Yellow summer dressWhen I saw Karlijn of kpa.haarlem wearing this yellow summer dress on Instagram, I was very quick to buy it. This is an ideal dress for me. Maxi, with which I don’t mind wearing flat shoes so much. Long sleeves to hide wrinkly arms. Darts at the top to allow my ample bosom to fit with no gaping between the buttons. A collar, which I prefer to no collar. A wide skirt to hide my small hips and bum. Not that all these ‘flaws’ are that important and always need to be hidden, but if an item of clothing can do that, I will not say no to it.

Again I ‘tested’ the dress before wearing it for a photo shoot and found out that wearing the belt around my waist was totally wrong. It rode up, creating a short upper body and a bulging belly. Who needs that? Wearing it as a scarf or a tie is much more flattering, in my opinion.

Below: The blue patent shoes which I chose for two reasons, 1) they are flat and I can walk in them very well and 2) they add another colour to the outfit. You have seen them before with my grey summer trousers.

Light blue patent leather shoes

It was gorgeous weather that day. Finally, I might add, although that north wind was still blowing. Only when it is 23 degrees Celsius it isn’t so bad.

Loes was my photographer again and we found a spot in Haarlem we hadn’t utilised yet (very rare).

Below: We photographed near Bakenessergracht (too difficult to translate). By the time I took this photo it was around midday and with the sun beaming down on us, this iPhone photo doesn’t do the canal justice. The railing you see to the left of the cars, doesn’t go all the way down. Where I parked there was no rail which means you need to know how to park your car otherwise you’ll end up in the canal LOL.

Canal Haarlem

Below: The canal is surrounded by pretty houses. Can you see the top of that church? To the right of the tree? You will see more of that further down.

Bakkenessergracht Haarlem

Below: We started with the sitting-down-pose as this bench was the first thing we saw. Nobody to chase us away. I like the pointed toes peeping coyly from under the dress.

Yellow summer dress

Below: Across the street, the sun was blazing. When I look at the darts on the dress, I get the impression that my breasts are either too low or too big. As I know they are not too low, they probably are a bit big for this dress haha. Never mind. Without darts it would have been impossible to wear the dress.

Yellow summer dress

Below: A cat came investigating what we were doing. We always see a cat on our photo shoots.


Below: We passed this building. The words written in tiles say: Christian School. I don’t think it is anymore.

School (in the old days) in Haarlem

Below: There was a gate next to it, access to a newly developed courtyard with houses. The dress is gathered at the back with smock work. Very handy.
By the way, I had just been to the hairdressers two days before. I had it cut shorter at the back, leaving it long at the front. Very pleased with it.

Yellow summer dress

Below: We found another green door. You can see that the waistline is without smock work at the front, which is also very flattering.
The green bag is the second colour I added. After all, green is created from mixing yellow with blue.

Yellow summer dress

Below: The multi-coloured earrings are by Lara Design and combine yellow and green and blue. They scream summer to me.

Multi coloured earrings by Lara Design

Below: Just as this multi-coloured bracelet combines those colours. It is a present from my friend Marianne.

Multi-coloured bracelet

Below: Further down the street is this pretty house. It is a very old neighbourhood.

House in Haarlem

Below: As I looked up this house, I saw the top of that church again. I had seen it many times before but could never get enough space between me and the church to photograph it. The streets are very narrow, as was common in the old days.

House in Haarlem with Bakkenesserkerk in the background

Below: And then we entered the newly-built courtyard and found the desired space between my camera and the church. It is called the Bakkenesserkerk. (The English Wikipedia page about this church tells a completely different story than the Dutch page. Very strange. If you want to see more of this church, here are the Google photos.

Bakkenesserkerk Haarlem (church)

Below: Close-up of the cream top, which was added later.

Bakkenesserkerk Haarlem (church)

Below: The entrance to the church, which is a different one than the original entrance.

Bakkenesserkerk Haarlem (church)

Below: I photographed Loes in front of what I think, was the original entrance. Doesn’t she look good? Classy outfit.


Below: After we sat down at a little restaurant overlooking the Spaarne (big canal running through Haarlem), I took a close-up of Loes’ cute bag.

Bag Loes

Below: I rushed across the street with my iPhone to take a shot of the drawbridge being opened. You can see the bridge operator in the middle in his white shirt.

Drawbridge Haarlem (opening)

Below: Ships passing.

Haarlem Spaarne canal

Below: And the bridge closed again.

Drawbridge Haarlem (closing)

Brilliant morning.

What happened in my life this week

Visiting mum of course. Look how tech-savvy she looks with her iPad (below). Don’t be deceived, she cannot do a lot with it. She can play WordFeud, read mail and I taught her how to save photos that my brother and I email her.

mum playing WordFeud on her iPad

Below: I had coffee with Misja (blog MisjaB). There is a translation button on her blog. Talk about looking good…she always dresses so well and unique.


Below: A close-up.

Close-up Misja

Below: Something completely different and random…Ron bought a water clock. It turns out that water clocks are one of the oldest time-measuring instruments. As the name implies, time is measured by the flow of the water. The simplest form was a bowl-shaped outflow and is known to have existed in Babylon, Egypt, and Persia around the 16th century BC. (Yes BC.) You can read the fascinating story on Wikipedia.

Water clock

I spent a day in Amsterdam with Sylvia of 40PlusStyle as she is in the country again. The weather was sunny, the shops were nice, the terraces half empty and the food was good. Most important of all, we caught up with each other. Such a great blather. See a very blurry photo of Sylvia below. I cannot show you more as we shot a few photos with my iPhone to use for next week’s blog post.

Close-up Sylvia

Below: An update on the garden. We’re not there yet, but all plants are growing nicely.

Garden 9th of June

All of a sudden, without any time to adjust, it is hot and sunny in the Netherlands. I am taking all the summer dresses for a spin.


No Fear of Fashion


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