Baby blue midi skirtWhen you read this post, the baby blue midi skirt is already gone. I gave it to Marjolein because after seeing the photos, I didn’t like it on me. It is by a good brand but it isn’t a big loss as I bought it in the King’s Day sale, which means it didn’t set me back much.

Below: When I tried different tops with the skirt, I soon figured out that it is not an easy skirt for me. It gives me a short upper body and a big belly.
I first tried it with high heeled sandals, which I still think is nice but also a little bit old fashioned.

Baby blue midi skirt

Below: I sent the above photo to Marjolein and she replied: “Might also work well with trainers.” Of course it would. More modern and more comfortable. Especially because we were going to do a photo shoot in Leiden, which means a lot of walking.

Baby blue midi skirt

As you can see above, I had elongated my short upper body by tying the belt of the dress around my waist. I thought it looked fine, ready to do the shoot.

We wandered through Leiden, which is a lovely old town with no shortage of picturesque backgrounds. I have done more photo shoots here (see this post and this post).

Below: A red door is too good to pass up. It took a while to get a decent photo though as the light kept hitting my belly and when the wind blew against my skirt, that belly became even more pronounced.

Baby blue midi skirt

Below: Marjolein, my friend and photographer of the day. She looked very stylish, as always, I might add.


Below: Just walking around, you’ll pass many buildings like this. Old and well maintained. See how the top is supported by an iron bar at the back? And the black lines on the building are bars to fortify the structure.

Building in Leiden

Below: As we turned around we saw a row of old ships, which are monuments. People actually live in them and the same rules apply as for a monument house.

Old boat used as a house in Leiden

Below: The weather was beautiful and many people were on the canals with their boats. Barges are used to expand café terraces.

Boats in Leiden

Below: Lovely to sit on one of those terraces and watch the boats go by.

Boats in Leiden

Below: We went shopping (we always do and there are so many shops in Leiden…). Marjolein did not buy these trousers but was tempted. I bought a top (in the sale) which you will see next week.


Below: Leiden’s magnificent buildings. I am showing a few in one go, as there will be people who are bored with watching photos of old buildings. They can skip them.

Building in Leiden

Building in Leiden

Building in Leiden

Below: The above building was too good a background opportunity to pass up.

Baby blue midi skirt

Below: I took this photo with my iPhone on Panorama mode. Worked out well. It is the old Town Hall, built in the 16th century. In 1929 the whole building burned to the ground except the facade. They preserved the facade and built a whole new building behind it. Several Pilgrims were married here, like William Bradford and Dorothy May.

Townhall Leiden

Below: Cute corner at the top.

Building in Leiden

Below: Little alleys and terraces everywhere. Across the road was a lovely vintage store.

Building in Leiden

Below: At the vintage store, Marjolein found these silver sandals by AGL, a pretty expensive brand. You can tell the quality when you look at the inside of the straps across the toes. So cleverly done. Although vintage they weren’t cheap, but they fitted her so well, the heel is a good heel to walk in and they were never worn. What a find.

Marjolein's sandal

Below: The sitting pose.

Baby blue midi skirt

Below: Against an ancient door with the wind billowing the skirt.

Baby blue midi skirt

Below: “Now, where did I leave my marbles???”

Baby blue midi skirt

Below: Sun damage on my skin is clearly visible in this close-up. But it is what it is. The earrings are corrugated cardboard by Dorisse of Paper Statement. She has a shop on Etsy. Marcella of Lara Design changed the upper part of the earrings for me.

Red corrugated cardboard earrings

Below: And this is Marjolein’s earring.

Marjolein's earring

At the end of the day we sat down on a terrace of an Italian restaurant called City Hall or Trattoria Italiana City Hall. Fantastic cappuccinos and they weren’t funny about serving it in the afternoon. The tiramisu cake was delicious. The service was personal, very friendly and impeccable. I wouldn’t mind eating there one evening.

Below: At the side of the terrace is the main entrance of the City Hall. This is the newly built part behind the old facade (see photo Town Hall above).

Building in Leiden

Below: Our view from the terrace. The only thing marring the view are those bicycles.

Our view from the terrace

Marjolein and I had a wonderful time. We know each other so well, that it happened more than once that she said something which I was thinking exactly the same at the same moment. Like when we saw this fountain below. She said: “We have our very own Trevi Fountain.” I was thinking the same sentence at the same time she said it. Spooky.
Pretty as this fountain may be, it is a far cry from the Trevi Fountain in Rome but still.

Fountain in Leiden

We laughed so much that day, that one moment I even wet my pants a little. I am not finished with the pelvic floor exercises yet haha. Never mind that, it is sooo nice to laugh together so loudly.

Below: As we walked back to the station, we saw this sign on a shop window saying “Closed today for a photo shoot.”. Very fitting.

Closed because of photo shoot

What happened in my life this week

Again, like last week, shenanigans around mum’s rented house and some hard work to clear this house. Ron got help from my brother last Sunday. They were both shattered. Anke and I helped as well but we mostly reorganised mum’s clothes in her new place as she got an additional wardrobe.

Below: One day I decided to dress up nicely again, but it was only for two hours. Then I had to change again into something more sensible for doing chores. When you have to bring a carload of wood and iron to the waste disposal site, you dress differently.

Outfit summer dress

I had a nice evening, dining out with Helga (below). Good food, great company.


Below: And I wore this that night (link to original post). It was clean when I took it out of my wardrobe, but not for long. I stained the vest during dinner. I am hopeless.

Green suit

The rest of the week was quiet.

Below: Relaxed Friday outfit. Link to original post.

Coral coloured top and white trousers

Due to various reasons I have taken the decision not to feature mum on my blog anymore, I am sorry.


No Fear of Fashion


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