Orange and cream kaftan dressWhen I wear my orange and cream kaftan dress, it is like wearing PJ’s. You don’t feel any restraint. It was the print that made me try it on. I even bought a scarf in the same print; so pretty.

At first I wore the dress with a 3/4 sleeved t-shirt, covering the wrinkles on my chest and hiding my elbows. But, as it is a dress for really hot weather, I wanted to lose the t-shirt. I came to terms with my elbows, but the wrinkly chest had to be hidden.
The hem was shorter at the front and the back than at the sides. I didn’t like that because it meant I had to wear high heels in order not to step on the hem. My seamstress helped me out by creating a straight hem. With the cut-off piece of fabric, I created a little V-shaped insert at the top and the “problem” was solved.

Another thing that needed to be addressed was the gap at the sleeve. If you lifted your arm, your underwear was revealed. I bought a long and soft, white summer dress to wear underneath the dress.
I didn’t anticipate all these adjustments.

To my delight, Kitty offered to do a photo shoot. She has been a bit under the weather, so I didn’t bother her with requests for shoots. She was feeling much better now.
I showed her the dress and she suggested to go to a skateboard space, completely “customised” with graffiti. I knew the place but it never crossed my mind to use it as background for a shoot.

Below: A lot of graffiti.

Graffiti place

Below: They even spray painted a tree.

Graffiti on tree

Kitty told me to go up the platform via a ramp. At my age and having a wonky knee, I thought that was hazardous. Perhaps not so much to get up, but more to get down. When I was up there and Kitty walked around the platform, she discovered stairs haha.

Below: Looking very devout.

Orange and cream kaftan dress

Below: I am trying to show how much fabric there is in the dress.

Orange and cream kaftan dress

Below: To tell you the truth, I don’t really like the back that much. It is rather shapeless. I never looked at the back, not when I bought it and not when I tried it on.
The bag is Furla and needs to be fixed up a little, although I don’t know whether the strap can be saved. Sweaty summer hands should not touch light coloured bags. If the strap had been all leather, it wouldn’t be a problem to clean, but there is a rubber finish on the edges which deteriorated. My cobbler is going to have a look at it.

Orange and cream kaftan dress

Below: Taking a risk here, sitting down on graffiti. I was fine, no stains. The baby blue shoes are by 2/3 March, a Belgian brand. Bought them at kpa.haarlem a couple of years ago.

Orange and cream kaftan dress

Below: Kitty climbed up the platform as well. Effortlessly of course, but she is much younger. She is wearing a crochet vest which her friend’s mother handed down to her. Many years old and highly fashionable again.


Below: More walls with graffiti and me grinning.

Orange and cream kaftan dress

Below: Orange with golden earrings by Lara Design, which you have seen many times. The photo also shows the fabric well and my self-made insert.

Orange with golden earrings by Lara Design

Below: The baby blue bracelet is a present from my friend Marjolein.

Baby blue bracelet

Below: After the photo shoot we had cappuccinos, as usual.

Kitty and me

Then I ran home to change and jump on my bike to ride to the train station.

What happened in my life this week

It was a hectic week.

Saturday I went back to my mum in her new place to fix lots of little things. That was a sweaty business as temperatures were high that weekend. At the end of the day, Ron and I went out to dinner and ate a very good steak.

Marcella dropped round for coffee (forgot to take a photo). Saw my physiotherapist to treat my swollen knee. That will need a few more treatments.

Tuesday morning I said pretty-please to the owner of our hardware store as soon as they opened at half past 8 (we don’t have 24/7 in this country with lots of little shops). I asked for their handy man to come and change our front and back door locks. We couldn’t get the key in anymore, so one of us had to stay home to let the other one in. Very inconvenient on that Tuesday as Ron had appointments and I had the photo shoot plus a lunch in Amsterdam. The handy man came within half an hour and fixed it. Love him. Kitty and I were in the car by half past 9.

Then in the afternoon, I met Nikki Garnett of Midlifechic who was visiting Amsterdam with her husband. I have followed Nikki’s blog since the start and I have met her twice in the UK (see this blog post). She is a smart and lovely person.
We had lunch at Brasserie van Baerle while her husband Mal wandered through Amsterdam. The restaurant is a beautiful place but we had hoped we could eat outside in the garden. Alas, that day it was a bit chilly and windy, so they didn’t serve in the garden. Still, the restaurant itself is nice too.

I hope I wasn’t talking too much during lunch, but there was so much catching up to do and we only had a couple of hours. Husband Mal joined us for coffee after lunch and took the photo below. He is very used to that as he takes all of Nikki’s blog photos. I swear, the fact we match so well was pure chance, we had not coordinated our outfits.
(Link to the original post with my yellow summer dress.)

Nikki Garnett of @Midlifechic and me

Wednesday I sat in my mum’s old house waiting for someone to remove the personal alarm system my mum had. He didn’t show up as there was a mix-up due to two colleagues being ill. (We managed to make another appointment last Friday and one of mum’s old neighbours dealt with it so I didn’t have to make that trip again.)
I had also made an appointment with the landlords to view the house and to tell me in what condition they wanted me to present the house back to them. After my mum lived there for 63 years I cannot imagine they will say “We want it to be the same as when you moved in…in 1960”. We’ll see.

Of course I visited mum as well, but briefly as she had a visitor and she was being picked up by her hair dresser to go and visit mutual acquaintances. Mum is getting busy there. Mind you, it will take her at least six weeks to adjust. If you haven’t moved house in 63 years and now, at the age of nearly 95, you go and live in a home, that takes a lot of adjusting. She will have to find her way and I hope she will like it there and be less lonely.

Thursday was a quiet day. A day for fitness, for creating this blog post and to go to the hair dresser to cut my fringe. Lovely weather all day, until I had to cycle into town. I changed my nice outfit for something sensible and looked like this (below). This is why Dutch women often dress practical, sensible and not very creative. It is the weather together with the cycling.


Below: We have had sunshine and rain, rain and sunshine. The plants in our garden love it and are growing fast. Here are three detail photos, taking right after a shower.


Below: Notice the jasmine in full bloom on the right? The whole fence is covered with it.



See you next week.


No Fear of Fashion


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