Black linen dress with Angela Caputi necklaceThe photos for this blog post were taken with an iPhone which means the quality isn’t that good. My phone had to do for taking photos as I was walking through Amsterdam all day with Sylvia of 40PlusStyle. My normal camera (plus flashlight) is terribly heavy. Silvia is the one who encouraged me to start my own blog, who has helped me with the blog and who occasionally gives me a kick up the backside if I need one.

Below: Sylvia and me at a shop where I finally found my wide leg jeans. Hurray. Sylvia wore something colourful as she knows I appreciate colour in outfits. Trust me to turn up in a black linen dress haha. (Link to original post with this dress and three pairs of high heeled shoes.) I wore the same Angela Caputi necklace as two weeks ago. A black dress is such a blank canvas. As I had to walk all day, I wore the new Ama brand trainers (sneakers) as well.

Black linen dress with Angela Caputi necklace and Sylvia of 40PlusStyle

Below: Close-up of the necklace. The green transparent bag was a bit of a mistake. It is totally not the colour of the necklace and I should have chosen a different one. I was not thinking that morning.

Angela Caputi necklace close-up

Below: After our bit of shopping we had lunch at an old Amsterdam café. One of the staff took this blurry photo.

Black linen dress with Angela Caputi necklace and Sylvia of 40PlusStyle

Below: The view from our seats; the terrace across the street, overlooking the canal. It wasn’t a busy day and very peaceful. We felt the day was like a sweet gift.


Below: The same terrace as above but taken from the bridge over the canal. Beautiful old houses.


Below: While standing on that bridge I had to photograph the canal. You have seen Amsterdam canals many times before and I hope I don’t bore you with it.

canal in Amsterdam

Below: We walked along the canal and this spot with all its flowers was perfect for the ‘sitting-down-pose’.

Black linen dress with Angela Caputi necklace

Below: Sylvia demonstrated how you can take multiple photos with your iPhone by using the ‘burst mode’. You get a lot of photos of the same thing, shot one after another and you can choose the best photo afterwards. Although it is a good method, I think it is a lot of work afterwards, searching for the one you want.
(My necklace tried to sneak between the buttons of my dress. We didn’t see that haha.)

Black linen dress with Angela caputi necklace

Below: We tried the burst mode starting from the other side of the road as well, but the wind blew my hair to the back, which I didn’t like.

Black linen dress with Angela Caputi necklace

Below: Sylvia with her colourful dress and smashing hat. She suits hats very well.

Sylvia of 40PlusStyle

Below: One last building, walking back to where we said goodbye. The pinnacles are so cute.

Beautiful building in Amsterdam

We arranged to see each other again this week.

What happened in my life this week

Below: Visited mum and stayed for dinner, made her a salad. One of the few things I am capable of making. This photo of her was taken by her hairdresser in the hairdresser’s garden, just after she had her hair cut.


As it was suddenly hot weather, I took out my summer dresses. Below is the one I love the most because it doesn’t crease, it is nice and cool and after you take it out of the washing machine it is almost immediately dry and ready to wear, no ironing. It was a gift from my friend Claudia. (Link to original post with this dress and silver shoes.)

warm weather dress

When we turned on the air conditioning in the bedroom and really had it going for an hour we heard “drip, drip, drip”. When I opened the curtains, water was pouring down the wall on to the curtains and the floor. Oh no.
Every time (3 years in a row now) we start using the air conditioning, this happens. Luckily the supplier of this device is fantastic and helps us the next day. We found out that the guys who had installed the new awnings, made the mistake in bending the drainage pipe a bit upwards. The water didn’t go upwards and remained in the aircon tank until it overflowed. Sigh. Anyway, everything is back in order now.

Marcella popped by twice for a cup of tea. Below: silly selfie.

Marcella and me

Below: I was wearing one of my hot summer dresses. (Link to original post with an embellished belt and cream high heeled boots…sigh.)

Outfit with summer dress

Below: Sylvia (40PlusStyle), Misja (MisjaB) and me got together for lunch. So nice to meet each other again!
Link to original post with this orange dress.

Sylvia, Misja and me

Below: Misja’s outfit (without her long jacket). Love her (colour) combination and her new sandals.


Below: Sylvia’s silk dress which is beautiful and ever so good for this hot weather. (Photo was taken abroad as I forgot to take one myself.)

Sylvia with a silk striped dress

After lunch, Misja went to an exhibition and Sylvia and I wandered through Haarlem. Sylvia found a fantastic silk kimono by Dries van Noten.


No Fear of Fashion


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