure hope she was telling the truth, as I took it off there and then (I was wearing a tank top underneath, don’t worry) and gave it to her. You should have seen the look of perplexity on her face haha. I am very much in the mood of clearing out my wardrobe and it is way overdue.

Wednesday my friend Jeanne was on my agenda. She and I go way back; we know each other from when we were 16 and sat next to each other in class. That is a whopping 51 years of friendship. She lives in a small town and gave me a (historical) tour through town while taking outfit photos for my blog. Lovely to catch up as I hadn’t seen her for half a year or even longer. Photos you will see in a future post.

Thursday was a morning with Marcella, creating another video for her Instagram account and discussing several things, earrings concerned. Always fun.
Below: Marcella wore a cute blouse and thought the flowers complemented the blouse haha.

Marcella with flowers

Friday. Hurray, my friend Anja is in the Netherlands, over from Spain where she lives nowadays. Of course I drove up to the town where she is staying. It was so good to see her again in reality and not through Facetime, although that is a wonderful way to keep in touch. The afternoon flew by.
Below: Anja, lovely as ever. You will see more photos in a couple of weeks as she was prepared to take blog photos, like most of my friends are. I am blessed.



No Fear of Fashion

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