Cognac trousersHusband Ron thinks this outfit with the cognac trousers is super, which surprised me. I thought it was all right, a bit masculine but I must have been wrong (as I am so often). You have seen the trousers in my post with the light blue shirt. The cream blouse was published before in the post with my green sleeveless suit. And the silver bag appeared in the post with my dropped crotch trousers. The silver belt is from 2019 and has also been featured previously. Shopping my wardrobe this time. The only new items are the silver shoes.

I met my Shopping Saturday friends, Anke and Sabine, one lovely sunny Wednesday. As we hadn’t seen each other for so long we decided not to shop (breaking news) but to use our time to sit in the sun and chat. Sabine took all my photos.

Below: Sabine. She was waiting for me at the Hotel Flora Batava where we agreed to meet. A lovely place.


Below: Anke arrived a little later as she had the wrong arrival time in her agenda haha.

Anke relaxed

Below: I brought my cream boots and silver pumps for Sabine to try on. My heart was bleeding as I love them both but they are now Sabine’s. It is nonsense to hang on to them as they are no longer part of my lifestyle.
Sabine always wears high heels and she has exactly the same shoe size as I do. I knew she would appreciate them which makes the hurting a little less.

Sabine with the cream Essentiel boots

Sabine with the silver Michael Kors pumps

Below: This is the sunroom where we started as it was raining a little bit as we arrived.

Hotel Flora Batava Nieuwersluis

Below: Ah…the sun came out.

Sabine and Anke in Hotel Flora Batava

Below: From the sunroom, stairs lead to a big terrace.

Cognac trousers

Below: Part of the terrace, viewed from the sunroom. After lunch we sat here, taking in the sun.

Hotel Flora Batava Nieuwersluis

Below: Lunch was delicious. (We Dutch tend to eat bread for our lunch.)

Lovely lunch at Hotel Flora Batava Nieuwersluis

Below: In between all the chatting, Anke had to work for half an hour and chose a quiet spot.

Anke at work

In the meantime, Sabine took photos of my outfit.

Below: In the sunroom with all the lovely green around it. My silver shoes are the replacement for the ones I gave to Sabine. The heel is much lower and shaped like a diabolo. They are like tango shoes.

Cognac trousers

Below: Close-up of the shoes by Paul Noyen. The diabolo heel is shiny.

Silver shoes with shiny heels

Below: With the wine racks as background. The trousers and the blouse are by kpa.haarlem, such a good shop. (The shoe shop Paul Noyen is next-door to her shop, very convenient.)

Cognac trousers

Below: A very strange man volunteered to be photographed with Sabine. He mumbled something like “beautiful women”. I think he was as high as a kite.

Sabine with strange man

When we were outside, I took some head-to-toe shots and some close-ups.

Below: Sabine.

Sabine head to toe

Below: Close-up of Sabine’s mules. Dolce & Gabbana, a second-hand score.

Mules Sabine

Below: These earrings (Essentiel Antwerp) were also a gift from me, some time ago, as I find them too heavy. Again, Sabine is someone who knows how to appreciate them.

Earrings Sabine

Below: Anke. (She crossed her right leg behind her left leg. Just saying this in case you think “what is going on with her feet?”)


Below: Anke’s earrings, a gift from her husband.

Earrings Anke

Below: I also took close-ups of the ladies’ bags. The red one is Anke’s and the blue one is Sabine’s (even though it sits on Anke’s lap and would suit her outfit equally as well as the red one).

Red bag Anke

Blue bag Sabine

Days like this get a golden star in my mind.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was a happy day. We had a street party! This tradition started in 2004 and the party is held nearly every year. We asked council’s permission to close off the street, put tables and chairs in the middle of the street and everybody brought tables, chairs, food and drinks. We prayed for good weather and our prayers were granted, it was beautiful weather, not too hot and not too cold. There was a very good turn-out this year, probably because everybody wanted a party after the lockdowns. It started at 16.00 hrs and we put the tables and chairs on the pavement at 22.00 hrs, after which a lot of people went on to 11.45 hrs.
Were we careful? I like to think so.

Street party

Sunday and Monday the weather was blah with rain and I just read and practised Photoshop Editor. I am getting better.

Tuesday was mum’s birthday. YAY. 93 years old. My brother and sister-in-law and Ron and I visited her and because of the nice weather, we could sit in the garden.
Below: Only husband Ron isn’t in this terrible selfie. It is obvious that my family members are all thinking “Is this really necessary?” But I got their permission to publish (what good sports).
If you want to see the RIXO dress, click through to this post.

Mum's 93rd birthday

Wednesday I picked up my multicoloured shirt from the seamstress. She had taken some fabric from the front bottom of the shirt and replaced it with a bit of plain yellow fabric. I always tuck this shirt in at the front, so the yellow fabric is hidden. Then she used the gained fabric to repair the torn sleeve. Of course she mirrored the other sleeve. Because of the busy pattern, nobody will notice and my lovely shirt is saved. See below.

Repaired shirt

In the afternoon Marcella of Lara Design came and we created another Reel (little video) for Instagram. It is getting easier every time. Practise makes perfect. If you have Instagram and you want to see them, here is a link to the three reels we created together; in Dutch.

Thursday was another happy day. I met with my friend Marjolein, whom you have seen quite a few times on my blog. She had found a beautiful location for lunch and a photoshoot: a restaurant in a church. Next week you will see all the photos. We had a lot of fun together.

Friday I did my exercises in the afternoon so I could go to the beach with Ron and Watson in the morning. It was nice weather but the wind was fierce. When we sat down for a cappuccino on the Beach Inn terrace, I posted the two photos below as a collage on Instagram. I don’t know yet how to create a collage in Photoshop Elements, so you are getting the full pictures. The first one is when I arrived with wind-blown hair and the second one is after I ‘fixed’ it and had put some lipstick on.

Beach hair after a fierce wind

Beach hair after combing

That concludes this week. See you next week.


No Fear of Fashion

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