Wide linen trousersAnother pair of trousers in the new (to me) shape are these wide linen trousers. Unlike the trousers you saw last week, I knew what top would go well with them. The top is from 2012 and bought in Rome. I do hold on to things which are good.

Marita was my photographer. We met for coffee and I twisted her arm to take some blog photos. It was hot that day.

Below: Marita. Great dress, great legs.


Below: Close-up of her earrings.

Marita's long white earrings

Below: We arranged to meet in the afternoon at espressobar Native. I forgot that the terrace would be in the sun in the afternoon. It was too hot to sit there, even underneath the parasol.

Restaurant Native

Below: Luckily for us, across the road, in the shade, is a flower shop called Klavertje Vijf (five-leaved clover). They had a large bench outside their shop and allowed the espressobar to serve their guests there.

Klavertje vijf flower shop

Below: The bench with trees and flowers of the shop around us made it quite idyllic. Rugs and cushions for comfort.

Wide linen trousers

Below: Yellow and silver earring from Lara Design. I try not to be too matchy matchy, but the silver of the earrings does resonate with the bag and with the silver on the shoes.
The top is kept in place with a bit of fashion tape on each shoulder. Otherwise it keeps shifting and revealing my bra straps.

Yellow with silver earrings Lara Design

Below: Paul, the owner of the flower shop is a nice guy. We chatted with him and he helped us with the photo shoot, like with arranging ‘props’, as they are called.

Wide linen trousers

Below: It resulted in this photo. The beauty of props is that the pose is more relaxed and you know what to do with your hands. There was an added bonus to it, as the basket hides the grease from my bike on the front of my new trousers. Sigh. There was grease on one of the sleeves too. I had to take both items to the dry cleaners straight away.

Wide linen trousers

Below: One last pose with a strategically placed arm. The shoes are a few seasons old and the leather is soft as butter. Wide legged trousers are perfect with these shoes.

Wide linen trousers

I am very happy with this outfit. You don’t feel you are wearing anything. Ever so comfortable, just not on a bike.

What happened in my life this week

Not much, just the usual. A photo shoot with Marjolein (you will see the result next week). A few things I cannot talk about because it could harm other people. And of course the shenanigans around emptying mum’s rented house. We are now “at war” with the landlords. Their demands are ludicrous and we will not comply. Might become a court case. Not funny.
Ron is doing a lot of work, knocking things down my father added to the house and to the shed over the years. Like shelves and cupboards on the wall. I didn’t take a photo of mum when I was there as my nephew came to visit her and I totally forgot. But below is a photo of my mum when she was 20 years old together with my brother. She was such a beauty. She told me that the curl on top of her head was kept in place with sugar water.

Mum and my brother

Below: And here is my father, who was a dashing fellow in his days and an excellent dancer. I am a total mix of both my father and mother in the way I look but I think that character wise I am very much like my father.


Apart from the photo shoots with Marita and Marjolein, I drank cappuccinos with Kitty. A terrible selfie below.

Selfie Kitty and me

Below: I wore the lime coloured patterned jacket which you saw previously on the blog with leather jogging trousers. I styled it white monochrome this time; white t-shirt and white cropped jeans.

Outfit with lime coloured patterned jacket on a column of white

That’s all for the part of “What happened in my life this week”. Too busy with mum’s house.


No Fear of Fashion


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