pebble coloured trousers with a neon pink topRemember I showed you these trousers before with an orange and cream top and I didn’t like the combination? This time I combined the pebble coloured trousers with a neon pink top and I love it. I think both are a bit ‘arty’.

I wore this combination when I met Janna at the Beurs van Berlage (the old building of the stock exchange) in Amsterdam.
I posted a photo of Janna ( on Instagram) last week, wearing a lilac outfit.

The story of this building is quite interesting. The architect Berlage was a convinced socialist. Designing a stock exchange building was totally against his beliefs. But he was sure the stock exchange wouldn’t last long so he solved his dilemma by designing it like a grand community house (read the story here).

Below: Janna and me having a delicious lunch in this beautiful building.

Janna and me at lunch in Beurs van Berlage

Below: We wanted to do a photo shoot in the building but it was far too dark for proper photos. We took a few iPhone photos.

pebble coloured trousers with a neon pink top

Below: Janna, wearing a casual business suit with trainers. Very modern.

Janna of on Instagram

Below: Outside we had better light and the building provided a lovely background as the two photos below show.

pebble coloured trousers with a neon pink top

Janna of on Instagram

Below: This is what the building looks like seen from the square.

Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam

Below: Why this lady was feeding the pigeons, beats me. They get enough food and are quite a nuisance.

Feeding the pigeons

Below: A closer look at the building. The building is now used for big events and, as I mentioned, there is a restaurant in it as well. Because of the lovely weather, they had opened the terrace on the square.

Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam

Below: We had fun with the bull on the square. The bull was placed there one night in 2012 by artist Arturo Di Modica. He wanted the statue to be a positive sign in bad economic times. It represents a ‘bull market’, a market moving upwards. He didn’t have a permit for that and it got moved once but put back again.
The artist did the same in 1987 with an even bigger bull at the stock exchange of New York.
The photo shows the slit at the bottom of the trousers very well.

pebble coloured trousers with a neon pink top

Below: The entire bull.

pebble coloured trousers with a neon pink top

The colour of the top is difficult to show with a photo. I wore it before with white jeans in this post where the colour is just right.

Below: Janna was pretending to call a taxi in front of the new stock exchange. We both are into new poses. Remember the workshop in catwalk and poses we did together in February?

Janna of on Instagram

Below: Catching the drops of the fountain.

pebble coloured trousers with a neon pink top

Below: Demonstrating the batwing sleeves.

pebble coloured trousers with a neon pink top

Below: Black earrings made from polymer clay. The artist (Baublehaus) ceased her jewellery design work, so I cannot link to her anymore. The belt is by Loewe.

Black earrings

Below: We thought the display of Chanel lipstick at the department store Bijenkorf was the same colour as my top. NOT.

pebble coloured trousers with a neon pink top

Below: Across the road of the Bijenkorf is a new shop by Christian Dior. Janna wanted a peek inside and the doorman let us in. The staff was very nice and helpful, although they must have sussed out we weren’t going to buy anything. The shock on my face when I heard that a belt was €680 and the disbelief when we saw the price of the jeans below (€1,380), gave away we weren’t buying customers. But still, they were very nice to us.

Jeans at the Dior shop

Below: I really liked this coat which was around €3,500. Totally out of my league. Besides, you need a car and a driver to drop you off with this coat, as it doesn’t even have buttons. Clearly not meant to be worn on a bike in the Dutch rain LOL. I declined an offer by a staff member to try it on. My motto: “Don’t touch what you can’t afford.”

Expensive Dior coat or jacket

Below: Outside again, we spotted this beautiful lady and I asked whether I could take her photo and put it on my blog. She was a good sport and posed for me. A striking and clearly confident woman.

Beautiful lady in town

We came to the underground (subway) and I said goodbye to Janna and went to see the jeweller to have my pearl necklace repaired.

Below: On Rokin (a large street in the centre of Amsterdam) you will find this majestic statue.

Statue Rokin Amsterdam

Below: This is the whole statue, photographed from the side. It is a fountain with water running in the middle. The tree isn’t growing from the statue, it is on the other side of the street.

Statue Rokin Amsterdam

Below: Beautiful buildings in one of the little streets behind Rokin.

House in Amsterdam

Below: This is what I mean with little streets. What I love about them, is the number of green plants.

Alley in Amsterdam 2

Below: The above street is called ‘Gebed zonder end’ which means ‘never-ending story’. It is a saying in Dutch, literally translated ‘prayer with no end’. I think it is funny that they named a street after it. There used to be many convents in this area, perhaps that has got something to do with it. The sign with this street name is very popular and gets stolen a lot. One solution in the past, was painting the name of the street on the stones.

Funny street name

Below: One last pretty picture to finish this part of the post.

Bridge in Amsterdam

What happened in my life this week

It was a lovely week. I didn’t visit mum last weekend as my niece and her family visited her.

The story of mum’s old landlords continues as they sent her a registered letter summoning her (us) to do the work on the floors (removing the glue) as they have demanded many times before. And our arguments for not doing so, haven’t changed, so mum will write a letter back saying we will not comply. They might pay a company to do the job and charge us for it but we won’t pay. Then the next step for them is to take us to court. We’ll see.

What I find unbelievable, is that after all this nastiness, one of the landlords visited mum last Wednesday at the nursing home. Just for a friendly chat. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that.

Below: On a lighter note, Marcella and I went out for a cappuccino and ended up on the same terrace I was with Marita three days before. (Why do they have these ugly nets hanging from the buildings when I take a photo? I know, I know, they have got to do work to the buildings, but this seems to be going on everywhere, all the time.)

Marcella and me

Below: Marcella had created another cute earring for her business Lara Design. It is not on her website yet.

Earring Marcella

Below: We had dinner with (bonus) daughter and her husband at a really nice restaurant. It was a late birthday present from them to us. We couldn’t celebrate our birthdays because I was still recuperating from my operation. We had totally forgotten about this present. (Link to original post with this dress.)

Family dinner

Below: Wore this outfit one day, visiting an orthopaedist as it gives easy access to my knee. (Link to original post with this outfit, only with different earrings.) An X-ray was taken and I am still in phase 3 (operation is in phase 4). The orthopaedist explained that 70% of people with a new knee are very happy. But 30% are not! With complaints varying from still in pain to not being able to walk. Which is why everyone recommends waiting until walking is really impossible and you are in a lot of pain, because if you are in the 30% bit then, you won’t feel so sorry.
I am going to try a Hyaluronic acid injection. According to the orthopaedist I have a 50% chance it will work with me. Another motto of me: “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Wide blue trousers with bright green top

Below: Another joke from Ron with the parrot. He put the parrot in our jasmine hedge, sitting on a ‘nest’.

Parrot 'nesting' in the hedge

Below: And put eggs in the ‘nest’ haha.

Parrot with eggs

Ron and I went to the beach a couple of times as the sun has found the Netherlands again. Dog Watson loves the beach.

Below: And I had dinner with Aafke. She is such a ray of sunshine. We laughed all evening. It was already late when I thought of having our photo taken, which explains the grainy picture. (Link to original post with this outfit.)

Aafke and me

Which concludes this week.


No Fear of Fashion


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