Grey trousers with a cream top in The HagueGrey trousers with a cream top. What an unbelievably subdued outfit for me. No bright colours, instead only neutral light shades which work well together, I think.

Marjolein took the photos as we cruised through the centre of The Hague. From here on, you will get a chronological report.

Below: The first thing we encountered was the mural on this garage door, tucked away in an alley.

Mural in The Hague

Below: As we approached the mural from the side, all we saw at first were the strips you see below. The whole mural is created in this way. Incredible. This artist deserves a much better display of their work.

Mural in The Hague

Below: We entered the Voorhout, which is a lovely area, once the place to stroll and be seen, especially for the rich. There were a few market stalls but what always has me in awe, are the big trees forming a sort of arch. So beautiful. The first photo of this post was taken in the same area.

Grey trousers with a cream top in The Hague

Below: This is a bit of a boring picture, but one that clearly conveys the outfit. Those blue patent shoes are new and it was the first time I walked in them for a whole day and no blisters. Perfect shoes. The pale slate Demellier bag, the grey trousers, the green belt, the stingray earrings and the cream top you have all seen before.

Grey trousers with a cream top in The Hague

Below: As we walked past this statue of Willem I, Prince of Orange, I said to Marjolein: “I bet he doesn’t like being shat on by a seagull” and a passing man replied: “Just as much as we want to be shat on by our government like they are doing now.” I thought it was funny but I have no clue what he was talking about.

Statue in The Hague

Below: There was also a big statue with a big sturdy chain surrounding it like a garland. As I sat on it a man passing by said something funny. I cannot remember what it was; it made me smile.

Grey trousers with a cream top in The Hague

Below: We walked to the Hofvijver where the government buildings are. You might remember them from this post with my orange leather pencil skirt. There were big flower displays, inspired by old masters, whose paintings are in the Mauritshuis museum. It is to celebrate the 200-year anniversary of the museum. The photo below is one which I stole from the website because you can see the government buildings behind the display.

Flower display

Below: And here am I with another display.

Grey trousers with a cream top in The Hague

Below: Marjolein took this close-up of a flower. Very well done (as well the artwork as the photo).

fabric flower display

Below: And this one.

fabric flower display

Below: Here you can see the dimensions.

Grey trousers with a cream top in The Hague

Below: And here you can see me being totally distracted by two very good-looking fellows. Marjolein said they were gay (it was Pride week) but they were Italian and Italian men dress way better than Dutch men so I am not sure.

Grey trousers with a cream top in The Hague

Below: Look at that…it’s like being in Paris, at Montmartre, where are the artists are.

Street artist painting in The Hague

Below: He was painting the government buildings.

Street artist painting in The Hague

Below: Lunchtime! We found this terrace and again it felt as if we were in France.

Terrace in The Hague

Below: Marjolein being very relaxed and matching the colours of the parasol.


Below: Lovely old buildings in The Hague. It has been the seat of government of the Netherlands since 1588.

Buildings in The Hague

Below: We went for a bit of shopping. Here is a nice head to toe shot of Marjolein.


Below: In the vintage shop Appel and Ei. Alas, these babies were a bit too large.


Below: Great old window to sit.

Grey trousers with a cream top in The Hague

Below: Close-up of the bracelet Marjolein just bought. She let me borrow it because it matched the outfit nicely.

light blue patent leather shoes

Below: In an attempt to get a close-up of the blue bracelet, we didn’t pay attention to the fact that old arms should never point to the floor and thus let gravity do its ugly work on the skin. Combine that with what photographers call ‘grazing light’ and you have horror. Oh dear.

light blue bracelet

Below: Close-up of the long stingray earrings by Lara Design.

Long stingray earrings by Lara Design

Below: We headed back across this little square.

Buildings in The Hague

Below: Through an alley with a special ceiling.

lamps and plants hanging from an alley ceiling

That concludes the outfit part of this post. Lots of photos right? I bet you readers are all pensioners with lots of time on your hands haha. I don’t mind at all.

What happened in my life this week

Saturday we walked dog Watson on the beach early in the morning, before it got too hot. Rest of the day we took at a slow pace. Not moving is a very sound advice for hot days.

Sunday I went to mum and stayed overnight as Monday we had to go to hospital to check the wound on her heel and to see an eye doctor. I am very happy to say that the wound is now completely healed and the skin only has to get a bit tougher in the coming months.
The eye doctor had a less happy message. Mum’s eyesight in the one eye which is still reasonably good is getting worse and she needs to go in for regular injections. So we scheduled the injections. Too bad for mum but we want to preserve her eyesight as long as possible.
Below: Mum.


Tuesday I went for a mammography, always a pleasant event (NOT), though it is not that bad. They have to hash your boob between two slabs and press, which isn’t a picnic. I said to the nurse: “If a man’s penis had to be pressed between these slabs, they would have researched for a machine just as long until they had found one that could do the job in a less painful way.” She replied that the industry was searching for a less invasive way for 30 years now but still hadn’t found anything.
I thought: “I bet it has never been priority at the research industry”. Anyway, it is over and done with again; let’s hope the results are fine.

Below: I am not really proud of the outfit I was wearing Tuesday but the new earrings by Baublehaus are great. Have to think of a better outfit to do them justice.

Outfit Tuesday with Baublehaus earrings

Wednesday I saw Nicolene from South Africa. She is @stylecuratrix at Instagram and a lawyer by profession. She came to the Netherlands in 2018 and we met then as well but in Amsterdam. It was in April and freezing cold, so we could only sit in a restaurant. This time she came to Haarlem and I was rooting for a nice sunny day. But no, it came pouring down, so we sat on a covered terrace most of the afternoon. Such a shame I didn’t get to show her my beautiful little town. Nevertheless we got on like a house on fire and had a lovely afternoon anyway.
Below: Nicolene, who is a beautiful woman.

Nicolene Stylecuratrix

Thursday I saw Jacqueline in The Hague. We used to be colleagues and catch up from time to time. She had just bought a new house and gave me the tour. It is absolutely beautiful.

Below: Jaqueline, a beautiful woman in a gorgeous house.

Jacqueline in her house

You can imagine how the afternoon developed…chatting and coffee. Lovely to catch up. As if we saw each other yesterday.

Friday I went to The Hague again. Marjolein had tickets to go to the King and Queens Palace. Of course I wanted to have a little look there.

Below: Marjolein in a cheerful summer dress. It suits her so well.


Below: This was me that day. Contrary to Wednesday the forecast had been rain in the afternoon and we didn’t see a drop. I overheated. It is not my finest styling. The trousers should have been slimmer and more cropped with this long shirt. I’ll do better next time. You see me wearing the blue bracelet again, which I also wore in this week’s outfit. Marjolein had bought me the bracelet as a present. Isn’t she sweet? I love it.

Me in light blue

Unfortunately the tickets were not for the King’s palace but for another palace, which we thought was crap. The guide must have been a history teacher in his working years. He took us on a long walk past several buildings and statues telling us all about them, pausing often or asking us questions like “Do you know who this man in the painting is?”  We snuck out before the end of the tour.

Below: The guide and me in front of one of those building he is describing.

The guide and me

Below: Marjolein and me in a palace mirror.

Marjolein and me in the palace

As we walked through The Hague, Marjolein led me to a little alley, called cat alley. All the buildings are decorated with cat murals. So good. I’ll show you three photos below.

Cats mural in The Hague

Cats mural in The Hague

Cats mural in The Hague

Below: We also did some shopping at TK Maxx but didn’t succeed. I found this lovely Moschino jacket, half see-through but the material wasn’t nice on my skin. Too bad.

Beautiful Moschino jacket

As I drove back home I spotted 5 bulls (not real ones) on the roofs of loading platforms. Those roofs have grass on them for insulation. I have no idea what the bulls are made of but love the idea. (The platforms are lower than the street, just in case you are wondering.)

Bulls on a roof

See you next week hopefully.


No Fear of Fashion



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