Orange and cream topKitty took me to a field with wild flowers called ‘Plukweide‘, literally translated this means ‘flower plucking meadow (or garden). I am wearing the same trousers as in this post, but with a cropped orange and cream top. I thought I’d try a shorter top with these wide high-rise trousers.

The top is the one I bought in the sale when I was with Marjolein in Leiden. I like the shape and the colour and thought it would look cute with these trousers.
Because the proportions from my upper body part to my lower body part was a bit odd, I added a belt. A brown one, to counteract the lightness of this outfit. Subsequently I also chose a brown bag.

As I looked in the mirror in the bedroom I was pleased with the styling. But after I saw the photos, I wasn’t so keen on the outfit anymore. And that has nothing to do with Kitty’s photography skills, not at all. I just got another good look. I like the front of the outfit, but sometimes the part around the belly, hips and bum looks off. It isn’t too bad so I will probably wear this outfit again, but it isn’t in my top 10.

Below: When Kitty suggested this flower garden, I hadn’t realised that there wouldn’t be neat, paved paths. Walking around in espadrilles (= fabric shoes) on wet grass, stepping on molehills, trying to avoid stinging thistles and nettles is something I dislike. On top of that, I had been to the hairdresser two days before and I hate the way my hair looks those first days. To my shame I have to admit, these things make me grumpy. So a lot of the photos couldn’t be used because I was pulling a grumpy face, not because poor Kitty didn’t do a good job. Other photographers like Marjolein, Anja and my husband know about my foul moods and it really won’t do. They are going out of their way to do me a favour and I spoil both the atmosphere and the photos. Sigh. I am such a whingey bitch. I promise, I will try and control myself better in future (have I promised this before?).

Orange and cream top

The system of the garden is built on trust. You pay for the flowers you pluck by either transferring money into the bank account written on the sign, or you put coins through a hole in the wall. The word ‘Betaalopties’ on the sign means ‘payment options’. But first you take a basket plus a pair of scissors and choose your flowers.

Orange and cream top

Below: My orange earrings would have been a bit much with all the orange already going on in the outfit. I chose these long ones with a glass pendant (Lara Design).

Orange and cream top and earrings by Lara Design

Below: It looked like a lovely way to create a bunch of wildflowers.

Plukweide (flower plucking garden)

Below: Bees love this garden.


Below: Cute shed.

Plukweide (flower plucking garden)

Below: The flowers in this vase were already withering but they made a nice ‘prop’.

Orange and cream top

Below: I am cutting away, following the instructions.

Orange and cream top

Below: After three flowers I couldn’t see many more that I liked, so I stopped. But I did pay for the three. Never mind, the garden served its purpose as background for the photo shoot.

Orange and cream top

Below: We have these flowers in our garden as well.

Plukweide (flower plucking garden)

Below: Kitty, my skilled photographer, wearing a pair of Dries van Noten trousers. She looks beautiful.


I might not have been in the right mood to like anything, whatever it was. Do you recognise moods/days like that?

What happened in my life this week

Saturday was a day filled with a visit to the seamstress, having a chat and a cup of coffee with her, some sale shopping and a visit to the market. We have an outstanding market on Saturday with high quality food. I needed to bring home snacks to go with drinks before dinner as our friends and neighbours Froukje and Petro came to taste Ron’s excellent mussels. He prepares them well. It was an evening filled with laughter.

On Sunday we got a visit from our friends Anne-Hiske and Jan Daniël who had to pick up something in Haarlem and combined it with looking us up. Always so nice to see them. They are great people. The rest of the day was relaxed.

The rest of the week was filled with visits to physiotherapists and a blood test (hurray for old age stuff pffff), seeing the seamstress and finishing the work of clearing my mum’s old, rented house. Good old Ron turned out to be a mountain of muscles.
Monday we will give the keys back to the landlords and I hope that will be the end of it.

As I said before, we are not complying with all the demands of the landlords and they have turned nasty. We are going to leave the house in a tidy way but I take my conscience as my guideline, not their demands. For instance, the stairs were in a right state (see below) with nasty glue on them after my brother removed the carpet (1 day’s work).

Stairs before we worked on it

Below: This is how it looks after Ron slaved away for 2 days to remove the glue. Still not perfect, I will admit that, but perfect is a bit too much if you realize that nothing in the house has been updated in 63 years. The landlords never provided maintenance of the house. Until he died in 2006, my father did everything himself.

Stairs after we worked on it

Below: For example, this is the state of the kitchen door.

Kitchen door

Below: And this is the state of the French doors.

French doors

The person who buys the house (as the landlords are selling it), will have to knock down everything and execute a pretty expensive renovation.

You can tell I am frustrated about this.

Friday was another quiet day. I haven’t got much planned for next week either. I am just not in the right frame of mind. It will come back.


No Fear of Fashion


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