Pebble coloured trousers with a peplum topMy friend Marjolein was my photographer again and she took me to a special garden, right in the heart of The Hague called Emma’s Hof. If you click the link, a video on the home page will play and show you part of the city from above, ending above the mentioned garden.

The information the website provides is only in Dutch. A brief English translation: this garden at the back of several rows of houses was created by local residents from February 2010 and onwards.

Below: Demolition of a big old building which was on the ground of what was to be the garden Emma’s Hof, named after our Queen Emma (1858-1934).

Demolition of the old building on the ground of, what was to be Emma's Hof

Below: Creating the garden. Marjolein is pointing out her old house which was bordering this garden.

The creation of Emma's Hof

Below: Map of the garden to give you a sense of the structure.

Map of Emma's Hof

Below: Here I am, walking through the picturesque entrance to the garden.
The outfit consists of a new pair of pebble coloured trousers with a peplum top. I don’t think this is the best combination. I still have to figure out how to style these new wide high-rise trousers. With a short upper body, it is not easy for me to style them. In my wardrobe are only long tops and shirts which you tuck in at the front of a pair of mid-rise trousers. We’ll see in the future how I am going to figure this out.

Pebble coloured trousers with a peplum top

Below: The garden is such a perfect place. There are several designated areas. The next two photos were taken at the “klinkerplaats” (bricks paving), mentioned at the top of the map.

Pebble coloured trousers with a peplum top

Below: When creating the garden they have incorporated old historic features, like these sandstone tablets.

Pebble coloured trousers with a peplum top

Below: No garden is complete without a cat.

Pebble coloured trousers with a peplum top

Below: I am standing at the top of a long shallow strip of water for children to play in and have fun.

Pebble coloured trousers with a peplum top

Below: This photo is taken from the other side of the water feature but there are too many plants blocking the view.

Emma's Hof

Below: Sitting in the zen garden.

Pebble coloured trousers with a peplum top

Below: The zen garden is indeed a sanctuary of tranquillity. There is another old feature against the little brick wall.

Emma's Hof

Below: Marjolein wanted to take a fun photo through this gap in the wicker fence. I was talking…

Pebble coloured trousers with a peplum top

Below: Marjolein with earrings matching her t-shirt. Again, a lovely outfit.


Below: Marjolein’s bag, so cute.
More about the mosaic wall as you scroll down.

Marjolein's yellow bag

Below: Many volunteers maintain this garden. There are people who water the plants, people who open the gates to the public (everybody is welcome as long as you obey the rules), people who clear out the bins every day etc. So good.

Emma's Hof

Below: Behind the flowers above you can see a rim of curved mosaic work. It turned out to be a dragon and his tongue is wrapped around a sandbox for the kids.

Mosaic dragon in Emma's Hof

Below: His back makes a bench.

Pebble coloured trousers with a peplum top

Below: Marjolein squatting to take the photo. I cannot do this anymore.

Marjolein taking a photo

Below: There is a cute little restaurant which opens when there is an event. Again, all run by volunteers.

Emma's Hof

Below: The inside of the restaurant, photographed through the window.

Emma's Hof

Below: Marjolein took this photo from the other side.

Me taking a photo

Below: Outside the restaurant is a terrace. The fence and bushes create a sheltered space.

Emma's Hof

The photo shoot was a wrap as they say in the business. For lunch we headed around the corner to café Emma.

Below: This gentleman in the café was besotted with his little dog and told us all about him.

Doggie in café

Below: Our view as we sat on the terrace of the café. Marjolein had these earrings made by an artist.

Marjolein on a terrace

We sat there for hours. In the sun, in the shade, having coffee and other drinks. Life was treating us very well.

What happened in my life this week

A busy week again with doing all sorts of things for mum. Searching for things which were still in her old house, making telephone calls etc. Ron assembled a little Ikea dining table for her and sighed “I’d rather put together a 25,000 pieces jigsaw puzzle of a bulb field than ever assemble another Ikea thing”. But, the table looks good and stands firmly.

Below: While Ron was wrestling with the Ikea bits and pieces, I walked with mum to a restaurant on the central square of the village and we had coffee with cake.

Mum out for a coffee

The rest of the week was filled with doing stuff to get mum’s old house empty. And taking mum to the eye doctor for another injection (every 7 weeks).

Thursday was a day of rest. Marjolein and I did the photo shoot and relaxed.

Friday I had to put together this post, which meant several hours of ‘work’. I could relax a bit by doing some necessary gardening after the storm.

The storm

On Wednesday, when I had to take my mum to the eye doctor and had some appointments in her old house, we had a big storm raging the country, especially the north of it where we live. It was code red, which means ‘stay at home’. As I knew the storm would be all over by noon and I wanted to keep my appointments, I drove anyway. Bad decision. Not that I had any damage or injury but it was very dangerous on the road. A big branch flew against my windscreen, startling me and it could have smashed the window easily. We also had to slalom around fallen branches on nearly all roads, even on the motor way there were some. A woman in my town died from a tree on her car. I see this as a warning from above to never ignore a code red ever again.

Our garden survived the storm, only one of the catalpa trees is damaged. Half its leaves are dead, poor thing.


No Fear of Fashion


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