Wide leg trousers by Piazza SempioneWide leg trousers are the trend now and these really wide leg trousers by Piazza Sempione were still hanging in my wardrobe, hardly worn. They were featured on the blog in 2017, together with the matching blazer. That was before I had the blazer tailored as it was a size too big (to fit the bosom).

I bought the suit (and several other items) when husband Ron and I were in Maastricht, in the south of the country. Women in that town are dressed far chicer than in Amsterdam. Walking around there I felt really underdressed with my sequinned trainers and boyfriend jeans. It made me think “Shouldn’t I dress more my age, a bit more elegantly? Like the women here?” And that silly idea led me to a very expensive shop. We did have lunch first and contemplated the items I was about to purchase, but unfortunately I had left my brain somewhere else.

I don’t lead the kind of life that justifies such a suit. Even when I was still working, we wouldn’t dress up like this in the office. It was a total mistake. Mind you, for that kind of money you do get excellent quality. It is beautifully made. Piazza Sempione is a brilliant Italian brand.

Anyway, I decided to bring the trousers out again and style them in a different way. The red silk shirt is my idea and Misja added loads of my pearls.

Below: As one of my shoulders is slightly lower than the other (I am a bit lopsided), my necklaces tend to hang away from the middle.

Red silk shirt with pearls

Below: I had seen a big willow getting all springy green and thought it would make a good background. Loes was my photographer.

Willow tree

Below: Yes, it does make a good background. With the trousers I am wearing a thin fabric belt, finished with leather bits (difficult to see).

Wide leg trousers by Piazza Sempione

Below: The neighbourhood near that tree is cute with a cul-de-sac.

Wide leg trousers by Piazza Sempione

Below: The people were very friendly there and didn’t mind us taking photos at all.

Cute neighbourhood

Below: Me trying to demonstrate the width of the trousers.

Wide leg trousers by Piazza Sempione

Below: Another demonstration. There is one pinstripe on the side of each trouser leg.

Wide leg trousers by Piazza Sempione

Below: One last photo on the bridge as we went home. That bridge needs a good clean.

Wide leg trousers by Piazza Sempione

Below: Loes at my place. She thought it was far too cold to take off her coat outside haha.


The outfit part of this blog post is short, contrary to last week. It is not always possible to do a report. I am already glad Loes is willing to take photos.

What happened in my life this week

Some of you will be pleased to see a photo of my mum again (below). She was wearing one of her new tops. Doesn’t she look good?

Mum at Easter

Below: Ron and I took her to a terrace for a drink. As usual it was bright and sunny when we set off and as soon as we had our drinks it got cloudy with rain soon to follow. Sigh.
Mum was wearing her sunglasses, looking like Roy Orbison haha. The background is a bit weird. It is a square with an old boat for the kids to play with.

Mum and Ron

It was a quiet Easter with sunshine and rain. Didn’t do much apart from unsuccessfully trying to put a plant in our garden. It was a big plant in a bucket and I couldn’t get it out other than turning it over. All the leaves were crushed of course and many worms crawled out. Yikes. After moving a few aside I lifted the plant (wearing gloves) and put it into the very shallow hole I dug. It looked ridiculous. I left it to Ron to fix it. I am definitely not a gardener.

Below: Visited Marianne and wore this outfit. (Link to original post with green earrings instead of a brooch).

Outfit with barrel jeans

Below: Marianne, looking lovely as ever.


Below: Cycling through Haarlem, I came through this small street where blossom trees were forming an arch. The people who live here must have planted them. Love that.

Blossom trees in a small street

Below: Blossom in the house, thanks to Ron and his allotment. Pear blossom this time.

Blossom in the house

Went to the hospital with mum to check her eyesight and get the 8-week injection. That took a whole afternoon. Mum is fed up with it, but it is the only way to preserve the little eyesight she has left.

Marjolein and I had a beautiful sunny photo shoot day. The forecast was hailstones and heavy rain. Funny how weather is still unpredictable.

Below:  Having coffee after the shoot.

Marjolein and I

And last but not least. Parrot Errol (below) is leaving home. He packed his bag and is going to live with my friend Jilske. He is not quite sure yet how to get there as he is not a pigeon. We will help him.

Errol is leaving home


No Fear of Fashion



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