Neon pink topMy great new camera is performing so well. Even friends, who have no photographic experience take pretty good images with it. Not all photos are fantastic, after all it is a skill, but most of them are good enough to publish. Such a big difference to my previous camera.

This time I met Peggy in the beautiful old city of Delft. I have done more photo shoots in this city. Peggy didn’t mind at all to take blog photos, although she warned me about her camera skills. I do love my friends for this kind cooperation.

Below: I showed this photo of Peggy last week too. We are in an Italian restaurant / shop having a delicious lunch (me) and great cappuccinos.


Below: The outfit of this week is a neon pink top which I found in a vintage shop, Vintage No 5 in Alkmaar. The funny thing is, it isn’t vintage…it is brand new. I asked the owner why she had new items made and she explained that the supply of vintage stuff in summer is low as many people are on holiday. Her demand however, is as always, hence the newly-made items. I liked the collar, the colour and the sleeve style. My kind of thing.
I did also find a vintage thing which you will see in the autumn.

Neon pink top

I bought the top in another neon colour as well. Not often can I find a top with this design in such bright colours and the price was right too.

Below: As I said, Delft is a lovely old town, which means canals.

Canal in Delft

Below: We couldn’t resist this background. The lovely little silk crepe scarf which I tied around the handle of my bag is from Emma J. Shipley in London (they ship worldwide). It is not my find but Susan’s (see her post on Une femme d’un certain âge). I am dangerously close to copying too much of Susan’s stuff.

Neon pink top

Below: Church towers on every corner.


Below: The big church on the main square. I climbed the stairs of that one when I was about 19 (??). At one-third of the distance was a platform where you could rest. I was knackered and there was this handsome Delft student keeping guard. Rest of the story is dot, dot, dot.


Below: We wandered through the city, people sitting on terraces in the sun everywhere. I repeated to Peggy what I so often say: “A town without trees is dead”.


Below: Peggy popped into a hairdresser to ask whether she could photograph this abstract painting of Vermeer’s Girl with a pearl earring, which was painted on the wall. That’s how I like my photographers…bold!

Below: Next-door we found a huge Delft blue shop, called Heinen Delfts Blauw; they ship worldwide and no, I do not get any remuneration for telling you this. The story of this family company is sweet. It all started with a hobby.

Heinen Delfts Blauw shop

Below: They serve coffee on the little terrace outside but we were too curious and after taking this shot, we headed into the shop.

Neon pink top

Oh such wonderful things we saw in the shop. Have a look.

Below: These tulip vases you can stack anyway you like. All in one colour or several layers of colours. What an innovative creation.

Heinen Delfts Blauw shop

Below: Anyone of these would look great in any living room.

Heinen Delfts Blauw shop

Below: Huge stacked piece. And huge was the price (€ 7,500). Not be put anywhere in an area with earthquakes.

Heinen Delfts Blauw shop

Below: This was one of my favourites. Funny.

Heinen Delfts Blauw shop

As we walked out again, a lady who had been sitting next to me on the bench outside, stopped me and said she had handed my sunglasses to one of the shop assistants. I had left them on the table. What a kind woman. I am very attached to these sunglasses.

Below: You can hardly see the little sleeping duck in the canal, so I put a blue circle around him/her.

Duck in Delft

Below: The left side of the town hall.


Below: And the impressive front, taken in the morning when there were more clouds.


Below: Ah…the kind of square Ron and I are always looking for when on holiday in France. Lots of trees and terraces.


Below: In the Netherlands, you can find a statue of a (colourful) bull, standing on buckets at a square like this.

Cow on stand in Delft

Below: The black earrings are by Baublehaus and the black belt is Loewe. I wouldn’t have minded getting the belt for free in exchange for mentioning them on my blog haha but alas, I paid for it myself.

Neon pink top

Peggy and I both ordered a “Pornstar Martini”. No idea why that cocktail is called that as there isn’t any martini in it and pornstar…??? Apparently they make them in different ways. I liked it, but the one I had in Haarlem was better. Anyway, it was a good finish to the day.

Below: We call this position: ‘Bending for Bacchus‘.

Neon pink top

What happened in my life this week

Saturday Marcella came round for a chat and she had a technical question. She turned up wearing the same earrings as the ones she gave to me, only with a different colour button. Hers is green, mine is red. We decided to do a ‘side effect photo‘. (see below).

Marcella and me looking at each other

Below: Close-up of the two of us.

Marcella and me wearing the same earrings

Sunday both Ron and I went to see mum. She was wearing light blue trousers with a fun shirt on top and a matching necklace (see below).

mum rummikub

Monday was a chore day, bookkeeping, blogging, fitness, phone calls, grocery shopping and ironing. As it was going to be very hot the rest of the week, I ironed everything that needed ironing as Monday was still reasonable temperature wise. Wore this outfit below; like wearing PJ’s.

Outfit with orange jacket

Tuesday I needed to come up with an outfit for the blog to be photographed the next day. I still had a few outfits ‘in stock’ but not suitable for 30+ degrees C.
Dyed and washed my hair to look smart the next day and did household chores. I think I will stop mentioning that I do household chores. Not interesting. We all do that.

Wednesday was delightful. Kitty and I photographed a shirt with three different trousers, shoes, bags and earrings at a lovely beach place near a lake.
We had just finished when my friend Rolf (see below) walked in with whom I had a lunch date. We go way back; we have been friends since I was 28 and he was 22. His lovely wife is down with long Covid, the poor soul.

Rolf and me

Thursday I had my teeth bleached again. It must have been 4 years since I did that and brown (coffee) lines were creeping back into my teeth. It isn’t a joyous endeavour as you have to lie in one position in the chair for two hours and a bit. I even got cramp in my feet and had to jump off the chair haha. But the result is that my teeth are now 2 1/2 shades lighter. My own teeth are pretty yellow so I will never achieve white-white, but I am very happy with this result, see below where I am grinning like a horse. I presume you will never see the difference on a photo but as long as I am happy, right?

White teeth

The rules for afterwards I had initially forgotten. For 48 hours I could only eat white food, like cauliflower, chicory, rice, white bread etc. And I was not allowed to brush my teeth for 24 hours which made me decide not to eat anything at all the first evening. I don’t like going to bed without having brushed my teeth and with food plaque on them. Actually, I have never in my life gone to bed without brushing my teeth, not even when I was as drunk as I could be (happened once).
No coffee is the worst bit.

Friday was warm, boring and no coffee.


No Fear of Fashion


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