Multi coloured top with cognac coloured trousers. Brace yourself, there are many photos to come.

I don’t know whether you can remember, but I bought this top together with two of my BVA friends (see below). Funny.

April, May and June

I thought it was time to style it for summer, so here is my multi coloured top with cognac coloured trousers. Both heavily reduced in the sale and the golden slingbacks are second-hand and a steal. The trousers you have seen in this post with a long blue shirt.

Multi coloured top with cognac coloured trousers.

Below: The Shopping Saturday girls got together again for a happy day. Sabine on the left (who took most of the photos) and Anke on the right. Always starting the day with coffee and cake.

Sabine and Anke

Below: Sabine suggested to meet in an old town called Weesp as she knows a few nice shops there. Weesp is gorgeous and so was the weather.


They agreed to do the outfit shoot before the shopping and we went to a nearby canal.

Below: The sitting down pose on the steps leading to the canal.

Multi coloured top with cognac coloured trousers.

Below: The canal is so beautiful and with weather like that day many people are cruising with their boat.

Multi coloured top with cognac coloured trousers.

Below: The boats will be let through by the drawbridge in the distance. Bridges usually open at preset times.


Below: Poor Anke got quite bored I think.


Below: Sabine joined her. No idea what they were looking at.

Sabine and Anke

Below: We walked on to another bridge and canal in search of shade.


Below: We deliberately let this tree grow out of my head.

Multi coloured top with cognac coloured trousers.

Below: We goofed around while taking more shots. Anke’s jeans vest over her dress made the outfit edgier.

Multi coloured top with cognac coloured trousers. With Anke.

Below: Sweet.

Multi coloured top with cognac coloured trousers. With Anke.

Below: Sweet too.

Sabine and Anke

Below: Sabine was dressed sensationally as always.


Below: Can you believe she walked on these heels all day? RESPECT.

Pumps Sabine

Below: Time for lunch. We stumbled upon a great little restaurant called Harmsen. They are allowed to have a terrace across the street, next to a cute shop.


Below: The Shopping Saturday gang at restaurant Harmsen. Good food, nice service, clean and good-looking toilets etc. I’d give it a 10, an A+.

Multi coloured top with cognac coloured trousers. With Anke and Sabine.

Below: Our lunch view into the street.


Shopping time ! Our first stop was Boutique Bijt (here is their Instagram account). They sell attractive clothes by appealing brands. Anke hit the cash register hard and Sabine also bought a jacket (forgot to take a photo).

Below: Anke didn’t buy this see-through dress but a cream with orange maxi dress with fun black platform mules. Stupid me forgot to take that photo too.


Below: She also bought this top and the shorts. Later, she found another top and a pair of shorts in a vintage shop which also came home with her. She did well that day.


I found a peplum top in the last shop we visited. Great for my body shape. You will see it soon.

Below: As we quietly walked back to the car, we passed this cute drawbridge. The city of Weesp did a great job with the flowers and the water lilies.


Below: The swans agreed, I think. Aren’t they adorable?

Swans with little ones

Below: There is a famous ice cream parlour in Weesp so we all had an ice cream and sat on a bench to eat it. Sabine took a selfie of us but I looked like death warmed up in that photo. So instead, I’ll show you our view.


Below: Another beautiful church with bells.


Below: Sabine took this shot of me shooting the church.

Multi coloured top with cognac coloured trousers.

No need to tell you how much we enjoyed ourselves.

Below: As I picked up Anke from her house, her daughter took a photo of me and their new painting. Haha…very similar.

Multi coloured top with cognac coloured trousers.

What happened in my life this week

Sunday I visited mum together with Ron, my brother and SIL. Because mum, by her own wish, had decided to move to a nursing home. We applied for it about a month ago and Friday the 16th I got a telephone call saying it was all arranged and she had to move in on Thursday the 22nd, six days later…AAAAGGGH.

It took a lot of phone calls, searching for a removal company, measuring and above all, choosing what mum wanted to (and could) take with her as her room in the nursing home is small.

My loved ones amazed me that day. Every decision was made after approval by mum. We don’t decide for her.

  • My sister-in-law managed to go through all mum’s clothes, shoes and jewellery and sort out what to take with her. And that is a lot. You know I own a lot of clothes, but my goodness, I now know whom I got it from.
  • My mum was decisive and quick to respond which is a devilish task. She keeps being very positive throughout the whole process. Kudos for her.
  • My husband managed to find a removal company for a very reasonable price, ordered boxes, wrapping paper etc.
  • My bother cleaned out the desk and took all the financial papers with him to deal with.

Of course I haven’t mentioned everything they did, but I can safely say we are a good team. We could do this professionally.

The rest of the week I have been busy with phone calls, organising things, filling in papers, putting stuff in boxes and finally on Thursday the move itself.

Below: Here is mum in her new dwelling. It isn’t quite finished but it already looks a bit like home.

mum in her new dwelling

As I woke up on Friday, every muscle in my body ached. Keep on moving is the best remedy, so I got up and after the morning rituals, drove to my friend Maurits for a relaxed morning and lunch in their beautiful garden.

After lunch a quick visit to the seamstress, some errands and a coffee date with Kitty (below), who had just come back from a short holiday, looking very tanned.


Trivial miscellaneous

One pulling rope of the largest awning was broken and the company who had to repair it, was swamped with work and could only come in after a fortnight. We couldn’t use it anymore so we left the awning down, hoping we wouldn’t suffer rain or wind again. As we have had a day of massive rain.
Then on Thursday, while moving mum, I got a phone call “Was I at home?” As the awning company could squeeze me in. I called our neighbours who were to come home within an hour and the awning company agreed to wait for them (the neighbours have the key to our house). The new rope was fixed that afternoon. Kudos for the company and for our neighbours.

Next week you will see photos taken by Kitty again.


No Fear of Fashion


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